Elementary Recap 7/16/18: Season 6 Episode 11 “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”

Elementary Recap 7/16/18: Season 6 Episode 11 "You've Come a Long Way, Baby"

Tonight the CBS series Elementary airs with an all-new Monday, July 2, 2018, season 6 episode 11 and we have your Elementary recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes engages an old foe to protect his father after he learns Morland is in danger of being killed. Also, Holmes and Watson search for a killer connected to the tobacco industry when a lawyer who was in the process of reviewing a major cigarette distributor’s finances is murdered.”

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Watson meets Marcus at the crime scene of a man that has been dead for 2 days. His neighbors called after his pizza delivery was left outside. Sherlock has not shown up yet. Watson leaves to call him. Meanwhile, Sherlock’s father has paid him a visit. They sit and talk about Moriarty. Morland had an attempt on his life and he thinks she is out to kill him so he wants Sherlock to help him kill her first.

Marcus and Watson discover that their victim Mr. Pham signed the contract for a huge merger and he may have done that with a gun to his head. They head to the company Summit-Stowe (who is set to merge with Washburn Tobacco) to meet Pham’s associates, the men behind the merger. The three men tell them that they were celebrating the night Pham was murdered. They were partying with prostitutes.

Watson comes into the precinct to see Marcus. He tells her the men’s alibis have checked out. But he thinks Pham may have come across a cigarette smuggling operation involving Summit-Stow. Watson brings some of the cigarettes home for The Nose to smell. When Sherlock arrives home he is a bit insulted she didn’t call him. They talk on the side about the threat of Sherlock’s father’s life. If it is Moriarty, he feels confident she won’t come after either one of them. The Nose thinks he smells hops on the cigarettes. They must have been transported with hops. Watson discovers there is a craft brewery nearby where the smugglers may be storing the cigarettes.

Marcus brings in his men to take down the operation when Gregson calls him. He tells him to hold off. He has a man in his office, one of the men from the merger, that is actually an undercover agent and he doesn’t want him to blow his investigation.

Sherlock, Gregson, and Marcus meet with the agent and his boss. They explain that one of the company’s in the merger knew all about the smuggling operation and the ATF investigation. When Bell and Watson go to meet the head of Washburn he details some illegal activity on the ATF’s part.

Sherlock goes to a café he thinks Moriarty is connected to. He breaks a vase to send a message – he wants to talk to her.

Watson and Sherlock meet at home. She has gone through the ATF’s activity and figures the agents behind the investigation have been pocketing millions. They could be behind Pham’s death. Sherlock tells Watson about the café and Moriarty. He thinks his father may be right about her trying to kill him. Watson gets a call.

Sherlock and Watson head to a murder scene. Both of the ATF agents are dead and it looks like they killed each other after millions of their money was transferred from the bank.

Marcus tells Gregson that the agents did, in fact, kill each other. Someone wired the millions to the Cayman Islands. That someone also used a free WiFi kiosk to do it. Gregson thinks the two men could have been being ripped off by one of their own.

Gregson, Sherlock, and Watson call in an agent who they discover knew all about the funds. The agent tells them they used that money to fund other ops. Watson questions why the agents were wearing Prada and other designer goods. The agent cannot help it if the other two were using funds for themselves. He tells them he has an alibi. They plan to look into it. He mentions that the dead agents got help from someone named Bulldog. Watson recalls how the CEO Kip of Washburn had an assistant with bulldogs on her computer. She thinks she might have something to do with it. When they try to track her down they cannot find her.

Sherlock gets a visit from the woman at the café. She has been sent by Moriarty. Sherlock has slaved over this – but he wants to talk about his father’s death and not the death of Moriarty.

Sherlock tells Watson that the bulldog seems to have boarded a private plane. He also noticed that even though the ATF had all that money at their disposal their arrest rates dropped. Watson thinks she knows why and how to find the bulldog.

They bring in their person of interest from Washburn and tell him if he helps them find the bulldog the DOJ will go lightly on them.

Sherlock talks to his father. He tells him he demanded a seize fire from Moriarty. She has agreed. When the time comes he will deal with her and it will only be his problem, not Morland’s. His father leaves.


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