The Young and the Restless Spoilers: 3 Y&R Characters That Need To Grow A Backbone

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: 3 Y&R Characters That Need To Grow A Backbone

The Young and the Restless spoilers have documented all plot details surrounding the three characters that are about to be called out. Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), Jack (Peter Bergman) and Hilary (Mishael Morgan).

Each person better prepare to be lambasted because their actions deserve harsh response and stern advice. We’ll see if they have the guts to take it, or to adjust their pitiful lives.


Hey Chelsea, stop lying to Nick (Joshua Morrow)! The man is raising a boy that isn’t his child. Grow some guts and tell him the truth about Christian (Jude and Ozzy McGuigen).

Claiming to be empowered, while hiding your conscience behind fashion is an ugly way to live. It seems that you are more like Anita (Catherine Bach) than you care to admit. Prove that you’re not.

Adam (Justin Hartley) asked you to keep his paternity secret. Fine. But that was when Christian was thought to be dead and Sharon (Sharon Case) was raising him as Sully.

Why allow this threat to Chick’s existence to live forever? Kill off the possibility by telling Nick the truth.


The entire audience will scream if you purse your lips one more time and put your hands on your hips, instead of acting like a wimp, something your beloved father definitely was not. Demonstrate strength of character in all aspects of your life Jack (Peter Bergman).

You recently allowed Graham (Max Shippee) to verbally assault your sister Ashley (Eileen Davidson) twice and did nothing meaningful about it either time. First, at the Top of the Tower you let that blood-sucker (your words Jackie-boy) trash your sister and your mother in front of all gathered guests. Neil (Kristoff St. John) had to take the initiative and escort Graham out of the room.

Later, at Genoa City Memorial, you allowed Graham to confront Ashley about her personal life, relationship with Dina (Marla Adams) and John (Jerry Douglas). You defined, once again, what an empty suit looks like. And, we haven’t even addressed how you refused to defend Phyllis’ (Gina Tognoni) honor in response to what Victor (Eric Braeden) did with Marco (also played by Bergman).

Stand up for your loved ones right now, goof!


Brains and looks. You’ve been blessed with both Hilary. But how have you used them since arriving in town?

So you managed to land a billionaire and then lost him? Devon (Bryton James) was loyal and did everything you wanted. Obviously that wasn’t enough.

Recently, you threw yourself at Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood) by showing him your body at the GC Athletic Club’s Fake Gym. A few days later Lily (Christel Khalil) told him she just wanted to be friends, after which he asked you out on a date. Yes, that means you are absolutely his Plan B.

Meanwhile, your gossip hound website and TV show still smears everyone in this Wisconsin town. What a way to make a living and to live a life. Develop self-respect, somehow.

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