The Code Premiere Recap 04/09/19: Season 1 Episode 1 “Blowed Up”

Tonight on CBS their new drama The Code premieres with an all-new Tuesday, April 9, 2019, season 1 episode 1 called “Blowed Up,” and we have your weekly The Code recap below. On tonight’s The Code premiere episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Luke Mitchell and Anna Wood star in the new drama about the military’s brightest minds who tackle the toughest challenges facing the United States Marine Corps. When a soldier in Afghanistan kills his commanding officer, Judge Advocates Capt. John “Abe” Abraham (Mitchell) and Capt. Maya Dobbins (Wood) is assigned to the case as prosecution and defense lawyers by their commanding officer, Col. Glenn Turnbull (Dana Delany).”

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Jason, a marine away on base, video chats with his baby daughter and wife. An alarm sounds. They cut their talk short. Jason heads out of the bunker and sees in the distance that one of his own marines is attempting to climb the wire. He drives out to him. The soldier stands Jason angrily.

Lawyers Trey and Abe stretch out, getting ready to work out in a field with other men. Jason’s wife shows up and tells Abe about Jason. She needs his help. Her husband was killed by one of his own.

Abe heads to the office the next day. He asks his colonel if he can take Jason’s case. She gives him a hard time at first but his determination makes her give in with Trey as his co-council.

Abe heads to receive Jason’s body in his dress blues when he discovers that the killer Ian Moorehead was brought on the same plane as Jason. He meets the female officer Maya Dobbins, who plans to defend the killer.

In court the following day Maya tells the court that Ian doesn’t remember killing Jason his commanding officer. The reason being is that he has sustained brain injuries from IEDs. After some back and forth the judge grants them both a trip back to the location of the murder.

They head overseas back to the Camp Habibi base where they speak with the doctor on base. Maya wants to know why Ian was allowed to continue on active duty with possible CTE judging by the brain scans they all looked at in court. The doc isn’t looking to divulge much, stating that its against medical policy. Maya and Abe could both benefit from the medical records. They team up to try and appeal to several leaders to get their way. When that doesn’t work they track down marines who once worked on the base.

Trey helps from his end. He tracks down a former marine who shares that no one at Camp Habibi ever failed the screening for head injuries known as MACE. If they couldn’t pass it, the test was given repeatedly until they could. Maya thinks Abe and Trey need to make a deal with her client now that they know he isn’t really responsible.

Abe heads back to see Jason’s wife. He tells her what is going on and how he wants to make this all right by taking down the doctor at the camp who allowed this all to happen. Jason is the reason he is a lawyer – he owes him this. She agrees through tears. Abe calls Trey to tell Maya she has a deal. Abe gets to work with Trey speaking to Ian who is going to be their star witness so they can file a malpractice suit against the doctor. The problem is he cannot remember anything.

Abe heads to some superior officers he knows using his former marine father’s name with the hopes they night grant him access to the medical files. An old buddy of his fathers won’t grant him access but he takes a look himself. He reports back to Abe its a go, he has some evidence.

In court, Abe and Trey detail how Doctor Hewitt at the camp gave his staff the command to pass all MACE exams. They introduce a medical officer who followed those orders and can confirm Hewitt’s command. The prosecution tries to paint a picture that the medical officer is just angry because he was denied a transfer. Next, they call their own witness, a female officer who told them about the MACE test being passed by all. She gets nervous on the stand and tells the court she cannot remembrance. The judge calls an end to the day.

After court, they learn that she was threatened. She had an affair and if she testifies that will be divulged to her husband. Abe doesn’t know what to do. He talks to the colonel who has faith he will see this through and figure something out.

Abe heads to see Jason’s wife to give her an update when she tells him she isn’t a child. She knows not everything is going to go her way. They get to talking and she shares that Jason has always loved the marines but he didn’t know how long the marines would love him. The comment is odd. Abe and Jason’s wife break into his email. He was going to send her an email about what he meant. They find a draft. He was going to expose Hewitt for passing MACE. Hewitt must have known it.

Abe tells Trey and Maya that Jason’s murder was at the hands of Hewitt somehow. They head to court armed with a list of men whose life was altered by Hewitt. On the stand Hewitt doesn’t respond, showing any emotion. The judge tells Abe to stand down with his attack. Abe drops the news that he has a video as well of Hewitt in the car with Ian, driving him to the fence where he later killed Jason. Hewitt knows they have him. He would like to change his plea.