Sister Wives Recap 03/24/19: Season 10 Episode 9 “Kody’s Secret Plan”

Sister Wives Recap 03/24/19: Season 10 Episode 9 "Kody's Secret Plan"

TLC’s reality show about a polygamist family Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, March 24, 2019, season 10 episode 9 called “Kody’s Secret Plan” and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. On tonight’s Sister Wives season 10 episode 9 as per the TLC synopsis, “The Sister Wives announce to the kids that they’ve bought land in Flagstaff and they plan to move there within a month. Aspyn asks what type of void they are trying to fill by moving.  And Kody secretly has plans drawn up for one giant polygamist house.

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Now back to the move! The Brown family was moving to Flagstaff, Arizona and Kody wanted to get everything now rather than later. He revealed to his wives tonight that he overextended himself with the mortgage they took out to pay for their properties in Arizona and so coupled with the mortgages in Las Vegas means they’ve almost doubled their expenses. They were going to run out of money in the next few weeks and so Kody needed them to quickly abandon the homes they have now in order to pay their bills. He talked to his family about moving in the next few weeks and that would have been impossible for his wives. The three of them had their move-in properties ready for them and so what was holding them back was moving their large families.

The kids wanted to stay behind in Las Vegas as long as possible. They didn’t want to leave their friends and so they wanted to drag their feet. Everyone, even the youngest of the kids, didn’t want to move. It was a decision forced upon on them by their parents and so now the parents are dealing with the fallout. They were dealing with kids that roll their eyes, are constantly on the phone, and who are showing their anger the only way they knew how. It was why the mothers didn’t want to rush them through the same couldn’t be said for Kody. Kody wanted to push them into moving and so he did what he knew would grate on his wives. They were in for a surprise because it turns out Kody had asked an architect to draw up plans for the whole family to live in one large house.

The family had this back in Utah. They shared one giant house that had different almost apartments attached and it worked back then because the family was different. This was before Robyn came into the family with her three kids much or before she added two more and this was before the family began questioning Meri’s devotion to them. Plus, they had this years ago and since then they’ve been living in their houses. They’ve gotten used to that independence and they didn’t necessarily want to give up on what they each have in their own lives. It didn’t mean they stopped caring about each other. It’s just that they like how their role as a sister wife has progressed since they first married Kody. And so the only one that wanted to go back to what they had before was the man himself.

Kody said that there were plenty of benefits to living together. They would cut down on their bills like the mortgages they each have and also sharing a roof would help them to feel like the one family they truly were, but only Kody saw it that way and that’s why he didn’t tell anyone about his secret meeting. He told everyone that he was leaving and he refused to say where he was going or if he was meeting up with anybody. It was this huge open secret and it annoyed his wives. Christine for one had tried to guilt him into revealing the truth and she used her mortgage papers to do it. She had to file as a single woman despite being married and it hurt her whenever people dismissed her marriage to Kody. What she and Kody have is a spiritual marriage and there was just one wife that had a legal marriage.

Robyn was the one with the marriage certificate. She legally married Kody so that he could adopt her three children from a previous marriage and so now she was the sole wife that could file that way meanwhile Meri who used to be the legal wife now has to file as a divorced woman. Meri hates using the word divorce because she was raised to believe that implied failure and so all the wives hated filling out any such paperwork because of how unique their situation is. Christine merely brought up her own situation to get Kody to comfort her and he instead went on about how all his wives complain about the same thing. He said he hears the conversation a good four times and he couldn’t take any more. He didn’t let Christine use that to get the secret out of him and so she ended up trying to annoy it out of him. And it still didn’t work.

Kody didn’t want his meeting with the architect to get out of before he was ready. He was very thorough with wanting genuine plans on the rare chance that his wives might even like his suggestion and so he considered each wife in the plans. Kody went over how much sq feet they would all need and he determines that Meri probably needed the least amount of space because her only child would just be visiting while someone Robyn needed over three thousand feet because she had all five kids living at home with her. Also, Robyn’s parents come to visit a lot and so there will be room for them as well as an adult room that the kids can move into as their going to university. Kody also asked that the wives have none of their bedrooms close together because they were certain rules about plural marriage that said he has to make each wife feel unique and special.

Kody didn’t want to reveal his plans too soon so he kept them as a secret as the family prepared to move. The family had planted some trees, threw together one last gathering, and they spoke about their five-year goals. These were goals that the wives wrote before moving in their current homes and it revealed a lot. Most of them wrote about what they wanted for their children and Meri wrote about what she wanted between her and the others. She wrote that she wanted to improve her relationship with Janelle and she did. She wrote nice things about Christine and Robyn that she said happened, but she also said she wanted to improve the relationship she had with Kody and so that showed that there were problems from before the catfish thing. They were struggling for a while and when nothing seemed to work that’s when Meri turned to her computer.

Of course, Kody didn’t say anything when he heard everyone’s goals and so him not uttering a word about Meri’s was perhaps for the best. The family got to enjoy their last big gathering and the parents later had heartfelt one on ones for anyone still upset. Christine spoke to Aspyn about the move because Aspyn didn’t see what the big rush was and had wanted her mother to stay near her over her mom moving further away. Most of their families was two hours away and that was changing from two to eight. Flagstaff was far removed from everyone they cared about that it just didn’t make sense to Aspyn. Aspyn like her other siblings had planned on moving back to Utah once she was finished with school and so she always knew that her time with the rest of them was going to be short, but didn’t understand why the move had to happen now.

Christine to explain how it was partially about money, but again it didn’t make much sense to Aspyn because she could see that this push to move was coming from her father and she wants to know when he was going to put down roots. He’s moved the family a good twenty times and it no place was ever enough. What was going to happen in a couple of years if Kody said he was thinking about moving again? Aspyn wanted her parents to plan ahead and carefully consider the children that do what to put down their roots. The kids cant keep making friends and then getting pulled away. It was almost cruel and Aspyn said she couldn’t help see herself as a teenager reacting to this move. She questioned everything about it and she got her mom to admit that no one was sure Flagstaff was her last move.

And so Kody wisely held off on showing his wives his plans, but he’s going to show them real soon what all the secrets were about.


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