Pregnant Kate Middleton Miserable With Work Due To Morning Sickness Battle

Pregnant Kate Middleton Miserable With Work Due To Morning Sickness Battle

Pregnant Kate Middleton has to hide her misery as she is being forced back to work despite her battle with extreme hyperemesis gravidarum. The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge has been sick with morning sickness for several weeks now.

Kate Middleton shocked fans when she appeared at Paddington Station alongside Prince William and Prince Harry for a special party with Paddington bear at the storybook character’s train station. The Duchess was forced to put on a smile and play along even though she’s been feeling miserable at home with her pregnancy. This has only been her second public appearance ever since she and William announced that they are expecting their third child back in September. The royal couple is already parents to their two small children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Of course, a lot of royal observers couldn’t help but notice that Kate Middleton didn’t look like she has been suffering from severe morning sickness for several weeks now. As a matter of fact, the Duchess of Cambridge managed to look like she was enjoying herself as a playfully laughed with Paddington Bear in front of her fans with Prince William by her side. At one point she even danced with the bear in front of the crowd at the train station. She also appeared to have had another haircut, as her hair has been getting shorter ever since she debuted her new look at Wimbledon earlier this year.

Pregnant Kate Middleton Miserable With Work Due To Morning Sickness Battle

Even if the Duchess is miserable, she won’t let anyone know it. As much as Kate Middleton would like to call off all of her royal engagements and simply stay at home with her two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, she knows that she can’t do that. Queen Elizabeth experts the younger generation to do as they are expected and fulfill all of their royal duties and obligations.

Sure, Kate Middleton is pregnant, but it’s not like she hasn’t gone through with this before. The Duchess won’t be able to use her pregnancy and her family as excuses to get out of her royal work forever. Plus, it’s not like many other mothers in Kate’s position have the luxury of taking several weeks off during the first trimester of their pregnancies. Kate Middleton might be the future Queen of England, but she has to put in her hours just like everyone else does.

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Photo by Jonathan Brady – WPA Pool/Getty Images

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13 responses to “Pregnant Kate Middleton Miserable With Work Due To Morning Sickness Battle”

  1. Elizabeth Connell says:

    She does not look happy, in both pics she is thinking get me out of here, I hate this job

  2. Sigi says:

    Fucking idiot who wrote the shitty article, no you can’t HIDE “HG” if you’re really that ill it shows. She wouldn’t be walking around. She hasn’t been hospitalized either. It’s bullshit that Waity was ever sick with true hyperemesis gravidarum. Women who have that suffer a great deal and are often hospitalized. Waity’s not sick she’s just her normal,aging, anorexic,boring self.
    Waity’s just putting on her fake show like Baldy is, they’re sickening. Stupid clowns. It’s disgusting how they go out, treating people they come across like morons. They think they fool people. As if Waity and Baldy give a SHIT ? THEY DON’T. THEY DON’T GIVE ONE SINGLE SHIT. It’s just PR for the RF.
    Fucking clowns go around expecting people to faint just because they speak to them ? This is an act in order to
    maintain taxpayers support. They want their parasite lifestyle to keep on going. So they go out in public with their pathetic clown act.

    And it’s REALLY WEIRD that Harry is always with them. It’s CREEPY. Do they have threesomes ??? Or what ???
    And it’s stupid looking,like they’re a pack mental midgets who need to be in a group to figure out how to get home again. Fuktards.

  3. Sigi says:

    Seen the video of Waity making a total fool of herself dancing with some twit in a Paddington Bear costume ? Plus “Uncle Gary” ,{of Villa de Bang Bang and coke snorting and etc},and the wife beating incident, all in the same week.
    The Middletrash circus rolls on.I wonder if the RF are happy yet ? That bunch of inbred,criminal hooligans needs the Middletons like they need a crotch itch.

    The RF is f*cked enough on their own without more B.S. imported from Waity and her weird family.

  4. Bubbly says:

    Another – this time scientific – proof the woman is not pregnant. Never was.They hire some poor women to surrogate the whole lot. I believe the sperm is his but the eggs are not even very likely hers since she is told to be infertile due some some illness in childhood. I’ve heard suggestions they are her sister’s and I do believe this more and more as time goes by.
    This time around they don’t even bother to pretend she has the HG and I wonder how they will go about the “stuffing”.

  5. HotMess88 says:

    Good to see Clueless has finally found a hobby – running up her own clothes.
    Enough with theH.

  6. PennieP. says:

    She sure has packed on some weight from all that “morning sickness “.. Looks like she’s gained a few pounds…

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