Tycoon Jimmy Wales Backing Princess Beatrice In Business Matchmaking Role

Tycoon Jimmy Wales Backing Princess Beatrice In Business Matchmaking Role

Princess Beatrice is finally getting a little back up here. New reports say that business tycoon Jimmy Wales is mentoring Princess Beatrice in her new role as a business matchmaker. The Wikipedia founder is giving the royal princess all the advice that she needs while also helping her succeed in her role.

According to the UK’s Express.co.uk, Jimmy is looking to help Beatrice establish herself in the business world. One insider close to the situation told the site, “They have known each other for a while, Beatrice knows a lot of people. They are business associates.”

For Princess Beatrice, this is good news. That’s because for months people have been questioning the authenticity of her role as a business matchmaker. Up until this point, there was no clear evidence that backed claims made that Princess Beatrice was actually doing any work for Afiniti. Princess Beatrice has never been spotted or photographed with Afiniti’s team or doing any work for them for that matter.

Tycoon Jimmy Wales Backing Princess Beatrice In Business Matchmaking Role

If that weren’t enough, Princess Beatrice doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to her past jobs, either. In 2016 it was reported that Beatrice left her dream job in Manhattan to focus more on her royal duties and obligations in London. Even though she supposedly worked for an investment firm called Sandbridge Capital, no one could provide any details about Beatrice’s role with the company. Instead, insiders said that she was allegedly working as a consultant for Sandbridge. Still, no one could provide any concrete evidence that Beatrice had ties with the company.

So far Princess Beatrice herself has not made any comments about her matchmaking role or what her real job is for that matter. What royal critics do know is that both Princess Beatrice and her sister Princess Eugenie have been working hard to prove to the rest of the world that they want to be taken seriously as both members of the British royal family and strong, independent women. The only problem with that though is Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie continue to be seen partying more than they do work. Many critics have pointed out that they are more likely to be seen vacationing with their mother Sarah Ferguson then attending an actual royal engagement.

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