How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/11/18: Season 5 Episode 3 “The Baby Was Never Dead”

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday, October 11, 2018, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 5 episode 3 “Annalise and Emmett defend a wealthy CEO accused of killing his business partner, while the governor goes after Annalise and puts her new caseload and legal clinic in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Bonnie struggles to accept her budding romance, and Asher tries to outmaneuver his old mentor.

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How to Get Away With Murder begins tonight at Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) and Connor Walsh’s (Jack Falahee) where several people are enjoying the celebrations, including Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) who is dancing with baby Christopher. Meanwhile, Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) demands to know from Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) whose blood is on her leg. Bonnie tells her to relax, she cut herself shaving.

2 Months Earlier
Bonnie walks into her office, where there is a note that says, “You’re beautiful,.” She smiles and throws it out. Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) looks at the image of the woman who stole the newborn baby boy 20 years earlier and looks at Bonnie’s photo as Laurel tries to get baby Christopher to smile or giggle at her.

Connor works on getting Oliver’s ring off, saying its stuck due to stress over the lack of venue and band for their upcoming. Wedding. Michaela drops off paperwork at Tegan Price’s (Amirah Vann) office, slipping out unnoticed. Gabriel Maddox (Rome Flynn) is busy working on his computer when Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) knocks on his door with a toilet paper emergency; before he can open the door, he has to hide something. Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) watches everything from the surveillance camera he installed in Gabe’s place.

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) introduces her class to their new client, Mr. Niles Harrington; today they are going against DA Ronald Miller (John Hensley). Bonnie and Emmett Crawford (Timothy Hutton are both in the courtroom to watch how things unfold. As soon as they step out of the courtroom, Annalise learns the Governor placed an executive order that her students can no longer help her.

Tegan confronts Michaela, ordering her to stay out of her calendar and her life and shoves the file into her chest. Michaela is determined to make her like her again. Annalise comes in and hopes they are all well rested because they are going to pull an all-nighter and become experts in legal ethics to hit back on the Governor’s Executive Order. She feels if they all study, they should be fine on the exam, which happens tomorrow.

Nate visits the nurse who was blamed for the baby being taken during her shift and she blames herself. Asher brings Miller a coffee, like a good intern. Doris Reid (Elisa Perry) is called to the witness stand by the prosecution, which shocks the defense. She says she lied because she worried Mr. Harrington would strangle her next, the Judge orders the jury to disregard what she said but it doesn’t look good for Annalise and her client.

Emmett questions Mr. Harrington who swears that she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Annalise feels they should flip this on Doris. She does not want to put him on the stand; but she says putting him on the stand would be a disaster because if he talks to them the way he talks to her, they will hate him. Emmett won’t listen to Annalise, revealing they just need to keep their client happy. Oliver arrives and she tells him to find something juicy to save their asses.

Laurel is concerned that Christopher still isn’t smiling as she watches him from the daycare cam. They are surprised Annalise is allowing him to work on the psychopath case. Oliver says Annalise simply likes him better than the rest of them. While they are all studying, Frank breaks into Gabriel’s place and finds an ID with the name Mark Jackson with a huge wad of cash. He takes whatever Gabriel was using on the computer and leaves.

Asher talks to Miller about how Annalise is going to win the case; but Miller is more interested in while Winterbottom wouldn’t want him working there. Asher lets it slip that it is more of a personal thing, Miller comes to see Bonnie and confronts her, saying she should have told him that she had sex with him. She admits she isn’t perfect and neither is he; she orders him to get out or she could make a scene.

Annalise comes to see Nate, informing him that the trial date has been set for his dad and it is next month. Nate says he will tell his dad; before she leaves he is about to tell her about the baby, but she tells Nate that Theresa (Tamberla Perry) seems nice.

Annalise returns to the office to find Tegan talking to the Harringtons, according to Emmett Tegan agrees with his strategy. Annalise steps in saying strangulation is usually personal and shows how easily Niles gets agitated and cannot go before a jury. He offends both Tegan and Annalise, suggesting both single ladies should dress up and put on heels and find a man. Emmett tells him to shut up or he will fire his ass. Niles reminds him that he can’t afford to quit this case, especially after what he did in London; words that pique Annalise’s interest.

Tegan and Annalise laugh in the elevator about hating all their clients. Tegan reveals all she knows about London is Emmett had some sort of misconduct, but doesn’t know if it was sexual or not, but the less they know the better.

Michaela follows Tegan into her office, saying she admired and respected Tegan. Tegan gave up everything for this job, but now she is playing second fiddle for everyone and they are way past Michaela making anything right. Michaela says she is not giving up on them.

Asher refuses to help anyone at the clinic. Annalise takes the phone from Connor, suggesting they actually study. Gabriel tells Laurel to not be so hard on herself for being a single mom and maybe her child isn’t laughing yet is because she isn’t actually funny. Frank meets with Otis (Atkins Estimond) who is needs to 24 hours to do what Frank needs.

Meanwhile, Nate gets information on the nurse learning she has stage 4 breast cancer. Bonnie is at home drinking and rejecting calls from Ronald Miller, who is profusely apologizing. There is a knock at his door and Asher reveals there is something Annalise wants more than winning this case, showing him the Governor’s new order.

Annalise gets into Miller’s car, offering her a deal of voluntary manslaughter and he gets 10 years. He knows about the students needing to pass the exams. He knows the jury is on his side, but she is known for having a trick up her sleeve. Annalise smiles and says he is more interesting than she thought.

Annalise questions Bonnie whether she was the one that told Miller to set her up. Bonnie has no idea since they are fighting thanks to Asher blabbing about their previous relationship. Annalise advises her that she is more than what happened to her. She is a company man now and refuses to take the deal.

Laurel comes down in just a t-shirt, but rushes back embarrassed when the entire group is there studying after C&G kicked them out. Gabriel gets a call from Frank, but he hangs up saying he’s too busy; Frank hears Oliver in the background.

Oliver reveals to Annalise that Bethany was having an affair with Andrew, the only thing they got wrong was the Niles part. Back at C&G, Niles says Bethany killed Andrew when he said he was leaving the company and it would destroy everything he built. Annalise still doesn’t buy it. Niles says it was her belt, not his and even before he suggests it, he will kill them both for letting her go away for this.

The exam begins for each of Annalise’s students in the clinic, while Annalise works on Niles Harrington’s case with Emmett. They literally have nothing, unless they go with self-harm, except they have the belt. Annalise calls Doris Reid to the stand and wants her to try on the belt; DA Miller demands that if she has to try on the belt, so does Mr. Harrington. After conferring with Emmett, they agree to do it. The belt fits Doris perfectly, but can’t get around Niles’ waist at all.

When Connor is questioned, he gets angry, asking what this is really about when all his questions are about his supervisor rather than being about a lawyer. He simply wants to help people. He calms down and asks them to repeat the question.

Inside the courtroom, the jury has reached a verdict. Mr. Niles Harrington is found guilty, Asher gives Miller a thumbs up as Emmett and Annalise look at each other confused.

Nate questions the nurse about her medical diagnosis, revealing his wife only lived a couple months after she started those drugs. He suggests if she wants to clear her conscience, she should tell what happened. She says the man said he was the baby’s grandfather and the woman in the picture was the mother. She panicked after the birth and dropped him off, but wanted him back and didn’t want to get into trouble with the police so she was only trying to do the right thing. She looks at the photo and confirms the mother is Bonnie.

Niles feels it was the book, the jury hated him before they even heard what happened. Niles doesn’t care about money nor business. He can die knowing he gave himself to someone else. He hugs his wife before the bailiffs take him away.

Laurel brings Christopher to the office, where everyone reveals they all passed their exams. Oliver announces he was hired to work full time IT at C&G. Annalise reveals they did all pass the exams and Christopher laughs for the first time; Annalise corrects her, saying he laughs for her all the time.

Michaela catches Tegan’s eye as she walks away from the room. Annalise joins here where they laugh at how the jury voted guilty after that as the jury hated Niles more than they did. They see Emmett drinking and figure he can clean up his own mess. Tegan is dressed to go salsa dancing, inviting Annalise; but she declines. Emmett calls, promising to find new clients the following week.


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