America’s Got Talent Recap 8/21/18: Season 13 Episode 13 “Live Quarter Finals 2”

America’s Got Talent Recap 8/21/18: Season 13 Episode 13 "Live Quarter Finals 2"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Wednesday, August 21, 2018, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below!  On tonight’s AGT season 13 episode 13 “Live Quarter Finals 2″, as per the NBC synopsis, “Twelve acts will take the stage live tonight from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood for the chance to win the $1 million prize, as judging is turned over to the American viewing audience.”

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Tyra takes the stage and welcomes everyone to Hollywood at the Dolby Theater. Tonight 12 more acts will have 90 seconds to make it to the next round. She introduces the judges: Howie, Mel B., Heidi Klum, and Simon.

Heidi introduces the first act, her golden buzzer, Mikayla Phillips. She takes the stage singing “I Got Issues.” Heidi is so proud of her. She belongs on the stage and sang the song better than the original. Howie thinks she rose to the occasion and is deserving. He hopes someone votes for her. Mel B. loves that song and the way she sang it, she made it her own. Simon could feel her nerves but this audition was better than the first.

Tyra introduces a dance team Da Republik. They take the stage with an extravagant backdrop of the city, lights, and cars with sparks of fire. The audience goes wild. Mel B. thinks they left everything on that dance floor. She didn’t see one mistake. Heidi thought it was beyond excited. She can see how much they practiced. Simon thinks they are the best dance group they have seen so far. Their end goal has to be Vegas. He loves them. Howie calls them the bomb.

Tyra welcomes Noah, a South Carolina singer to the stage. He sings “Show Me Some Mercy.” The audience stands as they applaud. Heidi thinks he is a double or maybe a triple threat with his looks, performance, and voice. Simon likes him a lot. He loved that he wrote his own song. It didn’t resonate with Howie and Mel B. agrees. She does love his voice.

Tyra introduces Yumbo Dump, a lonely comedy duo from Japan. They take the stage and jiggle their bellies before a strange act with a plastic bag, threaded rod, and dolphin masks. Simon looks disgusted. Mel B. doesn’t know what is going on. Heidi is waiting for something to happen. Simon hits the x, Heidi and Mel follow. In the end, Howie stands. After the dolphins kiss, Simon and Mel take their x back. Simon thinks it is a beautiful story and he likes dolphins. Heidi will not take her x back.

Tyra brings the comedian diagnosed with Tourette’s back to the stage. His name is Samuel. She shows a clip of his father who just wants to see his son excel. He thinks he is the best comedian. Robin Williams is a close second. He starts his act out by joking about the dolphin act, his German Shepard who might have Benjamin Buttons disease. He gets a standing ovation. Howie thinks it was well done. Heidi likes him. His delivery but not his jokes tonight. Simon thinks he was amazing. He hopes America gets behind him. Mel loves him.

Tyra introduces Voices of Hope, a choir from California. Mel thinks they sound amazing together. She didn’t like the sound choice. Simon buzzes Mel. He could not disagree more. Howie liked them and Heidi.

Two ladies bring their troupe of cats to the stage to show off their talents. Heidi loves it. She purrs. Simon laughs hysterically. Howie thinks it was good. But he isn’t sure they stepped up their game. Simon cannot stop laughing. He can’t even respond. Mel liked the music more than the cats.

Singer Glennis Grace takes the stage. She hits all of the notes as the crowd cheers her on. Heidi, Simon, and Howie stand with applause. Simon thinks it was classy, brilliant, fantastic. Howie thinks it was a wow moment. Mel B. thinks she did great, she really owned it. But she shouldn’t wear the jacket she is wearing again.

Tyra introduces a different kind of act, The Sacred Riana. Dress like a possessed school girl who has just emerged from the flames, she warns the judges “she is coming.” She goes to the judge’s table as scary music plays and shows Mel it is her that will be attacked, holding a photo with her face cut out. Other girls arrive. They create a scary scene as they chase the girl who tries to climb up a wall. Simon thinks she is brilliant. Howie is scared. He thinks she is wonderful and magical, but unhappy. Mel has nothing. Heidi thinks she is creepy and wanted more wow to the actual magic. Riana won’t speak as part of her act.

A 71-year old woman is determined to win for her dancing skills with her partner who is 35 years old. They take the stage. They dance to “She’s a Maniac.” Heidi thinks she is an inspiration. Simon thinks she really goes through the next round. Howie thinks for her age she is great but he isn’t sure she can move on. Mel thinks she is incredible.

This next act is all about the virtual world and where we can go. A team of three showcases a world of adventure and movie-like scenery as a man runs from a witch on a broomstick. Simon is impressed. Howie hopes it translates at home.  Heidi loved it. Mel agrees.

The last act of the night, Duo Trendset returns to the stage after the husband dropped his wife in a trapeze act in the first audition. They nail it. Heidi loved it. It was one of the best acts of the night. Simon thinks they are brave, incredible and outstanding. Howie thought it was crazy and showed their trust for one another.


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