Chicago Fire Winter Premiere Recap 1/4/18: Season 6 Episode 7 “A Man’s Legacy”

Chicago Fire Winter Premiere Recap 1/4/18: Season 6 Episode 7 "A Man's Legacy"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all new Thursday, January 4, 2018, season 6 episode 7 called, “A Man’s Legacy” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Brett attempts to make a lifesaving decision in the field to someone near and dear to the firehouse family. In an effort to impress Lily, Otis scrambles to get everything together for the grand opening of Molly’s North. Meanwhile, Boden becomes emotional following the rescue of a famous blues player from a burning apartment building and Dawson struggles to come to terms with how she has been dealing with her father.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 6 episode 5 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire continues tonight with paramedics Gabi Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) dealing with Ramon Dawson’s (Daniel Zacapa) wounds. Sylvie stays in the back of the rig and orders Gabi to drive the ambulance to the hospital as she is too shaken to help with her father’s wounds. On the way, Ramon’s oxygen stats drop but Sylvie tells Gabi to keep driving as she decompresses his lungs.

At Chicago Med, Sylvie reveals to Nurse Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) that he is a victim with multiple stab wounds; they quickly transfer him to a bed and bring him to an OR where Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) is waiting. Gabi informs Maggie that the patient is her father as Sylvie tries to reassure her that he will be okay. Captain Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) arrive at the hospital at the same time, learning that Ramon was trying to be a hero when the knife-wielding psycho started slashing people on the train platform. Sylvie joins them just as Dr. Rhodes informs them that Ramon will be okay and they can see him but only for a minute because he needs his rest.

Antonio and Gabi visit Ramon as Gabi cries, wanting to know why he would do that, stepping in front of a knife but Antonio says he will get back together in no time and the rest of the hoodlums in Chicago better look out.

At the firehouse, Sylvie and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) are getting ready for a shift in the locker room; Stella finally admits it wasn’t her fault what her friend did. Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) wonders why Stella left so early and Sylvie learns that they shared a kiss. Sylvie talks about Antonio being at the hospital but Stella tells her not to kiss him because she will regret it.

Gabi and Matt walk into the firehouse and are greeted by Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker), Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) and Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte), who says that her father was a brave guy. Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) learns Gabi isn’t going to the Molly’s North meeting, but Stella and Herrmann agree that Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) can take the lead on the project as long as it makes them money.

When they get a call, Gabi thanks Sylvie for saving her dad; but smiles saying when her dad begins to drive her crazy, she will blame it on her. Sylvie comments that it was good to see Antonio again. Once they arrive at the scene, Matt is shown an electrical box that is smoking; at first, they think its a shorted circuit and an electrical fire somewhere as the manager says it could be apartment 1C. Otis and Herrmann smell smoke at the apartment and breach the door. Inside they find several humidifiers going and the tenant lying on the floor.

Once on the gurney, he has shallow breathing and Gabi and Sylvie take care of him. Back in the unit, they find the fire inside the walls. As Matt puts out the fire. Chief Boden sees posters for Stoke Porter a Blues singer all over the walls and he wonders what happened to him. Inside the ambulance, Stoke fusses that he has no insurance but Boden tells him not to give the ladies a hard time and let them take care of him.

At Chicago Med, Gabi goes to check on her father, and his room is full of flowers. She tells him a lot of people are proud of him, including her mother. He shows that he has plenty of interviews but she reminds him he needs to rest and rehab. He promises he will and she scoots off to work again.

Otis joins Cruz in the kitchen eating brownies made by Herrmann’s daughter. Cruz tells him he has a guy named Julius who sells taxi top advertising for Molly’s North. Stella walks into the kitchen, leaves when she sees Severide but not before Matt sees her. He asks Severide if there is something going on, and he says she did something when she had too much to drink and probably regrets it but will talk to him when she is ready.

Boden returns to the Firehall, saying when the ambulance comes back he wants an update on the old man, wondering why he had so many humidifiers. Mouch says it was probably a lung thing as his Uncle had the same problem. Boden tells him that Stoke was a legendary Blues harmonica player, suggesting they all go to Boden’s place tomorrow night, smoke some cigars drink some bourbon and listen to some Blues.

Stella confronts Otis and Herrmann about converting Max into Molly’s within 4 days. Otis says he has the advertising locked up and the reason it will be the 9th is that it is Lily’s (Ariane Rinehart) lucky number and the astrological signs are in the proper alignment. Stella is worried but he insists he’s got this! Stella says she is going to follow Herrmann’s attitude and not care about things in her life.

There is a knock at Sylvie’s door and it is Antonio who is returning a sweatshirt, but she points out the tag says it is his son, Diego’s. She invites him in. He learns they are alone and admits when he saw her at the hospital, he knew he was in trouble and rushes to kiss her; she tries to tell him it is not a good idea but he says it is a one-time thing and they shouldn’t over think it.

Gabi returns to Chicago Med to visit her father but is told she can’t see him because they are shooting a news segment. Otis comes to Molly’s, saying he is waiting for the first coat of paint to dry at Molly’s North, he says the distributor can’t guarantee delivery of alcohol by Friday and figured he could grab a few cases from Molly’s stock.

Herrmann is about to tell him he has paint on his cheek when Cruz comes in with a bill of $25G for the taxi tops. He explains that it was $250 per top but it was minimum 100 cabs. Otis freaks out that he never said that Herrmann looks at Stella who rolls her eyes and says there is a guy who is flirting with her who works on the radio and she can get him to advertise on the radio; Otis wants to be on the radio and Stella reluctantly says she will see what she can do.

Boden. Matt and Mouch sit in the living room and listen to Stoke Porter’s music, explaining how he brought life to this music and created art and what thanks does he get? Broke, sick and suffering alone. Boden gets up and looks for his bottle of bourbon, neither Matt nor Mouch can figure out what is going on as Boden says they should go visit Stoke and let him know he isn’t alone. They get their jackets on to go see him.

At the hospital, they learn that Mr. Porter didn’t survive and Boden says that is terrible. Boden offers his condolences to Stoke’s daughter who says she didn’t know her father since her mother had enough of his lifestyle and took her as far from him as she could and now all she has left of him is his debts.

Stella introduces Otis to Mitch, from the radio show. He reminds Otis to stay a little back from the microphone and introduces him to the audience but Brian “Otis” freezes on the air. He drinks water and chokes but when he is finally able to spit it out Mitch hits the fart button every time he says “Molly’s North.” Otis blames Stella as Capp (Randy Flagler) laughs at him.

Boden asks Gabi how her father is doing, but reminds her that Ramon would much rather have his daughter there than all the well-wishers; she promises to go see him after work. She admits it is pretty amazing to see so many people celebrating him. A call comes in and everyone races off.

They arrive at Edgemont Family Clinic, where Gabi chases a girl into the clinic, telling Sylvie to inform everyone there is a civilian inside. Severide finds the fire in the ceiling at the back of the building right by the oxygen system. Gabi tells the girl they need to go, but as they get into the hall way, the ceiling collapses separating them and Severide as the pipes explode.

Severide runs through the fire, Severide grabs the girl as Gabi finds bottles of Fentanyl pills in the girl’s purse. Gabi looks Bria (Quinn Cooke) over, saying she needs to get checked at the hospital but she says she needs to go. She looks at the police and Gabi tells her she put the drugs back, Bria tells her the drugs weren’t for her.

Herrmann wants to know why he is getting an alert about a $2,000 charge to Molly’s account. He says it was for a vintage jukebox for Molly’s North. Stella says she warned him. Mouch learns that if everything goes well, Boden plans to bring a friend along to Molly’s North’s grand opening. Severide comes home to find Stella nicely dressed up. She says she is going out with the radio guy, Mitch but promises a raincheck on the Black Hawks game, leaving Severide behind.

At Molly’s North, Otis is happy they have patrons and says Molly’s North is a tribute to Molly’s. Nina Porter walks into the bar and joins Boden, Matt, and Mouch. He confesses that his connection to her father goes much further back than the fire, explaining that he went with his father to see her dad perform the Blues. It was one of the few times him and his father got along. He admits if he closes his eyes when he hears the music, he can feel his father’s arm around his shoulder and saying, “Look up there son, he gets it. That’s Stoke! Nina smiles as Boden says that is what her father did for him. They raise their drinks to Stoke.

Lily arrives and is happy with the turnout, telling Otis that this is going to work as the bar has never seen a crowd this big in 10 years. She kisses him. Meanwhile, Sylvie and Antonio run into each other outside of Molly’s North, saying it is a big crow, which is good for business but she isn’t in the mood for a crowd. He smiles, suggesting something quieter and she quickly says that sounds good; they skip the bar scene.

Gabi comes to Ramon’s room, who is happy to see her. Dr. Rhodes says he can go home tomorrow and Gabi says she will bring him home tomorrow. He swears she doesn’t look happy and she admits that she wishes she could have done more to help him when he got hurt. He says this quick decision doesn’t make him a hero, it doesn’t change who he is, but she has always been there, that is who she is. She is the real hero and she is his hero!


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