The Bachelorette Recap 07/15/19: Season 15 Episode 9 “Fantasy Suites”

The Bachelorette Recap 07/15/19: Season 15 Episode 9 "Fantasy Suites"

The Bachelorette airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, July 15, 2019, episode and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 15 episode 9 called, “Fantasy Suites,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Hannah is still looking for the clarity she was seeking with the men during the hometown dates. She starts her journey with Peter aboard a luxury yacht.

Later, a decadent day at the spa amplifies the physical attraction between Hannah and Tyler C., but she is hesitant to go to the fantasy suite with him, wanting to build their emotional relationship instead. Jed, meanwhile, is determined to focus on his connection with Hannah rather than his antipathy toward his bitter rival, Luke P.

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2019 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live two-hour The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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Its Fantasy Suite night, Greece is a dream place to fall in love. It has been a long time since Hannah has been physical with a man. Out of the four guys left, she and Peter had a slower start but there definitely is a connection. Her first date is with Peter, they head on a sailboat. Peter tells Hannah he doesn’t know if he prefers kissing her more on a plane or a boat. The two cuddle on the boat and talk, he tells her that he likes her lot and she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Hannah thinks Peter is the whole package of who he dreamed to be with, although she does think that he is a holding back a bit.

Time for dinner, the two change and meet up. Hannah looks really pretty in short pink shimmer dress. Peter knows it is down to the wire and he has to let her know how he feels. They sit on a couch and share a drink, he tells her that he has truly enjoyed every moment with her. Peter goes on to say that the whole journey has been a dream for him and every step they get stronger and stronger. In fact, he says going back to hometowns the reaction from his family was great, they loved her.

Then, he tells her that when they were flying, it was a whole new experience that he never had before. Today he admits that he was really nervous, she says she understands because it is hard but magical at the same time. Lastly, he tells her that he is in love with her and it is the greatest feeling ever. Hannah’s hearts just melted when he said he loved her. Hannah shows Peter a note card, it reads, “Hannah and Peter, welcome to the beautiful island of Crete, should you wish to forgo your individual suites, please use this key to enjoy the fantasy suite.” Both are all in. Peter feels like the happiest person in the world. They are legitimately in a private windmill when they crawl up the stairs, there is a bed, condoms and lots of lighted candles.

The next morning, Peter says that the night before was the best night of his life. He tells Hannah he can definitely get used to waking up next to her and he is glad they took their relationship to the next level. He says he will be patient, but he doesn’t want to say bye to her.

Next, Hannah has her date with Tyler; he says he can wait to get down on one knee and be her man. Hannah tells him that they are going to a spa relaxation area. Hannah is laying down on the table, naked from the waist up and Tyler takes over and massages her. When Hannah is with Tyler, she is with him and it is hot and steamy, she wants to be physical with him. But, she feels nervous and scared about just how far their physical connection can go when their emotions need to catch up sometimes. If Tyler is her forever then she needs to make sure that they have a connection other than physical. Time for dinner, the two sit down and Hannah, looks lovely again in a silver shimmery dress.

Tyler tells her that he loves that they are so good at simple things, he can’t wait to see where life takes them and he is on the top of the world. Hannah says she is excited to continue their emotional relationship but she is concerned, with their physical relationship. She says she has to reset herself, there has to be more than just a physical relationship. In fact, she doesn’t want to go into the Fantasy Suite and have sex, because that would be too easy. Tyler says that the Fantasy Suite is way more than sex, he would never press her or pressure her at all. He looks at the man he is today and he is not the kid he was nine weeks ago. He can stand here today and say that he does love her and she means the world to him.

Hannah is thrilled that he understands what she wants, he celebrates her boundaries. They talk all night and wake up the next morning and enjoy coffee on the deck. She tells him that she is grateful for his understanding of the boundaries that she put on last night. Tyler says it is one of the best nights of his life.

Time for Hannah’s date with Jed. Hannah tells Jed that she has a great day planned; they are going to take in the culture of Crete. They join a Greek family for lunch and dancing. Hannah is falling in love with Jed and if today’s day goes well, it will solidify it. The family asks Hannah questions and she answers them well, but Jed looks really uncomfortable. Jed says that it is hard that someone he has fallen in love with is dating other people; he then asks Hannah to go for a walk. He tells her that something that has been weighing on his heart, he needs clarity on Luke. He cares about her and doesn’t want her hurt, he has seen Luke from the beginning take people’s words and change them, lie.

Furthermore, how can someone as amazing as her want to be with someone like Luke. Hannah asks him how honest does he want her to be. She goes on to say from the beginning she had a strong connection to Luke and she is still trying to figure it out. She thinks he is a good guy. Jed says that if she is this close to finding her husband, then why is she holding on to something that is so uncertain. She says that she has seen different sides of him that nobody else has seen. The fact that Luke is still there just scares Jed.

Hannah gets Jed’s frustration with Luke, but that should not have any effect on their relationship. Trust is the number one thing that their relationship has to be based on, according to Hannah. She toasts to sharing their feelings when it is hard. Hannah thanks him, and appreciates the conversation they had earlier in the day regarding Luke. She sees it coming from a good place and knows exactly how he feels, but he needs to let her figure it out. Jed says it was good to clear the air, it was a big deal for him. Jed goes on to say that he would be completely lying to her if he said that her relationship with Luke didn’t bother him.

At the core, he says, it says a lot that she keeps someone in the house that everyone thinks is toxic. It makes him worried that she has a hard time of letting go of things that are not good in her life and he is worried. And when he is worried, it tends to make him retract how he feels. Hannah says that she appreciates his honesty. He says that it at the root of where he can go. He is so sure of her and doesn’t want to be unsure. Hannah tells him that she trust him and his opinions, and wants him to trust her as well. She says it pisses her off and she is really frustrated. Hannah gets up and walks away. Jed goes after her. She tells him she feels like she has to explain herself more and more, and doesn’t want to do this anymore.

Jed told Hannah the raw truth about Luke and he hopes it doesn’t ruin what they have. The two return to the table. He tells her that this came from a place of love, he cares about her a lot. She says she gets it, but if he trusts her he will let her figure it out. She hears him, she is thankful for him and by no means does her relationship with Luke have anything to do with them. He says he has her back and trust that she will do the right thing. He has fallen in love with her and just wants to protect her. Hannah doesn’t question how he feels. Hannah knows Jed cares about her and loves her, she is happy they spoke and offers him to stay and join her in the Fantasy Suite. Jed says yes.

The next morning Jed tells Hannah that the evening was a lot of fun and he has never been more sure of her. Jed tells her that he loves her. Jed was so happy to have Hannah to himself with no cameras and he super grateful to have had the opportunity to open up to her, it felt like a dream and he feels really strong moving forward.

Time for Hannah’s last date with Luke; he says he is so confident and he knows that she knows, he is the one. Hannah tells him that they are going to have the best day, they are going to Santorini by helicopter. Hannah is so excited to be on her date with Luke, it is hard to treat Luke like the other relationships. She feels like he is at his best with her when they are alone. She knows that there is a connection between them that is really real and nothing like anything that she has experienced before.

They land and can’t believe the breathtaking view. With Luke, she wants to be physical with him, and he is the best kisser. They dance together and she can’t believe how his eyes look into her soul. Luke makes a toast to Hannah finding her love and everything that she wants. She tells him that his hometown went great and it was wonderful meeting people who loved him. Then she says that the night is going to be a big night, they will enter a different part of their relationship. He says that when he looks her in the eyes he sees his future wife. Luke has seen the future with Hannah right from the beginning and believes that he could get down on one knee and make her his future wife.

Its dinner time, the two sit down and start talking. Hannah says she had fun during the day, Luke says that he is honored to have spent the day with her. Hannah makes a toast to a beautiful day in Santorini and being at this place in their relationship, coming from where they were to where they are now. Luke tells her that there are things that he wants to talk about. He tells her that there are things that he wants things the way he wants them. He says to her, lets talk about sex, it is a beautiful thing if it is honored during marriage. He knows they are both not virgins, he has abstained for the past three years and is saving himself for marriage. He is confident that they are on the same page with their morals, thinking about the Fantasy Suites, he wants to make sure she wasn’t sexually intimate with the other relationships and they are on the same page. If she had sex with any of the guys, then he wants to go home. Hannah looks pissed, she says that sex is a big deal to her.

And, some of things that he has said, she doesn’t agree with at all, and she is kind of mad. Then she asks him how does he think he has the right to question her, he has no right at this point. Luke says that he wants to take a step back, reassessing what he told her, he doesn’t take lightly what he told her. Then he says lets just say she had sex with all these other relationships, then he wants to know what is going on so they can work on this. She tells him that she is a grown woman, she is not attached to anyone and can do anything she wants to. He says he can understand a slip up, but with all the men! She says that the words that is saying is not ok. She had love at first sight then all this bullshit happened, he already broke her heart, she broke her own heart because she allowed everything and ignored the red flags; the fact that he judges her and wouldn’t think of her as a woman of faith because she had sex, is not ok. She says, “oh my gosh, it is like a big f*** you, I am so pissed off.”

Luke says that he did find out that she slipped up and had sex, it wouldn’t change what he wants with her in the future. She tells him that he doesn’t make the decision to move forward with her. She quotes the bible and says that he is judging her and holding a stone over her head. Furthermore, she has give in her all, so many times she wanted to say that she was done with him. She prayed for clarity and she feels like she finally go it, she doesn’t him to be her husband. Luke asks for a chance to speak, she says no, she has the clarity. She asks to walk him out, he says he respects that she has clarity but wants to share a few words.

She tells him to get up, its over. She asks him please, he says she owes him. She is very clear that she does not owe him anything at this point, she has bent over backwards at this point. He finally gets up, tells her that he does love her and sees a future with her. She tells him that she is so mad, then she says she has had sex and Jesus still loves her. Luke is flabbergasted, clenches his fist and asks if she will pray with him before he leaves. She says no. he gets in the limo and she gives him the finger, finally!

Hannah feels a weight lifted off her shoulders, she is so releived that she doesn’t have to ever deal with him again.