S.W.A.T. Recap 02/14/19: Season 2 Episode 15 “Fallen”

S.W.A.T. Recap 02/14/19: Season 2 Episode 15 "Fallen"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, February 14, 2019, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 15 called “Fallen” as per the CBS synopsis, “The team pursues a group of unknown assailants responsible for a patrol officer’s death before tension in the city between the police and the community explodes.

Also, as Chris reels from the revelation that she knew the patrol officer who was killed, Deacon and his wife, Annie, prepare to welcome their newest child.

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SWAT begins tonight with a squad car parked outside a basketball court, watching kids playing bball, when 3 men walk up to the cruiser and open fire. Meanwhile, Tan (David Lim), Chris (Lina Esco), Deacon (Jay Harrington) and Luca (Kenny Johnson) are at the firing range, training. Jimmy (Alex Russell) and Hondo (Shemar Moore) watch as Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr) instructs them to holster their weapons and the drill is complete.

Deacon informs the team that Annie needs to be induced, he is only working a half day as she is having the baby tonight. Luca says he got roped into being Jimmy’s wingman at a singles’ bar for Valentine’s Day. Chris is going out with Ty and Kira, wanting to meet her goddaughter later. Tan reminds Chris that it is Vday, not anything that entails expensive gifts. Tan is taking out Bonnie out as Hondo says he has something planned but he is keeping it on the down low. He and Jimmy are about to start their drill when Hondo gets a call about an officer being shot. SWAT races off, finding out their guy got shot in the cruiser, but they don’t have his name until family has been notified.

SWAT rolls up the park where Dt. Burrow (David Rees Snell) brings them up to speed on the case, saying witnesses were either too far or scared to reveal anything. Chris finds out she worked with the officer before, as LAPD take her and Tan with them. Hondo believes the shooters were casing the cop, knowing his routine. Jimmy feels the people who are long gone and no one is talking, but Hondo says he knows someone who will. He finds out Lil Maurice died, but he demands Big Trae (Derrick L. McMillon) tell him who the shooters were. Trae says no one wants the police around and after this things are going to be bad between the crew and the LAPD again. Hondo advises him to keep his head down, but Trae says the only game he is running is getting his nephew into college.

Jessica (Stephanie Sigman) updates Hondo, saying there is no sign of the shooters and Officer Swartz died in hospital. She is bringing in Mumford (Peter Onorati) and another team in, which Hondo isn’t pleased about. After Jessica walks away, a woman in one of the houses tells Hondo, “Officer, be careful!”

Chris stops Jessica, telling her Captain that she is going to go pay respects to the officer’s family explaining how she worked with Swartz; saying he was a go-getter and never imagined he would go back from being a detective to patrol. Hondo tells the team the gang leader is Martinez (Joseph Raymond Lucero) as Burrows believes he graduated from running drugs to being a cop killer. He reveals that Swartz was the arresting officer for Martinez a few weeks ago. Hondo reminds him this extraction is going to be tough from the projects, as it isn’t a joke. Burrows says he is not impulsive and rarely leaves the block. The projects are built in a former WWII barracks, and they can’t do traditional extraction. They need time to prepare, but Hondo feels they should come from above, using non-lethal weapons for crowd control. Jessica tells them to go get him.

The helicopters are brought in and SWAT takes ropes onto a rooftop, dropping the gear. The chopper is able to leave while the team breaks into the house that Martinez is supposed to be living in. They tell him they have confirmation on the package and are ready to bring him out. Jimmy informs Hondo they have a situation as gang members block the road; inside he is trying to figure out what to do with the girlfriend and kid. Everyone knows they are there and Deacon figures out who is the lookout. Hondo tells them to leave the woman and kid as they are only there for Martinez. He wants them to contain the lookout so they can walk out Martinez. Hondo encourages the woman to work on her taste of men.

Jessica gives the team directions on where to go. Chris and Deacon tell the people in the stairwell to go as they are the police. Several gang members come out with Deacon having his gun pointing at them, telling them to halt. Chris tells Deacon to fall back. Hondo uses a flashbang, calling for help from Chris and Deacon. Shots are fired with Hondo asking them to get a visual on the shooter, saying there are kids in the crowd. There is a fire in the garbage bin, and cars overturned and the chopper calls them saying there is no way to get to them; they are surrounded by the gang and angry mob. Hondo gives them a new spot, saying he will meet them with the package.

Deacon and Luca fire non-lethal bullets into the crowd, but they throw firebombs at them. Hondo breeches a wall, with the hostiles following closely. They re able to throw Martinez into the SWAT tank and Hondo tells everyone to fall back, shouting the package is secure and they are heading back to the base, with several dozen cruisers behind them.

Luca says this moment makes them think about what is really important and they tend to forget what is truly important. He tells Jimmy it has been over a month since he spent quality time with his pops. Jimmy suggests inviting him to the house, but he isn’t talking to his mother. Tan’s girlfriend is excited for him to be going home, but Luca is surprised that Tan is not proposing to her tonight; something she was expecting. Luca tells him giving her a teddy bear is going to destroy everything, but he has a couch with his name on.

Burrows informs Martinez that his taped confession will be enough for the jury to convict him of the murder of a police officer. Martinez says he was home during the murder with a friend from school. Burrows wants to know who his accomplices are, but Martinez says if he wanted to kill a cop, he wouldn’t need help. Being pissed at cops is not a crime, but he was simply acting hard for his honey. Burrows doesn’t believe that is true and his alibi is weak.

Several men arrive outside a precinct and shoot another officer, who is able to shoot one of them in the leg before he dies. Jessica gets a call that another cop just got shot.

Hondo’s SWAT team rushes off, confirming it is the same group of shooters. There are no innocents where the shooter is held up. He reveals the cop is from the Hollywood division and they all have friends there. He has been taken to the hospital, but they all know the shooters are not going to stop with just two cops.

They enter the Assault Rifle Technology (ART) building, there is no way to stop the alarm as Chris goes with Luca, finding nothing. Deacon and Tan rush into the bathroom, which is clear but it is obvious he has been there; with blood and alcohol everywhere. He begins shooting at them with an automatic weapon, Hondo and Jimmy give chase, but he has barricaded the door. Hondo uses a device to break open the door. Hondo calls back to command, saying the suspect made it down to the back alley, he is caught between two cruisers, ordered to drop his gun, but when he raises it, he is shot point blank and killed instantly. Hondo is upset because now they have no lead on the other two shooters.

Deacon calls Annie, who is in the hospital; when he reveals they haven’t found the guy yet and she insists the team needs him more than she does. He promises to be there soon. Jessica shows everything to Burrows about what has been done. Chris knew the other officer as Mark Walters, revealing Walters and Swartz were on the same squad, making a lot of arrests. She reveals she was dating one of the team members at the time when they took down this huge dealer and suddenly her boyfriend had huge amounts of cash. She got a bad vibe from it and left the unit. She had no proof and the commander would have made it hard for her to move forward. Jessica feels she did the right thing, but Chris thinks if she came forward she could have stopped this. The other two members of the Street Crime Unit are David Wong and Clark Thompson she has been unable to reach them, worried one of them is next. Jessica orders her to scoop them up.

SWAT arrives at David Won’s house, who is busy packing. He cautiously opens the door, relieved it is SWAT. He invites Deacon in, who lets command know that Wong is secure. The secondary team rolls up on Thompson’s place where immediately Chris notices the door, but after searching the premises Clark is gone and the house looks broken into. His phone is left behind when Jimmy points out a photo of Clark’s family shattered.

Jessica and Hondo confront Wong wanting to know if he is aware of what is going on. He admits to trying to get a hold of Clark, but couldn’t get him. Chris explains how things with Thompson wasn’t always above board and all those busts might not have been good ones. Hondo wants to know if he made some arrests that jammed up a few people who didn’t deserve it. Wong defends him as Jessica thinks their arrest record is too impressive. He says if he knew someone was trying to kill him, he would have come to them. Burrows walks in, saying they might have an ID on one of the killers.

Downstairs, they discover one of the guns was purchased at a pawnshop by Hector Ledesma. Hondo wants a perimeter set up on the address before the breach. SWAT enters the house, using a camera, Luca shouts out that they are SWAT and he needs to come out with his hands up. They find Hector’s father on the ground, saying Officer Clark Thompson did this to him and left him for dead. He says Hector is not the son they are looking for.

His son Javi died in prison during a riot last week, he was a good kid and they framed him. He says it wasn’t just his son, but a ton of kids from the neighborhood and none of them deserved to go to jail. He swears he couldn’t have stopped his son and Luca has no idea what it is like to lose a child. He has no idea where his son is, but Thompson made him call Hector, in order to track his signal. He scoffs at Luca who thinks he should have turned to the police.

Jessica discovers that Wong left out for a smoke, as the officer says she didn’t know she was supposed to keep an eye on him; Jessica says she wasn’t. Wong meets with Clark who has the guys who were trying to kill them. He wants to take them back to his office, make it look like they were coming for him otherwise everything is going to come out.

The teams reevaluate their case; they have been to both the Officers’ houses, but remember the shooters would go looking for them while they are on their beat. Chris says Clark has a PI firm he is probably using to launder the money, it is 6 blocks away from the last ping on Wong’s phone. Jessica tells them to check it out, Hondo says they are going “stealth.”

Clark calls in a break out to his office, as dispatch is confused saying SWAT and officers are already there. He doesn’t understand as he hadn’t called it in yet. Hondo and SWAT barges in, saying he called it in and orders them to drop their guns right now. Clark says him and Wong took these guys down, but Chris tells him it was a nice try. She reveals that she knows he jammed up innocent people, but he doesn’t want her defending these low-lifes. Wong feels they are on the same side, but Chris informs Clark that Hector’s brother died in the pen because of him. Chris says she knew him deep down and she should have done something about it 6 years earlier. Hondo has them arrested for murder.

The media is having a field day over the officers being arrested. Chris doesn’t like the smirk Clark gives her. When Jimmy checks on her, she insists she is okay, although it is hard enough having this job without the bad apples. Jimmy reminds him there are a lot more good cops than bad. She reveals her past with Clark, saying she also turned a blind eye to him when she was dating him. Street thinks she is being too tough on herself as she says he is the reason she doesn’t date cops.

Deacon is walking in the hospital when he sees nurses run into her room. He learns she has a placenta abruption and they are prepping her for a c-section. She didn’t want to worry him but insists she will be okay. He worries about the baby. Tan finds Bonnie who only wanted to see if he was okay after the bad day. He says the teddy bear is for her, but questions if she is expecting more than that. She says that Jimmy and Luca were digging on them all night. She is happy he isn’t like a lot of people, who propose on Valentine’s Day. They joke about being together and glad this is all settled. She reveals she was terrified he was going to propose to her. Tan’s phone goes off, learning that Annie is having problems and Hondo is having the team gather at the hospital. He gives her the teddy bear, saying he totally wants to end up with her.

Everyone sits in the waiting room, Hondo believes Annie is tough and will pull through. Tan taunts Luca and Jimmy about the proposal. Deacon walks out, wiping his eyes, he reveals her name is Victoria Josie Kay and she is healthy, same with Annie. Everyone celebrates.


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