The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Lawrence Saint-Victor Returns as Carter Walton – Romance With Nicole

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Lawrence Saint-Victor Returns as Carter Walton - Romance With Nicole

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers reveal that Lawrence Saint-Victor is returning to the CBS soap. Previously portraying the role of Carter Walton since January 2013, he will likely be reprising that role. Find out everything that is known about his return.

On Instagram, Lawrence Saint-Victor shared a photo of himself posing in front of Spencer Publications. He seems excited to get back to work and fans are looking forward to seeing him again. It is teased that Carter could get tangled up in the Spencer Publications storyline. What kind of drama will he find himself in on the soap?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that the last time Carter was seen, he broke off his engagement to Maya Avant (Karla Mosley.) Carter fell hard for her, but things were not meant to be. Could Carter and Nicole (Reign Edwards) be destined to get together now that Zende (Rome Flynn) is gone?

As fans recall, he initially came to town to visit his adoptive brother, Marcus Forrester (Texas Battle.) He ended up taking a job at Forrester Creations. Even though he was an attorney, Carter also had a passion for acting, which is how he got closer to Maya before their falling out.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers don’t go into much detail about what to expect from Carter but he would be a natural for a romance with now-single Nicole. The last time he was seen was in August 2017.

However, Lawrence Saint-Victor has been keeping busy with other projects. He plays Brent in Stepford Sidechix and portrays Carl in Collar. Prior to appearing on B&B, he spent time working on Zoe Ever After, For Better or Worse and had a recurring role in Guiding Light. In fact, that is what he is best known for is his soap roles.

What do you think is going to happen with Lawrence Saint-Victor on B&B? Will Carter Walton get mixed up with the drama between Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Dollar Bill (Don Diamont?) Will he find a new love interest in Nicole? To find out, keep watching the CBS soap. Remember to check back with CDL for the latest in The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, updates and news.

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4 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Lawrence Saint-Victor Returns as Carter Walton – Romance With Nicole”

  1. Tali salman?? says:

    We are not so sure about the story line as we know that Nicole and Zende are still merrid? Or did they get a divorce or split up? They are looking for a recast Zende that would be very interesting to see what happens next

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  3. Tali salman?? says:

    That will be very interesting to see what kind of a story line Carter gets he has not been on the show for along time he is on and off if some body wants low advise may be Liam will want Carter to help him out with the situation that he has got himself with Bill how knows he can’t trust Justin because he is siding with Bill there is no way Justin will not be loyal to Bill. We don’t know what is going on with Nicole we know that Zende and Nicole want to Paris we all so know that they have to get a recast Zende Roman left B&B so we really don’t know if Nicole is still merrid they want to hook her up with Carter? Is Nicole coming back home and not staying in Paris? We really don’t know all these details and want makes us think that suddenly she will fall for Carter? We know that Carter used to be a good friend to Zende will have to see if Nicole will be friends with Carter I understand that the writers want to hook them up together that will be a very interesting coupling. We all know that she is still merrid to Zende so how can she be with Carter? I do remember that Zende and Nicole wanted a family because Nicole’s problem she could not get pragnant. Ye Carter was involved with Maya he wanted to marry her in the past he even gave her a ring and then he found out that she used to be a boy and he was angry at her for not telling him about her past.

  4. PassionQueen77 says:

    No way. Carter is way too old for Nicole. Nicole should date a guy around her age. The writer can easily find a guy from other tv shows to play a character on the show. Carter is a type of person that doesn’t romance a woman that much.