Prince Albert Forgets Princess Charlene’s Birthday: Marriage Crisis Worsens, Albert’s Playboy Past Destroys Couple?

Prince Albert Forgets Princess Charlene's Birthday: Marriage Crisis Worsens, Albert’s Playboy Past Destroys Couple?

It looks like Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s life together is anything but a fairytale marriage. In fact, Prince Albert himself recently admitted that he isn’t the hands-on and thoughtful husband he should be. He admitted that he is yet to purchase a birthday gift for Charlene, even though she celebrated her 39th birthday on January 25th.

When asked about Charlene’s birthday present, Albert told Hello Magazine, “To be honest, I just haven’t purchased it yet. I’m a specialist in last-minute shopping.”

To add insult to injury, Albert also had some rather choice words when he was asked to describe Charlene’s best quality. Rather than pointing out what kind of mother and wife she is, he simply said, “I’ve learned she has an incredible resilience.”


Albert and Princess Charlene have been dealing with their ups and downs for years now. Even though they’ve been married for well over five years, it hasn’t been easy. If that weren’t enough, many royal observers can’t help but notice that Princess Charlene always looks miserable and upset whenever she’s in public with her husband. Insiders say that Charlene has trust issues because of Albert’s playboy past. He fathered two illegitimate children and Charlene apparently suspected that he was cheating on her during their five-year courtship.

And of course everyone remembers Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s wedding day. She was photographed dabbing her eyes and crying and while some say they were tears of happiness, others say that wasn’t the case at all. There was also speculation that Charlene had tried to run away three times before her wedding, but the reports were unconfirmed.

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Albert was even forced to go on the record to set the record straight about his marriage to Charlene. This was after Charlene took their 3-month-old twins on a trip to the South of France without him back in 2015. He said reports about their marriage crisis were ‘totally false’ and absolutely ridiculous. Charlene, for her part, has not said anything to the media about her personal life at all.

Tell us, do you think Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are desperately trying to hide their marriage crisis from the public? After all, divorce rumors have been floating around for years now. Let us know what you think by dropping us a line in our comments section below. Also, check back with CDL for all the latest news on Prince Albert and Princess Charlene right here!

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