Chicago Fire Recap 04/03/19: Season 7 Episode 18 “No Such Thing as Bad Luck”

Chicago Fire Recap 04/03/19: Season 7 Episode 18 "No Such Thing as Bad Luck"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, April 3, 2019, season 7 episode 18 called, “No Such Thing as Bad Luck” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire as per the NBC synopsis, “Severide gets angry at Cruz when he feels his orders were disobeyed in the field. Boden reconnects with an old high school friend during a call to a house fire. Herrmann has issues when one of his favorite knick-knacks from Molly’s goes missing.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 7 episode 18 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins with Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) enjoying the peace that takes over Molly’s when Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) goes home. A drunk patron tries to get another beer from Stella, making Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) observe and then step in when he gets aggressive with Stella; ordering him to take a step back. He offers to pay $100 for the beer mug with Saint Bernard painted on it; Stella gives it to him for free as Otis says goodbye to Gulliver. Severide says goodnight to Stella as Otis comments how Kelly stays until closing whenever she is working.

Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) pours Herrmann coffee, as they talk about their children and the tantrums they are pulling. He believes their son’s behavior is coming between him and Donna; Herrmann says he has to stand up as a father to ensure their son has a good fear of him. Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) learns that Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) was coming by the firehouse to talk about the lockbox key case. Boden lets it slip that he is getting a special award, but insists he acts surprised when Halstead arrives. He can’t keep it a secret, revealing that CPD is giving him an award to Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer). She promises to keep it under her hat until it is official as everyone is called out to a house fire.

Severide, Boden and Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) see their victim trapped inside the bathroom, but the window is too small to get through and the fire is spreading fast through the walls. They have to cut through the front door bars, but Cruz has a better idea and wedges of the bars from the bathroom window as Severide calls for a ladder retrieving the victim. He gets into the house and discovers the bathroom doorknob had fallen off and breaks the door open to save her. Casey puts out the fire in the kitchen. Boden recognizes the lady as Jasmine Lacey, revealing they go all the way back to the senior year where he broke her heart. She feels like a fool who got herself locked in the bathroom, with breakfast on the stove and Wallace Boden of all people to save her. He helps her into the ambulance, admitting it was good to see her.

Joe brags about the Slamigan as Capp (Randy Flagler) says he is their hero; Severide asks to speak to Cruz privately. He confronts him about his hearing, ignoring the order to show off to everyone. Kelly says he was lucky those bolts were short enough to break and suggests he thinks about how lucky he got instead of shaking his ass.

Stella suggests to Otis that they have someone else drive the truck but he says it will only happen when he dies. Herrmann tells them he noticed that his antique stein is missing, the one with the St. Bernard and believes someone stole it. Stella is about to tell him, but Herrmann goes on about how it was the first piece he bought for Molly’s and that is their good luck piece – the only thing keeping them open. Stella changes her story saying the stein has been a real blessing for the bar and hopes he finds it.

Stella tells Severide about the situation, offering a second set of eyes to help her. She declines his invitation, watching him walk away. Casey calls over Severide to discuss Boden’s friend’s house and how the fire is suspicious because it looks like the place got tossed. Severide admits that it did look like someone broke the doorknob on purpose from the outside; forcing Matt to tell Boden that he believes Jasmine is lying and someone locked her into the bathroom intentionally.

Boden leaves a message for Jasmine but is sure she is just going through a lot as Casey wonders if she is hiding anything. He has never known Jasmine to lie, but he hasn’t seen her in a very long time as she saved him from a lot of grief back in the day and if she is in trouble, he needs to help her; hoping it is nothing.

Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) talks to Sylvie about line dancing, as the new girl she likes is into it. Sylvie asks Stella to join her as she teaches Foster how to line dance. As they dance, Stella questions them about Severide hanging around a lot more, only thinking they are buddies now; both of them agree with her as Emily questions her if she is “cool” with it, but she does. Stella stops dancing, asking what she is doing and goes to get some coffee.

Jay comes to see Joe, revealing it was Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) was the one who nominated him. Joe doesn’t act surprised as Jay says the ceremony is on Saturday and he should bring a guest. He is more concerned about getting back to the table and axes then accepting the award, saying it was only about overdue parking tickets.

Jasmine comes to see Boden, who immediately voices the concerns of his firefighters. She denies everything, saying she is redoing the place and making a terrible mess but promises there is no cause for concern. She reveals she has a teenage son, who is the same age as they were when they were together; letting it slip that even if she is fighting with her ex over this, her life is good. He reveals he is married to Donna and they have a 4 yr old son, believing her and Donna would make fast friends. She excuses herself when the phone begins to ring suggesting they go for dinner some time if it didn’t rattle the cage. She kisses him on the cheek.

Cindy calls Herrmann, who tells her to open a letter from the IRS, saying Molly’s is getting audited and that St. Bernard mug was the only thing saving them. Otis says, “there is no such thing as bad luck” as Stella feels Herrmann doesn’t know that. The crews are called out for another dire emergency where they find a man stuck halfway down a sewer grate, saying it just collapsed under him.

Severide tells the man to stand still as he is bleeding a lot; Sylvie and Emily feel they need to get in there quick. Severide orders Cruz to get two ladders and rope; they are able to stabilize him as Joe places down the ladders with the levee around them. Joe is determined to please Severide, questioning everything he is doing now. Severide counts to 3 and they place the ladders over their patient; using a grinder they cut the bars, lifting the man out with a piece of the grate inside his abdomen. Cruz helps to lift him into the ambulance but drops the ladders, not feeling like a hero at all.

Boden returns home, learning that Terrence is sleeping as he didn’t have a nap at school. Donna explains what he did at school as Boden feels they need to sit Terrence down and learn respect for adults; suggesting he save the lecture for high school as that is when they really need to hear he is in charge. Wallace tells Donna about running into Jasmine Lacey and how she had a stove fire in her house. Donna questions whether it was a friend or girlfriend; he says both, revealing what Casey and Severide told him. Donna doesn’t like the sound of Jasmine’s situation and suggests he check on her again, just so she knows she has someone in her corner.

Herrmann draws a picture of the antique stein, both Otis and Stella think they can go through the credit receipts to see if they can find the guy that way, without Herrmann finding out. Brett buys rounds for her and Cruz, in celebration of his award, but he wants it to remain quiet as she feels he should be proud of what he did and no one in Firehouse 51 would make him feel bad for that. He didn’t tell Chloe as she is out of town, but Sylvie feels it is a very big deal.

Severide walks into the bar as Emily spots him. She wants to know what he is up to when he glances over at Stella. He admits he cannot get her off his mind and the truth is, they were good together and he misses her. She reminds him they broke up for a reason and he put her through the wringer this last time and if he can’t be worthy of her, he needs to back up and let her move on.

Boden rings the bell at Jasmine’s house, he says he is there to check on her but she insists she is fine but keeps glancing behind the door. She suggests he leaves as he feels if she is in danger she can tell him; she closes the door, telling him to go home. He stands concerned on the porch.

Stella finds the guy who she gave the mug too. He calls it Gulliver, saying he gave the mug to his dad, who loved their dog and he is very sick. Stella learns he simply has a cold and tells Ted she really needs the mug back as Molly’s existence hangs in the balance. He says he will give it back for $100.00 She tells him to get it from his dad and bring it to Firehouse by the end of the day and she will give him the money.

Boden confirms to both Severide and Casey that Jasmine was definitely scared. He knows you can’t force someone to accept your help, but he doesn’t think sitting back and waiting is not an option. Stella says “good morning” to the Chief as Severide and Matt exchange looks. She hides the stein in her jacket and sneaks off to show Otis that she got it back. She says she is going to slip it back without any knowledge of how it got there. Stella and Otis asks Herrmann to check the pressure on the tires of their truck hiding the mug on the couch; which Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) sits on and breaks.

Boden takes a call from Jasmine, insisting he will be right there. He rushes over, calling out Jasmine’s name but after hearing things crash in the kitchen he rushes in as she is being beaten. He pulls a gun on Boden, demanding to know who he is. Boden encourages him to put his gun down as his mother was his best friend in high school. He feels the boy needs help and will get through what he is getting through.

Boden is able to apprehend him and disarm him. He takes his hands off him, saying he meant what he said, as everyone needs help through high school as he wouldn’t be okay without his mom. He tells him he needs to change as he is all strung out. Jasmine holds her son’s head, saying Wallace cannot call the police. He says it is either going to be CPD or a rehab facility. He pleads with his mom, saying he will get right by himself but Wallace shakes his head. Jasmine nods her head, agreeing with Boden taking him to a rehab facility in the Southside.

Casey feels the kid is lucky as hell with the unconditional love after he nearly burnt her in her own house and still loves him. Casey was going to Molly’s confronting Severide on having big plans or avoiding Kidd? He says a bit of both. Meanwhile, at Molly’s Herrmann walks in and says he doesn’t care as the IRS letter was meant for the vegan deli down the block and the new drink they put on the line has a great review and apparently losing that mug is the best thing that ever happened to this place. Otis sweeps it into the garbage as Emily asks for the new drink. Stella talks to her about being wrong about Severide; wishing it didn’t happen like this and asks if she wants to get out of there early and “paint the town” all sorts of colors; she agrees.

Joe Cruz stands to accept his award, learning the Lt. Kelly Severide is there to pin the award on him. Sylvie smiles as Kelly tells Joe he wouldn’t miss this as he presents a speech, calling him toughest and loyal but setting him apart is his need to always do the right thing; admitting he too could learn a thing or two from Joe Cruz. He pins the medal on his chest and they salute each other, shake hands and then hug. It is a great moment for Cruz with Sylvie cheering them on.

Wallace returns home and spots Donna and Terrence in the living room. He presents Donna with dinner he made for her. It is all firetrucks but the little man is quickly distracted when he sees his dad. Boden tells him he missed him as Donna looks on lovingly. Wallace has hurt on his face, but he seems to be okay.


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