Social Media Addict LeAnn Rimes Uses Blogging As Therapy

Social Media Addict LeAnn Rimes Uses Blogging As Therapy

LeAnn Rimes swear she’s on her best behavior these days. She’s not getting into any social media fights with her fans or with Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville. The country singer-turned-tabloid topic just revealed a shocking revelation.

Though LeAnn’s addicted to social media, she found blogging as a source of therapy. How does that work when someone loves the fame and attention so much? It seems like blogging should be the last thing on LeAnn’s mind. But, she swears by it because it’s as therapeutic as writing a new country song.

LeAnn Rimes is choosing to share her health and wellness journey on her blog, entitled Soul of EverLe. She has found that blogging can be a great form of therapy. LeAnn made the startling revelation to MindBodyGreen. According to her, blogging is a lot like writing music. When she’s writing a new song, she’s creating a melody. When LeAnn is writing a blog post, she’s making “classical musical,” she said. She finds the process of expressing herself easy since she writes her own music.

Social Media Addict LeAnn Rimes Uses Blogging As Therapy

She called blogging a “therapeutic” alternative to making music. And, anything goes on Rimes’ blog. She wants to maintain that honesty with her fans like she does on her social media accounts. One topic Rimes has addressed on her blog is the relationship she has with her mother Belinda Butler. As part of her therapeutic process, she revealed that certain aspects of her childhood were not healthy. Rimes said that she and her mother have gone through periods of being close, and then annoying each other.

When she sat down to write songs for her new album, Remnants, the country singer wanted to write a song about her mom to help their relationship heal. LeAnn wrote the track “Mother,” as an apology to her mom. She said that the song has healed their relationship and brought them much closer together. LeAnn feels that her new music is the most “authentic and real” she has been since her 1996 breakout single “Blue.”

She insists that she feels much more comfortable in her skin these days. Rimes has been dealing with her ongoing battle with psoriasis. She has been taking the drug Humira for the past 12 years for her painful skin condition. Fortunately, the drug has since cleared up her psoriasis and made her feel better about herself.

Rimes wanted to show off the results by wearing a bikini as much as possible. Of course, that has brought her more scrutiny than acceptance.

While Rimes wants to share her real self with the world, she has chosen to keep some things private, according to Fox News. When she puts herself out there, she says she’s like an “open book” because she feels comfortable with her fans. That led to a social media addiction which caused her to enter rehab in 2012. Rimes voluntarily checked into a rehab facility in August 2012 after she experienced stress and anxiety, citing online bullying as a contributing factor.

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