Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: CBBUS2 Cast War Over Money – Pay Differences Spark Rebellion

Celebrity Big Brother US Season 2 (CBBUS2) is almost here and it looks like it will be a great season. The newest scoop on social media is the cast is now sparring over the pay, specifically two of the cast members were paid a lot more than the rest of the cast.

This is not the first year this has been an issue on CBBUS. Last year, Omarosa Manigault was allegedly paid almost double what the rest of the cast was paid. It sparked tension in the house.

A new report on Twitter reveals that the same issue will be a problem this year. Two cast members, probably Sean Spicer and Caitlyn Jenner, could be paid much more than the rest of the cast.

According to Inside the BB House, Dina Lohan reportedly will be paid $100K for her stipend to appear on CBBUS2. She was offered extra bonuses for surviving key evictions. Apparently, it could push her stipend to over $200,000. If the highest paid celebrity is going to make “double that” – then they could be taking home over $400,000.

Tanya Harding would not need a high dollar amount to play the game. She has done many reality TV shows and doesn’t ask for an insane amount of money. Most feel that she is just happy to get attention from television and the media since it has been decades since her clash with Nancy Kerrigan.

There are many CBBUS2 fans that think that all the cast should make the same. As someone pointed out, as celebrities, they should have someone that negotiates better contract terms with CBS and they shouldn’t accept the first offer that comes up – a union representing celebs?

Of course human nature being what it is, celebs (and most people) will resent and rebel when they learn someone else got more. Since Celebrity Big Brother is a for-profit private enterprise they should offer and pay what they want to – the more important CBBUS thinks a guest is for drawing viewers and creating controversy, the more they will pay them… it’s how all business everywhere works. You earn based on your value to the business – Econ 101.

If the cast is, Stephen Baldwin, Former figure skater Tonya Harding, Actor Bobby Moynihan, actor Carson Kressley, Politician Sean Spicer, actor Jonathan Bennett, reality tv stars, Dina Lohan and Tiffany Pollard, singer Aubrey O’Day, and athlete Caitlyn Jenner, who do you think would earn a larger stipend?

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