General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar Not Suicidal – Sick Teen Won’t Dying by Intentional Drug Overdose

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar Not Suicidal – Sick Teen Won't Dying by Intentional Drug Overdose

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) condition will remain dire. He’s refusing the only available treatment and seeking emancipation, so he’s clearly hoping to be in control of his own destiny. That’s led to some speculation that Oscar might do something incredibly drastic.

Some sites out there are suggesting that Oscar might actually commit suicide. The argument is that he’d be able to decide when and how he dies. However, we’re here to debunk that theory and explain why their flimsy evidence doesn’t hold up.

There’s a leaked audition script floating around that features two teen boys. Their names are “Cole” and “John,” but those have obviously been disguised. In this script, “John” is hoping to buy some drugs. “Cole” offers a discount since “John” is “cool with Trina” and lets the potential buyer look at the goods.

GH fans will recall that Trina is Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy) wild, mischievous friend. It makes sense that she’d put in a good word for Cameron (William Lipton) the shoplifter who recently plagiarized Oscar’s paper. They’d run in the same type of crowd.

This script also features “John” asking how much this will cost. “Cole” argues that it depends on how high “John” wants to get. He eventually settles on 100 bucks, which horrifies his customer. “John” mentions that it’ll clean out his savings from camp and wants to negotiate.

That’s another clue that this is Cameron. Remember that Oscar opted to do a summer internship with Drew (Billy Miller) instead of working at Lila’s Kids. Cam’s the one who worked alongside Josslyn. Unless Oscar’s got camp savings from the summer before, he’s not involved in this conversation.

The sites using this as suicide proof think Oscar’s buying the drugs to overdose, but that doesn’t line up with the facts. “Cole” does mention that it’ll take 100 bucks worth to do what “John” wants to do, but he also references getting high. He appears to believe this is for recreational use. Perhaps Cameron has plans for a party or something along those lines.

It’s possible Cam will buy the drugs for Oscar, but why wouldn’t Oscar just do it on his own? It’s not like he’s afraid of getting in trouble. What’s he got to lose? Cameron probably wouldn’t even agree if he knew about a suicide plan.

Besides, let’s be realistic and accept that General Hospital’s not going to let Oscar kill himself. That’s just not the message they want to send. GH wouldn’t open themselves up to that kind of backlash.

General Hospital spoilers say Oscar still has a chance at survival. GH introduced the clinical trial for a reason, so it seems likely that Oscar will sign up for it eventually. They’re just having him put up a fight for drama’s sake.

Even if Oscar does kick the bucket, there’s no reason for him to commit suicide. Oscar has made it clear that he wants to enjoy the time he has left. That’s why he dropped out of school. It’s also why he doesn’t want to rush himself six feet under sooner with this risky treatment. Oscar has given no indication that he wants to end his life. He just doesn’t think this clinical trial offers real hope.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t believe the suicide hype. General Hospital spoilers hint that a miraculous recovery is much more probable. We’ll give you updates as other GH news comes in. Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

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