The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Dollar Bill Releases Steffy and Bonds with Taylor?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Bill (Don Diamont) won’t suddenly accept that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) isn’t his destiny. However, his attention will be taken by her mother and his shooter, Taylor (Hunter Tylo).

Only in the soap world would an attempted murder not only be given a drink of water by the man she attempted to kill, twice, rather than a pair of handcuffs. Yes, Dollar Bill will shift his passion from daughter to mother.

Steffy has made it clear to Bill on countless occasions since they slept together at the Forrester guest house that she does not want him. Viewers know that she’s telling the truth because of the reaction shot that was seen on Steffy’s face when she awoke after Dollar Still co-mingled their assets.

The revelation that Taylor was Bill’s shooter was quite stunning and well done. B&B’s writing staff presented what appears to be the real reveal after initially having Liam (Scott Clifton) remember that he put a hole in his father’s back.

Whether Taylor’s admission proves true, or is a ruse is yet to be seen. Fool viewers once B&B, same on the you. Fool viewers twice, shame on you.

Bill’s understandable anger at Taylor was counterbalanced by his realization that Liam hadn’t wanted him dead. That dissension point is off the table, which gives this father-son combo an opportunity to reestablish their relationship over time.

In the meantime Bill needs a woman. Who better to pair him with then the pre-mirror reflection of the woman he truly loves?

Taylor has proven that she’s not afraid to stop Bill when he’s gone to far. By becoming romantically involved with Bill she would also keep him away from her daughter. Steam (or Leffy, if one prefers) would gain its greatest chance at reconciliation if Bill drops his fixation on Steffy as well.

The potential for Dollar Till (or Baylor if one prefers) is incredible. B&B could match one of its iconic legacy characters, Taylor, with the iconic villain Diamont forged after he ended his run as Brad Carlton on the parent show, The Young and the Restless in 2009.

It would be nice to see a bit of uplift after all the emotional upheaval in recent months, with whatever the final play out is to this seemingly solved mystery. Why not have Liam and Steffy reconcile and raise their daughter? Why not have Taylor and Bill become the next go-to couple in Los Angeles? Say yes to both B&B.

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