The Voice Finale Recap 12/18/18: Season 15 Episode 26 “Winner Chosen”

The Voice Finale Recap 12/18/18: Season 15 Episode 26 "Winner Chosen"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, December 19, 2018, season 15 episode 26 and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 15 episode 25, called, “Live Finale, Part 2,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The winner of Season 15 is announced.”

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The Final Four took a look back on what led them to his incredible season finale.

Chris Kroeze had been a big hit yesterday with the song “ Sweet Home Alabama”. It touched on his Country/ Southern Rock genre that he loves and was receiving great recognition for. He had enjoyed it, the audiences enjoyed it, and the coaches finally came to the conclusion that Chris was amazing with a guitar in his hands.

They called him one of the greatest guitarists that the show has ever seen and they weren’t wrong. Chris was a well-rounded artist. He also has an incredible voice and so nothing should take away from that, but this last performance was stood out for the judges and they mostly accredited that to his guitar skills. And so Chris, as well as a fanbase, had hoped that the audience remembers him fondly if they didn’t outright vote him in as the latest winner.

Chevel’s performance yesterday was just amazing. She was a Country girl all the way and she has a beautiful voice that was both unique and familiar all at once. Chevel was truly talented and the judges have always enjoyed watching her performances. Her biggest fan wasn’t even her own coach. It was Adam! Adam has always given Chevel positive feedback and him along with Kelly couldn’t wait to see what Chevel did next.

She was still a teenager and so she had plenty of time to figure out if she wants to finish school or if she wants to directly into the industry, only she knows that no matter what happens she has Kelly at her side and Kelly was to go to support her long after the show.

While all of the performances had been great, nothing stood out quite as much as Kirk Jay’s original song “Defenseless”. He was a Country Balladeer. Kirk could sing a ballad like no one else and he created such a huge fanbase that he even won over Jennifer. Jennifer wasn’t typically into country however she was a Kirk Jay fan and she teared up when she heard “Defenseless”. It was beautiful and it had won over all ages. It also received a rare standing ovation from all four judges. The judges never failed to love one of Kirk’s performances and its safe to say that Kirk has been in the lead for quite some time. There was a moment or two in the past when everyone assumed it would be Kennedy Holmes leading the way but then Kirk came into his own and everyone just came to love him.

Not to say that Kennedy was bad! She was still talented and her performance of her original song “Love Is Free” had gone off very well. Especially, as it was one of the few times where Kennedy got to have fun onstage and just let loose. She was a teenager as well and will have plenty of opportunities down the line though things are different from Kennedy because she was fourteen. She was still a baby in this industry and so maybe the voting audiences will take that in account or maybe they’ll say she’s too talented to be thrown back and she might end up winning this. If she does, it won’t be because of her original song. She sang it with her amazing voice and that’s why the song seemed good despite it being a bit repetitive.

Chris’s original song was a little more personal. It wasn’t quite the Country Rock that he was known for but he still got to play his guitar and by singing something just a tad slower than what normally goes for her got to showcase his pipes. His sang a beautiful song called “Human” and it had been a great song. It even had a choir come in and add to the ambiance. Chris’s second performance had probably been one of his top three and fans were already learning the lyrics to the song itself on YouTube. He had a great night yesterday and all he had to do was maintain that second night in a row with tonight’s final performances.

Chevel Shepherd sang the last of the original songs. Her song was named “Broken Hearts” and it had been sweet. It had shown an older side to Chevel and it had caused her coach to cry. Kelly was so proud of Chevel and she’s only grown stronger since her audition. Chevel has actually been shy at first. She was nervous and couldn’t help being in awe of everything but then that all changed. She gained some confidence over time and she went on to rock out onstage. Chevel learned how to relax and that’s what made each and every one of her performances stand out. She was like Kirk Jay in a sense. To hear her voice is to know its automatically Chevel! And she wasn’t the only one to start letting loose.

Kennedy Holmes’s second performance had been amazing. She sang “Confident” and funnily enough it was to this song that she didn’t worry about making the performance perfect. It quite honestly made up for her original song! Kennedy had been on fire and the judges later said that it felt like the final performance of the finale because no one could think something else could follow that. Only once Kennedy got started, she was on fire. She next performed with Kelly Rowland and sang “When Love Takes Over”. Kennedy shared the stage with a much-seasoned performer and surprisingly she was on par with one of the founding members of Destiny’s Child. It had been an amazing performance and it was going to be hard to top because it was just soooo good.

It was a night of legends and Kirk Jay got to sing with one as well. He sang with Rascal Flatts and together they performed “Back to Life”. Kirk had kept up with the lead singer and it got towards the end where Gary LeVox just looked at the other man in amazement. The two men had played so well off of each other that they couldn’t help being in sync and so the audience had truly been for a treat. They also got to see the guys hugging out when the performance was over because the two of them have truly become friends. So you would think that Kirk would be the one Blake couldn’t help kissing all the time but it turns out that particular honor went to Chris Kroeze. Chris seemed to the coach’s favorite and so, of course, Chris got to perform with a few of his heroes.

Chris  Kroeze performed with the Doobie Brothers, of all people. They sang “Long Train Running” and while Chris has already performed this song once before it didn’t quite mean as much as when he performed it with the Doobie Brothers. It had been awesome! Chris didn’t just keep up with them musically. He had jammed out with them and truly put those guitar skills to the test. This was the moment he truly became a rocker and who knows it also probably a lifelong dream he hadn’t been sure he could ever live out to just now.

In between the finalists’ performances, “The Voice” also celebrated the holidays with their new incoming coach John Legend. He performed “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and his performance kicked off holiday concert. Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson had a duet to “O Holy Night”. There was also Panic At Disco, Halsey, there were also quite a few returning contestants from this past season who got the chance to perform once again on the stage.

So Christmas was welcomed in with great cheer!

Blake even got to play Santa with his wonderful helper elf Kelly. They didn’t really have out presents that real kids would want but they did get to make a few of them laugh and that’s what important. And while Chevel may not have sung a song in honor of the holidays, she was also known for putting a smile on people’s faces as well.

Chevel performed with Dan and Shay. They performed the hit duo’s song “Speechless” and it had been a great performance. Chevel had worn this beautiful dress and had also added a softer tone to her voice. It wasn’t one that the audience had heard before and so again Chevel had impressed everyone. This time it was with her own brand of soulful country and so now Kirk wasn’t the only Country Balladeer.

But with the performances finally over, it was time to tally the votes!

Kennedy Holmes came in fourth.

Kirk Jay surprisingly came in third.

Chris Kroeze came in second.

And so the winner of Season 15 is Chevel Shepherd!

Congratulations to the Country Tinkerbell and her coach Kelly Clarkson!


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