Dancing With the Stars Juniors Premiere Recap 10/07/18: Season 1 Week 1

Dancing With the Stars Juniors Premiere Recap 10/07/18: Season 1 Week 1

Tonight on ABC Dancing With The Stars Juniors premieres! 12 celebrity kids all hit the DWTS ballroom vying for the chance to win the first ever DWTS junior mirror ball trophy.  We have your all-new Sunday, October 7, 2018, Dancing With The Stars Junior recap below! On tonight’s DWTS Juniors Season 1 episode 1 as per the ABC synopsis, “The premiere of the series in which 12 celebrity kids perform choreographed routines with professional junior ballroom dancers. The youngest cast ever assembled are sparkling up their wardrobe, breaking in their dancing shoes and readying themselves for what will be an unforgettable journey,”

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Jason Maybaum and Elliana Walmsley (mentored by Emma Slater) – Cha Cha – “Bills” by Lunchmoney Lewis

Judges Comments: Mandy: “You are incredible, I love your rhythm and confidence.” Val: “You have wonderful showmanship and charisma, but watch your footwork.” Adam: “I really needed that tonight, it was amazing.” Judges Scores: Mandy 6, Val 6, Adam 6 = 18/30

Tripp Palin and Hailey Bills (mentored by Jenna Johnson) – Foxtrot – “Mama Said” by The Shirelles

Judges Comments: Val: “It takes a lot of confidence to dance, I know this is not what you do, that was an awesome foxtrot. I think you are a lot better than you think you are when you let yourself go, you have a good time out there. You are a star.” Adam: “For someone who has never danced before, you should look in the mirror and tell yourself you are a dancer too. You did such a great job and you can’t go wrong with a beige shoe.” Mandy: “Quick shout out to Jenna, you did a great job, the content was great. Tripp, did you ever breathe once? I loved your dance, It was great.” Judges Scores: Mandy 5, Val 6, Adam 6 = 17/30

Addison Osta Smith and Lev Khmelev (mentored by Keo Motsepe) – Cha Cha – “Burnin’ Up” by Jessie J featuring 2 Chainz

Judges Comments: Adam: “I can see you talking it out, you don’t want anyone to see that, but you did a great job.” Mandy: “I thought that you had a lot of sass, you working it, but you could do better – when Lev hits a sharp note, you have to match the energy.” Val: “I thought your charisma was there, I want to see the better technique.” Judges Scores: Mandy 5, Val 5, Val 5 = 15/30

Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold (mentored by Lindsay Arnold) – Salsa – “Who Let the Dogs Out” by Baha Men

Judges Comments: Mandy: “That was an incredible salsa, I loved it. The minute you start I saw you explode with energy and it felt like you got all cool calm and collected. I thought it was awesome, star power.” Val: “Miles you are a superstar, you fill he space, you are an incredible dancer. I want you to capture the genre that you are doing. This was an awesome performance, I just wished there was more salsa content.” Adam: “Miles, are you kidding me? You have so much energy, moves like that are going to keep you in this compensation, you are going to go far.” Judges Scores: Mandy 8, Val 7, Adam 7 = 22/30

Sophia Pippen and Jake Monreal (mentored by Sasha Farber) – Jive – “Do You Love Me” by The Contours

Judges Comments: Val: “Girl I am so proud of you, that was so good. You are so shy and so collected but when you came out and you were a different person. It was awesome, you make a great team.” Adam: “Sophia, you came out here and I didn’t know what to expect but you just came alive, you killed out, I am so impressed, week 1 nailed it.” Mandy: “You had. Jive week one sister that is so hard. Your rhythm was great, I love that you seemed to be so shy and then you came out and you were awesome.” Judges Scores: Mandy 7, Val 7, Adam 7 = 21/30

Hudson West and Kameron Couch (mentored by Hayley Erbert) – Cha Cha – “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” by Shawn Mendes

Judges Comments: Adam: “I was so impressed, you both were dancing and performing together and in week one that is what it is all about. I can’t wait to see what this partnership brings.” Mandy: “Hudson, I did not expect that from you, mister. It was really good, you had one moment when you were off with your timing. When you are rushing, you should make your moves bigger so they fill up space.” Val: “You are a leading man. I thought you did such a wonderful job presenting your lady, just work on your timing.” Judges Scores: Mandy 7, Val 7, Adam 8 = 22/30

Ariana Greenblatt and Artyon Celestine (mentored by Brandon Armstrong) – Cha Cha – “Cut to the Feeling” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Judges Comments: Mandy: “You are a little ray of sunshine. Awesome content, you were shining and cha chaing your face off. Excellent job.” Val: “Ariana you might be small in size but you dance so big. You had so much energy, I thought you showcased a lot of great technique, you killed it. I would just you guys have to work a little more together.” Adam: “Ariana, you are so cute, and you pointed right at me. That was awesome.” Judges Scores: Mandy: 8, Val 8, Adam 8 = 24/30

Mackenzie Ziegler and Sage Rosen (mentored by Gleb Savchenko) – Foxtrot – “New York, New York” by Ray Quinn featuring Ultra Love

Judges Comments: Val: “My heart bleeds, this was an incredible performance. It started so awesome, it was perfect in the beginning, but I didn’t like when it changed from old school, I was a little disappointed.” Adam: “You were gliding in the beginning, as you the performance continues you need to get into the floor.” Mandy: “A bit of what we saw tonight Mackenzie is that you are used to using your muscles a certain way. Think about your dynamic if you make it to next week.” Judges Scores: Mandy 7, Val 7, Adam 8 = 22/30

Honey Boo Boo and Tristan Ianiero (mentored by Artem Chigvintsev) – Salsa – “Conga” by Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

Judges Comments: Adam: “My favorite part of that dance just before the music started you were thinking about you were going to do, you were right in character and you performed to everyone in this room.” Mandy: “You were a beautiful young lady out there, you were incredible. People are drawn to you because you love life. I thought you were upbeat, you were doing it.” Val: “The most beautiful thing about you is your confidence, it resonates in your performance. I wish you could improve your technique a bit.” Judges Scores: Mandy 6, Val 6, Adam 7 = 19/30

Mandla Morris and Brightyn Brems (mentored by Cheryl Burke) – Jive – “Land of 1000 Dances” by Wilson Pickett

Judges Comments: Mandy: “What do you mean you never danced before. That was professional, so good. I thought the concept was great, I loved it.” Val: “You came alive, you became a different person. It is a pleasure to see you live it and kill it.” Adam: “I didn’t know what to expect, and then you came out here and said give me the gold jacket, give the pants with the stripes – it was absolutely amazing, the performance of the night.” Judges Scores: Mandy 8, Val 8, Adam 8 = 24/30

Akash Vukoti and Kamri Peterson (mentored by Witney Carson) – Foxtrot – “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole

Judges Comments: Val: “That made me really emotional, I almost started crying. It was so beautiful to see you be such a gentleman out there. Your performance was awesome, your heart really showed there.” Adam: “I can’t deal with you, you are so cute and so charming. I think everyone in this room has fallen in love with you. Keep learning from your partner.” Mandy: “That was awesome, it is hard and you are the youngest guy here.” Judges Scores: Mandy 7, Val 7, Adam 7 = 21/30

Sky Brown and JT Church (mentored by Alan Bersten) – Salsa – “Light It Up” by Major Lazer featuring Nyla & Fuse ODG

Judges Comments: Adam: “I can tell that you are a fierce competitor, everything was so clean and so sharp. That was fantastic, that is the way you close the show.” Mandy: “One of my favorite parts of this was how from the waist down you were wiggling and from the waist up you were strong. You nailed it and I absolutely loved it.” Val: “That takes a lot of guts to come here and do what you do. The sky is the limit, I love the hip action, there was a lot of maturity in that. I am your biggest fan.” Judges Scores: Mandy 7, Val 8, Adam 7 = 22/30

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