General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Asks For Jason’s Help – Stone Cold Deals With Sinister Threats

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Asks For Jason's Help - Stone Cold Deals With Sinister Threats

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will soon join in the search for the person who is haunting Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) from her past. Sam emailed “Linda Black” who came up as the name of the person who paid for Yvonne Godfrey’s (Janet Hubert) subscription to the Galena, Illinois newspaper that the Leland Powell obituary was from.

GH fans realize that whoever this person is obviously knows way too much about Sam and her past aliases and husbands for her comfort and safety. “Linda Black” was one of Sam’s aliases, and had nothing to do with when she married Leland Powell and scammed him.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam will talk to Jason about the situation and ask for his help as she tries to track whoever it is down and find out what they want – some Stone Cold action is long overdue and this sinister mystery provides the perfect vehicle.

Sam’s asking Jason to get involved not only gives her a measure of protection, but also may help to bring the two closer to a full revival of their romantic relationship. GH spoilers are pretty clear about JaSam’s revival (see the General Hospital sneak peek video below) and it makes sense to have them both involved in the new arc.

Jason probably doesn’t know about the husband scams in any great detail, although he probably knows some of it. After all, Jason was around when Amelia Joffe (Annie Wersching) had come to Port Charles wanting to avenge her father, Bill Monroe (uncast character) who had been one of Sam’s husband scams.

Sam undoubtedly will want her mother Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) legal expertise as well. Sam needs to find out if her past scams are still be chargeable, or if there is a statute of limitations that would have run out by now.

No matter who it is trying to let Sam know they’re onto her past, it isn’t a friend – it’s someone threatening. This enemy has been digging deep to unearth the skeletons in Sam’s closet, and has probably been on this mission for a long time. Stay tuned to GH on ABC and keep checking CDL’s General Hospital spoilers frequently to see where this trail leads and what’s at the end of it for Sam!

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