Ray Donovan Recap 10/22/17: Season 5 Episode 11 “Michael”

Ray Donovan Recap 10/22/17: Season 5 Episode 11 "Michael"

Tonight on Showtime Emmy Award-winning drama Ray Donovan airs with an all-new Sunday, October 22, 2017, episode and we have your Ray Donovan recap down below.  On tonight’s Ray Donovan season 5 episode 11 episode called,  “Michael” as per the Showtime synopsis, “Ray searches for Frank Barnes in an attempt to get Bridget out of jail. In New York, Terry deals with the return of Damon’s father and takes care of Smitty at Bridget’s request. Back in Los Angeles, Teresa makes a confession to Bunchy.

Tonight’s Ray Donovan season 5 episode 11 is going to be exciting.  So be sure to bookmark this spot and come back from 9 PM – 10 PM ET for our Ray Donovan recap.  While you wait for our recap make sure to head over and check out all our Ray Donovan news, recap, spoilers & more!

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Tonight’s episode begins with Chef Dave/Acid man (Jake Busey) with his assistant (Paula Malcomson) call forth Ray Donovan (Live Schreiber) from the audience – Ray smiles at the memory as he continues to watch the video. A clown, Terry Donovan (Eddie Marsan) comes on stage and clowns around as Abby and Dave tell him to touch the miracle device.

Suddenly Maury Daoughter (Tara Buck) shakes a sleeping Ray awake, informing him that Bridget (Kerris Dorsey) got arrested. He is confused as she tells him that Bridget is in jail for assault with a firearm, attempted extortion, breaking and entering. She promises to keep her out of processing for a few hours but orders him to get downtown.

Ray arrives at the precinct where Lena (Katherine Moennig) meets him. Bridget is looking at up to 3 years in prison; he rushes to see her. He tells Bridget to sit down and advises her to speak to no one but her lawyer and Lena; he promises to take care of this and get her out. She says she didn’t have a choice or Jacob “Smitty” Smith (Graham Rogers) is going to die, she wants to see him, but he tells her he loves her and to keep it together.

Daryll (Pooch Hall) talks to his father, Mickey (Jon Voight); he tells Mickey he is calm, but Mickey should be acting nervous. Mickey shocks Daryll when he reveals he is making dinner for the hooker, Linda who gave him those shady pills that sent him to the clinic. Mickey tells him they will worry when they have to, because if this is a real problem, they would be in jail already.

Teresa (Alyssa Diaz) is making steak for breakfast for Bunchy (Dash Mihok), as she tells him his wound is going to make a sexy scar. Teresa isn’t mad and asks him if he loves her; he wants to know why. She says she missed him, but he looks confused saying they are together right now.

Ray comes to see Dr. Bergstein (Kim Raver), pleading with her to help them. She says his daughter held her at gunpoint and he needs to take a closer look at what is going on. Ray leaves and calls Frank Barnes (Michael McGrady), but only gets his voicemail. Lean comes to see Bridget with some food; Bridget learns she is going to be booked and Lena assures her that she has done it a dozen times and it isn’t that bad.

Bridget feels like an animal, Lena tells her to stop explaining that they will take her clothes and will do an internal exam; she tells her to keep her head down and stay quiet and this should be 10 hours at the most. Lena promises her dad won’t stop until he gets her out.

Ray goes to see Kyle, who claims Frank is on assignment. Kyle asks Ray if he wants to be arrested as he broke into Kyle’s place. Ray advises him that the feds would be interested to know how he can afford a place like this on an agent’s salary; Kyle reveals Frank has been missing and he last spoke to him 4 days earlier.

Terry is walking down the street, looking at a missed call from Maureen “Maury”. Damon (Dominique Columbus) is working out in the boxing ring with his father when Terry walks in. Terry questions why his dad is there for him now but wasn’t there when he was living on the streets. Terry tells Damon that if his father is in, he is out and so is his money. Damon’s father leaves but he isn’t pleased Terry did that.

Ray comes to see Bunchy at the bar, he wants to buy it and Ray says no. Mickey pretends he doesn’t know anything about Frank Barnes until Ray says he needs Frank to fix things for Bridget. Ray demands to know if Mickey killed him, but Mickey says he cannot get into the details. Ray charges towards him but Mickey says he would have to kill him; Ray punches him in the face and leaves. Bunchy wants to know what Mickey did, but he won’t tell him.

Daryll gets a call from Mickey, saying Ray is looking for him and it’s about Frank. He orders Daryll not to talk to Ray at all. Lena comes in and tells Bridget they are coming to process her now, she asks Lena for a favor.

Ray arrives at the office, informs Daryll that Frank Barnes is missing and questions him about it. Daryll asks him what it thinks to be a man? Daryll thinks it should be about taking care of the family and Ray realizes he is in deep shit and in over his head, he offers to help. Ray reveals that Avi (Steven Bauer) is alive and Daryll reveals that Barnes was going to arrest Mickey and he killed him. Ray stands, saying he will take care of it asking where the body is as Daryll asks to make sure it doesn’t come back on him.

Terry walks down the street again, a magician stops him, asking him to take the piece of paper out of his mouth and she asks the woman standing there if her dad’s name is Michael. Everyone claps as the Mime that bothered him earlier smiles and waves at him. Terry receives a call from Lena informing him that Bridget needs a favor.

Ray goes to the FBI and informs them that Frank Barnes is not out on assignment but dead because of a drug deal went wrong. He needs to have the charges dropped against Bridget. He is told if they are given the body and a name and he can get his daughter out. Ray says great and leaves as he is also told he needs a murder weapon. Bridget takes a shower in front of the female officer.

Smitty struggles to make it to the front door as Terry knocks repeatedly. Smitty tokes as Terry says Bridget went to LA on family business; Terry asks if he can put on some music as Smitty asks if Bridget is okay. Terry rejoins him at the table and explains what Bridget did for him and is now arrested and in jail. Terry tells him not to worry because Ray loves Bridget more than he loved his wife and look what he did to Smitty in order to save his wife. He guarantees that by tomorrow Bridget will be back with him. Bridget sits in the holding cell as Terry is taking care of Smitty while he vomits.

The police scour the water and find something where Mickey and Daryll dumped the body. Ray sits in the bar by the window when his father returns. Mickey asks him what is going on with Bridget and Ray says he is working on it. Mickey says Frank Barnes was a SOB, a cancer on his family. Mickey asks him again what he is doing to save Bridget, but Ray doesn’t say much. He says she will be out by the end of the day.

Mickey says that Ray looked like his father, Michael Donovan Sr, saying he wishes he met him. The police, meanwhile, have brought up the body wrapped in plastic with weights on it. Mickey continues to talk about his father, whose nickname was “9 Fingers”, saying he was the meanest person he has ever known. Ray salutes his father and as he stands up, Mickey grabs his hand and says good night.

Daryll goes and retrieves a gun, wipes off the prints and leaves. Smitty is rushed to the hospital, as Terry stays with him in the ambulance. Damon messages Terry, asking if he will be there. Ray arrives as Bridget is released, she wants to go to the airport.

Bunchy and Teresa are drinking and eating junk food; she admits she is relieved. He says it is not important and they will do something else, reminding her that what is important is right here and now. Teresa begins to cry, saying she has to tell him something. He wipes her tears as she reveals she slept with someone while on tour. Bunchy is upset, asking if she was drunk after sleeping with some guy she didn’t even know. She apologizes and when the baby starts to cry, he pushes her away to go be with his baby.

Ray drops Bridget off at the airport, he says he got hurt by falling; she laughs and thanks him, but he begs her not to go. She throws in Ray’s face that Smitty is dying, he apologizes for everything but asks her what the point really is. She says she fell in love with him, he says she doesn’t even know him and doesn’t need to love him just because he is dying. Security tells him it is a drop off lane only, he decides to loop around.

Bridget demands him to admit that he slept with Natalie James while her mother was dying. She becomes upset saying who she all blames for her mom dying and she is going back to New York while her boyfriend dies, holding his hand because that is what a decent person does. She gets out of the car to leave.

Mickey is done making dinner and tells Daryll to join him and Linda for a civilized meal. Suddenly there is pounding at the door, Mickey tells them to ignore it but Daryll goes to get it; the police arrive with guns drawn and drag Mickey out of the house.

Ray turns on the radio and drives, he pauses and shuts the radio back off. He returns home, grabs a bottle of booze and sits across the table from Daryll. He dumps the wine in the glass and replaces it with his whiskey, saluting Daryll. He nods, admitting he gave the police Mickey. Daryll wants to know what Mickey has ever done to Ray. Ray begins to laugh out loud, looks at Daryll and asks him where the gun is.

Daryll denies finding it and Ray says he is going to get him that gun, then go to the police station and tell them Mickey shot Frank Barnes and he knows this because he saw it, and when he is done, he will get back in his car and go home. Daryll gets up from the table, saying he doesn’t know what Mickey did to him but whatever it was, it sure screwed up Ray.

Ray continues to drink at the table as he looks at the stove and sees the sauce is boiling. He looks down at the burner and turns it off, looks up to see Abby and places his hand on the metal burning his hand; he looks up and she is gone.

Mickey calls Ray from jail, who says he is using his one call, on him. He wants to know if Ray sent Barnes to arrest him. Ray admits he did and asks if there is anything else he wants. Mickey says he screwed him for the last time and he is going to get him. Mickey hangs up the phone and is escorted away. Ray continues to watch LSN and smiles


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