America’s Got Talent Recap 08/27/19: Season 14 Episode 15 “Quarter Finals 3”

America’s Got Talent Recap 08/27/19: Season 14 Episode 15 "Quarter Finals 3"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, August 27, 2019, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 14 episode 15 “Quarter Finals 3″, as per the NBC synopsis, “Performers take the stage live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood as judging is turned over to the American viewing audience.

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Only seven will survive the heat of the competition. The harsh truth is if they didn’t nail tonight, all their dreams might come crashing down around them. It would put many of these contestants right back where they started and so no one could fail tonight. They all had to be on their best. The first act to give that stage a run was the Detroit Youth Choir. These kids have faced adversary and they had needed something to remind them that do have futures. It was at this time that their choir director had given them a voice. He put together a choir of some of the most resilient kids in the United States and told them that they deserved to be heard.

Which was just what they needed!

Even their song selection tonight was about being resilient. They were proud of where they came from and the song was a good choice for them. The audience had loved it. They all gave these kids a standing ovation and they chanted DYC right up until the judges were ready to talk. No surprise, the judges had loved the performance as well and they said tonight’s performance was actually better than their audition. Not many musicians have received this praise. The others often took big risks as they expected bigger rewards and the judges were usually the guys that told them “no, you were crap”. And so it’s good that the kids didn’t have to be damaged like that.

The adults, however, deserve what they get.

Lukas met his best friend Falco when Falco peed on his leg. Luckily, Falco was a dog and together they came up with a dog act. This was when the dog performed inspiring feats onstage with his master. Sometimes these dogs would go off to do their own thing and so it was quickly proven that Falco was a dog that took direction. He did everything his master wanted him to do. He also showed great affection for Lukas and that more or less made the performance better than it was. Lukas was the one to disappoint. Simon said he felt a little flat. He did go on to praise the dog and that was more then what Howie did.

Howie skewered the act.

He thought that the dog wasn’t showing off new tricks. He said it was the same old thing as before and he was so insulting that two of his fellow judges had pressed the reject sign as he was talking. So, Howie must have seen something they didn’t. He was the only one that didn’t like it and even the audience booed him. The others were firmly of the opinion that anything can happen on AGT and so the audience was more forgiving this time around. The next act they saw was a magician. Dom Chambers used a jumbotron as well as audience participation to move his act along.

Dom’s act didn’t quite live up to its name until the very end.

The end was when he revealed his own predictions. He knew that everyone would pick out Tape Face on the jumbotron, he knew that Simon wouldn’t participate, and he magically made the real Tape Face appear on the screen. Dom was, therefore, a true magician. He left everyone wanting more and he also managed to throw Simon off his game. Simon was so shocked that he called tonight’s performance the best he’s seen. Dom’s performance was miles better than his previous ones. And it wasn’t revealed that he was a genius until the very end – so that was cool to watch.

Meanwhile, the next performance went back to music.

Benicio Bryant was just a kid. He suffered from nerves like anyone else and the only difference is that he didn’t know how talented he was until the others had validated it. They reassured him that “yes, he was talented”. He was one of the best voices on stage tonight and he again sang an original song for the crowd. This time it had more of a concert feel to it. The crowd liked it well enough and two of the judges had liked it, but the other two had remained seated. Simon said that he would have preferred the song if it had been stripped down and there wasn’t a light show in the background.

Howie was again alone when he said that he didn’t respond to the song. It wasn’t good for him and he wasn’t afraid to admit it.

Howie also wasn’t afraid to stand alone when he did like an act. He liked Gonzo, for one! Gonzo was a tambourine act and what it made funny was his expression as he was dancing around. His leotard also added to the act. It was purposely comical and this time Gonzo enlisted background dancers. They were all wearing his face on their T-shirts and they all looked like they were having fun with the tambourine. So, Howie loved it. He liked the less is more active and he left the rest of the judges to desperately seek out whatever kind thing they could up with.

Simon was the only one that was willing to tell like it is. The act wasn’t great and Gonzo couldn’t keep treading water forever. He wasn’t that funny!

Marcin Patrzalek was thankfully the next act. He helped clean palate and he did in such a fun way. He was a musician. No, he didn’t sing songs like typical musicians and so his skillset was in his guitar. He played the guitar like no one else. He again wowed the audience tonight with his collection of songs and he really was a great musician. Marcin created his compilation based on what he hears and sometimes it was a hit with the judges and sometimes it wasn’t. This time it wasn’t.

Simon just had to be a hater with this one.

Simon told Marcin that he didn’t care for the background. Marcin had tried something new to be exciting and creative though Simon didn’t see it that way. He thought Marcin looked better with an all-white background. He also suggested a different compilation because Simon hadn’t cared for this one tonight. He thought it was all over the place, he said it was all over the place, and he was booed for his hater mentality. Simon didn’t know everything. He would take criticisms too far and it was often left to the other judges to lighten the mood.

Hence Howie made a joke out of it and he asked Marcin if he was good with the tambourine.

The next act was another magical number. Eric Chien was born in Taiwan and raised in the United States. He was very much American and so it was hard on him when he had to participate in National Service back in Taiwan. He was a magician who loved his card tricks, unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to take cards and so that just left him even more despondent. He didn’t know who he was over there and so magic became an outlet for him. He took his card tricks and he raised the bar to a full-fledged act.

Eric was also crazy good.

He was one of the best. He used a much smaller platform than other magicians this year and he pulled off some amazing feats. There was just one problem with the act itself, it was a little too slow and it came off as boring to some of the judges. Simon didn’t like it and he told Eric that Dom had been better. Dom had taken Simon’s advice. He moved off of close-up and went bigger with a jumbotron as well as audience participation. Eric, on the other hand, had tried doing what he always does and that’s why tonight just felt like the same old thing for Simon. And so going forward, Eric promised to make it bigger for Simon.

A different act had tried going smaller.

Berywam was a group of beatboxers that have come together to make music and so again there was a different type of musician or in this case musicians. They created music with just their own voices, which was great and was also a bit of risk. They went with an intimate performance and got lucky when the scaled-down performance worked for them. Their voices were highlighted more. They also got to shine in their own way. Berrywam was an interesting group and the judges had loved them even this new style they were developing.

Some people shouldn’t have mix things up and didn’t like.

Matthew Richardson had an act that was called boring. He was a performer in that he dances onstage with a large hoop and so the judges were looking for something different. They had voted him out last time. They never thought they would see him again after that and so they were surprised when America used their Wild Card on him. He came back and all he did was add water. He danced in the rain and the judges had been split over it. The ladies found the dance sexy and the guys said it was the same old thing.

The judges wanted the performers to raise the bar.

They didn’t want the same old thing and unfortunately, Matthew wasn’t the only one to disappoint. MacKenzie was a disappointment as well. He has a beautiful voice and the judges wanted this singer to be good enough for Vegas, but he fell a little lackluster and so the judges were worried about him. They liked MacKenzie. They didn’t want him to go home because of this one performance. They wanted America to come out for him and vote to keep him in the competition because the judges knew he could do better.

The judges were like that sometimes.

They could be incredibly forgiving. Sometimes it was deserved and sometimes the performers just did what they were supposed to do. Take Jackie Fabulous. She was a funny comedienne and her humor was usually about her love life. She wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself. Jackie talked about dating black guys and how she was sometimes their “re-acclimation” black girl after they’ve been dating a white woman for a while. She even mocked how hard it was to find a white boyfriend despite listening to Coldplay and watching Seinfeld.

Jackie made her dating life the highlight of the night.

Simply put, she was a star. The judges thought so and the audience thought so. The judges even said that her nickname had looked great in lights and so she was already on her way to making a name for herself. It also didn’t hurt that she pulled a smile from Simon. He likes this frank and naughty act. It must have reminded him of home.

Now, the last performance of the night had been another musician.

Emanne Beasha is an opera singer. She was a kid at only ten years of age and so she always took everyone by surprise when she hit those high notes. She was an amazing singer. There were also not enough words to describe how accomplished she is. Emanne created millions of opera fans with her voice and that alone made her a credit to her field.