Taylor Swift Comes Out Of Hiding

Taylor Swift Comes Out Of Hiding

Taylor Swift was seen attempting to sneak out of her apartment in NYC After a seven-week absence from social media and the public eye,  Her casual, low-key look with jean shorts, sneakers and an over-sized hoodie covering her hair didn’t fool the photographers one bit as Taylor Swift tried blending into the fast-paced craziness of NYC.

So why has Taylor been incognito for so long? Her fans miss her social media posts, particularly on Insta where she’d upload pics with her BFF’s like five plus times a day. What’s up with all the secrecy? Is it Joe Alwyn? Joe is Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend. Is he keeping her too busy to devote time to her fans?

Taylor isn’t one who gives up control of her life to anyone. She writes music about strong yet vulnerable women who experience romance with the wrong guy but always bounce back, becoming stronger as a result. But could Joe be influencing Taylor? Could he be encouraging her not to reach out to her bevy of fans?

Taylor Swift Comes Out Of Hiding

Taylor Swift hasn’t been seen or heard much since her performance Super Bowl weekend. A source says all’s well. The pop star is busy recording a new album. The source also confirmed Taylor’s working on her relationship and spending time with her family and friends.

Taylor wants to relax before she starts up promoting this new album early next year. It’s July, Taylor. You better not wait too long to start posting regularly on social media. Your fans can’t hold out much longer without one of your angsty hits.

Taylor hasn’t had much success in the romance department. Guys who date her for any length of time might end up serving as inspiration for her next album of hits. Is that all her latest flame is with her for? To serve as Taylor’s muse? Will she ditch Joe once she’s creatively taken all she can from their relationship? Or will this time be different? Will things last? History’s a smart guide to follow.

Will Taylor’s new music be like all her other albums – different songs, same stories of a broken-hearted woman who fell for the wrong guy again? Or will Taylor switch things up, taking her music and career into an entirely new direction? Don’t keep your fans waiting too long, Taylor. You don’t want to experience the sort of backlash Justin Bieber is going through for disappointing his fans.

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