Taylor Swift Sends Fans into Frenzy After Wiping Out All Social Media Account

Taylor Swift Sends Fans into Frenzy After Wiping Out All Social Media Account

Taylor Swift has disappeared from social media. The chart topper sent her fans into frenzy after suddenly wiping out all of her social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr along with her YouTube channel.

Taylor’s 85 million followers on Twitter and 102 million followers on Instagram were left in shock after the singer deleted all of her posts. She also removed her avatar from her Facebook page. Her official website, meanwhile, shows just a blank screen. What’s more, Taylor’s publicist is refusing to make any comments about the singer’s decision to remove all of her previous tweets, posts and photos from social media.

A lot of fans can’t help but wonder if this means Taylor Swift is about to drop a new album. Others think she might be planning a new imhttps://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2017/taylor-swift-frustrated-with-undercover-romance-with-joe-alwyn/age makeover. Whatever the case may be, Taylor’s silence is fueling even more speculation that she might be either working on a new album or that she’s about to plan something very big.

Taylor Swift Sends Fans into Frenzy After Wiping Out All Social Media Account

If there’s one thing that Taylor is good at, it’s getting everyone’s attention by making a sudden but unexpected move. After all, she’s been in this business long enough to know that marketing is everything. Her last best-selling album was ‘1984’ back in 2014. Taylor knows that her new album has to be bigger, better and stronger.

That’s why she might be doing whatever it takes to make sure that it’s the best-selling record of all time. And so far it’s working. The Internet can’t stop talking about Taylor Swift’s social media disappearance and if she might be dropping a new album in the coming days. Of course, there’s not much her fans can do other than just wait and see what she plans on doing next.

In addition, Taylor’s Internet purge comes right after her court victory against radio host David Mueller. The singer accused him of groping her behind during a meet-and-greet at one of her concerts back in 2013. A Denver court has ordered David Mueller to pay Taylor Swift $1 in damages.

Of course Taylor Swift is yet to make any comments about her sudden social media disappearance. But considering how quiet she’s been all year, there’s a very small chance that she’ll say anything at all.

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Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger