The Fix Finale Recap 05/20/2019: Season 1 Episode 10 “Making a Murderer”

Tonight on ABC their new legal drama The Fix airs with an all-new Monday, May 20, 2019, episode and we have your The Fix recap below.  On tonight’s The Fix season 1 episode 10, “Making a Murderer,”  as per the FOX synopsis, “In the Season 1 finale, all questions will be answered as a conviction is made in the murder of Jessica Meyer.”

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The Fix Season 1 finale begins with Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) waking up and wrapping his arms around Jessica Meyer (Taylor Kalupa). She dresses in her workout outfit, kisses him and taking her yoga equipment leaves before the sun rises. Sevvy is later woken up by a young Sunny, who wants pancakes. Gabriel “Gabe” Johnson (Alex Saxon) walks into the kitchen, greeting them both, saying he had a swim before he had to give lessons. Gabe and Sevvy are joking around about his acting career when Detective Vincent North (Robbie Jones) walks in with a uni behind him, asking to speak to Sevvy in private; Gabe takes Sunny to the beach so they can talk.

North informs Sevvy that Jessica Meyer was killed that morning, leaving Sevvy devastated as he was just making her breakfast. North continues to tell him that she was at the beach to meet a client; cause of death appears to be blunt force trauma and it appears she was murdered. Sevvy breaks down, but North wants him to come down to the station so they can ask him a few questions.

In the present day, Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) wakes up on the couch to find Ezra Wolf (Scott Cohen) at her front door. He comments on her rough night, as she comments about him walking with a cane. He says they need to speak off record and would appreciate if Riv Allgood (Marc Blucas) wouldn’t interfere; shocked to learn that Riv is gone. She demands that he get to the point and he informs her that he firmly believes that Sevvy didn’t kill Jessica. He hates nothing more than having an innocent client ending up in prison; they torture him and that is why he is there with “hat in hand”. She allows him to come in to speak to her.

Effy (Daniella Alonso) is at the hospital to escort Matthew Collier (Adam Rayner) home, reminding him they talked about this being the perfect time for him to announce that he is running for DA. Matthew is furious that he had told her he was not ready; she orders him to get ready and pushes him out the door. Matthew informs the press that he is not making an announcement but simply wants to thank CJ Emerson (Merrin Dungey) for saving his life.

At home, Sevvy is busy going through paperwork, when he finds an unopened envelope from Praw & Wilson Law Firm; a letter that shocks him. Meanwhile, Gabe is doing laps in the pool as Julianne “Jules” Johnson (Robin Givens) watches him from inside; smirking. Ezra makes breakfast for Maya, but she knows he is stalling. He reminds her that everything he is about to tell her is privileged as she questions about his legal ethics. Wolf reveals that the trip to Vegas proved that Jessica was practicing shooting and planning on killing Sevvy; Maya thinks she was scared of him and wanted to protect herself. Ezra shows her the video and Jessica definitely doesn’t look scared but it looks like she had an agenda and he believes someone was helping her. Maya reveals that she watched the tapes made again and she thinks she saw a shadow feeling someone was in the storage locker with her. Ezra and Maya agree to find out what is going on but have no problem revealing what they find in court.

Alan Wiest (Brecklin Meyer) meets with Brianna Dear (Sprague Grayden) whom he welcomes, confronting her on whether Matthew was hiring her. She says she only gave him some advice but refuses to share with Wiest unless he pays. She tells him all about the strategy she made for Matthew and it would work for him too.

Maya and Ezra go to see Star Johnson (Chasten Harmon) who is pissed to see them but more curious about why they are together. Maya tells her about the tapes and thinking someone might be with her. She reminds them if Jessica was cheating on her dad, she never would have told her. Maya thinks the person was part of the puzzle as Star denies her accomplice would be her mother because Jules only saw Jessica as an obstacle to Sevvy’s money. She informs a shocked Ezra that if Sevvy goes to jail, Jules gets control of his entire estate.

Sevvy arrives at Jules’ place, apologizing for the other night but feels that nothing was like he thought it was; Jules agrees with him. When asked, Jules tells him that she desperately loved him; which briefly makes him smile but as he is walking away he confirms that he knows everything. She apologizes that everything ended this way.

Maya and Ezra return to his office, where he shows her everything Buck Neal (Robert Wisdom) got on Julianne. Mayas remind him that Julianne has an alibi but he says that can be faked. His theory is that Julianne set up Sevvy for Jessica’s murder so that she could get the money; he does admit that she is a master manipulator. He wants her to get a search warrant but Maya knows that it would destroy Jules’ credibility as her star witness but Ezra reminds her, so would a Murder 1 charge! She doesn’t think they will find anything but agrees they should look, asking for a couple of hours.

Maya sits with CJ explaining everything, but CJ is extremely hesitant to work with Ezra Wolf. Maya feels she needs to know who that shadow is and if Jessica was really planning on killing Sevvy, that makes her question everything; even whether he did it. CJ is surprised that her prime suspect could be Julianne. Maya needs something from CJ that isn’t quite legal.

Sevvy is playing with Sunny on the beach, running into the waves when Star arrives on the beach. Sevvy tells her that Star is going to take care of her for a few days and is asked to gather her things. Sevvy thanks Star, telling her that he loves her. Star simply tells him that Sunny can stay with her for as long as he needs and walks away with her younger sister.

Ezra brings his team together, firmly believing that Sevvy Johnson’s nightmare is going to end as he is working with someone and it is the time to begin preparing a motion to dismiss. Charlie (Kj Smith) runs into the conference room, turns on the TV saying the DA is making some announcement on Sevvy’s case. Everyone turns to listen as DA Wiest informs the media and Ezra quickly messages Maya to find out what her boss is doing; something she had no idea about. Wiest informs the press that the Sevvy Johnson case was tragically mishandled, placing blame on Matthew Collier and Maya Travis; claiming they both have a blind vendetta against Mr. Johnson, something that is blinding them. He says he has no choice but to drop the charges on Sevvy Johnson and dismissing the case; Ezra feels he stole his thunder as Maya is left shocked.

Maya barges into Wiest’s office where Matthew is already arguing with him; she joins in screaming that he cannot dismiss her case without consulting her. He reminds her he doesn’t need anyone’s permission. She says that wasn’t a press conference but rather a character assassination; this is about him and his election but the people in the office know what he did and no one will respect him for doing this. Maya insists this is still her case and she will handle this. Matthew follows her outside where she confronts him that this is exactly what he planned to do to her. When he acts surprised she reveals that Effy told her all about it. She orders him not to come to court with her as she doesn’t want him there.

Jules walks into the kitchen, informing Gabe that the DA is dismissing the case; and there is nothing they can do as they lost. She tells Gabe it is time for him to find a place of his own. CJ watches as Gabe leaves the house, taking a photo of the entry code, she waits for CJ to leave as well before she enters the house.

Sevvy is at home when he sees the news revealing he is about to be in court, where it is expected that the prosecutor will dismiss the charges even though Wiest insists the case will continue. Sevvy stands with his son, Severen Johnson (Mitchell Edwards) as they leave for court.

Maya walks in, Ezra saying he really didn’t want it to go down this way as he wanted to beat her in a fair fight; together they walk into court. When Maya spots Wiest in the courtroom, she privately tells Ezra that he was never a target and it was Wiest who made the whole thing up and got Loni Kampoor (Mouzam Makkar) to convince him. Ezra tells Sevvy this is a great day, something he always knew was coming. Judge Sandra Song (Freda Foh Shen) arrives in court, saying they are there on the people’s motion to dismiss; Sevvy stands up, saying he is firing his lawyer and wants to represent himself. He is also changing his plea to “guilty!” Ezra shouts at him, demanding answers as the courtroom erupts in confusion.

In his holding cell, Ezra tells him that he had this but Sevvy feels he had to do the right thing. Ezra knows he is protecting someone but Sevvy says he cannot stop him from doing this. Ezra promises to find out the truth but Sevvy tells him this is his choice even though Ezra has been the friend and support when he needed one but this is done.

Maya is sitting in the courtroom when Matthew walks in to sit beside her. He congratulates her on getting him as Sevvy Johnson will spend the rest of his life in jail; something they have wanted for 8 years. She disagrees on “doing this” and feels hollow. She thinks it doesn’t always work out the way they feel. Matthew is sorry for everything; for a while, he lost sight of who he really is and decided he isn’t going to run as DA or work as Chief Deputy because he wants to go back into the courtroom; something she was right about. He feels he belongs there. They are interrupted when Maya gets a text from CJ who has found something and wants her to meet in the parking lot. CJ shows Maya a journal, but after she reads it she has no idea what she is going to do.

Maya walks on the beach and sits beside Gabe; who wants to know what she is doing with his mom’s diary. Maya admits they found it in his bag at Julianne’s, only wishing they had found it 8 years ago. She wants him to help her understand why he killed Jessica?

4 Months Ago…
Gabe is given a letter from Cassandra Johnson. His mother had given some items to a law firm for safekeeping after she divorced Sevvy, and when she died they kept them until he is 21. Inside is a set of keys, they need to itemize the things as he removes them, one of the items being a green journal. Gabe spends nights reading it when Jessica comes out to see if he is okay. He hands Jessica the journal, revealing it was his mother’s. Jessica is shocked but Gabe wants to know if that is the part where Sevvy choked her, or when he punched her for not coming home and not calling. Gabe demands to know from Jessica if Sevvy does that to her and she shows him the bruises on her arms.

In the present day, he tells Maya that the abuse had been going on for months; but every time Jessica thought about leaving him, it didn’t work well for his mother. He admits that he doesn’t know whose idea it was to kill Sevvy; determined to make it look like self-defense. They even had witnessed in Julianne and Ben Mitchell (Michael Gladis) to back up their claims. He goes into details about the tapes, saying they were his idea but Jessica is the one who knew about the gun and could use that to kill him but right before she was set to do it; they took some trip and he did some kind of magic therapy and she decided their relationship was better than ever.

Gabe says his mom had great months with Sevvy too but then things would change. Gabe simply wanted to talk to her, trying to convince her that Sevvy isn’t just going to stop. She told him on the beach that the plan is off as Sevvy has actually changed. Gabe throws it in Jessica’s face that Sevvy murdered his mom but Jess doesn’t want to go through with the stupid plan. She tells Gabe the plan is over and she is calling Sevvy; which enrages Gabe who hits her hard over the head. He never intended to kill her, he lost control but when he saw her lying there he knew to use Sevvy’s towel that had sweat all over it. He cries that she didn’t deserve to die.

Sevvy is escorted to a room where Maya is waiting. She tells him that she cannot let this stand and will file a motion to vacate the plea, as he didn’t kill Jessica. He leans in, admitting he killed Cassandra and Nancy. Maya says that is over, but he insists it isn’t because Gabe finding out about his mom is what started all of this. He kept waiting in the last trial for the words to damn him 8 years earlier but it was kept quiet. He figured out it was Gabe when he got the letter from the lawyer and everything made sense. He needs Maya to understand that this is Sevvy’s fault but she reminds him that Gabe murdered the woman he loved but Sevvy says it is because he murdered Gabe’s mother. Everything that has happened is all Sevvy’s fault, so he begs Maya to let this stand. Maya wipes tears from her eyes.

Maya holds a press conference, revealing Sevvy Johnson killed his wife, Cassandra and Nacy 9 years prior and today he pleads guilty to the murder of Jessica Meyer. She pauses, saying Mr. Johnson will spend the rest of his life in prison where he belongs as today justice is finally served. She hopes this brings the family some peace. Ezra is at a bar when Loni sits beside him; he tells her that Maya will never be able to live with herself; she won but she didn’t beat Ezra. He suggests they don’t rehash the past and his firm needs fresh blood and he knows she is in need of a job. She realizes he wants to screw over Wiest but he reminds him that she is really good. She writes on a napkin, saying she is worth every penny. He offers his hand and welcomes her to wolf & Associates.

Star is putting Sunny in the car when Julianne arrives. Star says they are leaving, taking Sunny away from Jules and wanting to give her something normal. Jules insists everything she has done is for her and her brothers, only wanting them to be happy. Jules tells Sunny she is going to miss that face as Star gets her into the car; without another word to Julianne.

Sevvy is in the prison yard when Gabe comes to see him. Sevvy thanks him for coming as he simply says Maya told Gabe he should. Sevvy wants him to promise that he will make this all mean something and put it where it really belongs – on Sevvy. He needed Gabe to hear it, wanting him to know he is there for the rest of his life for what he took from him and the pain he caused him. Sevvy insists that Gabe live his life, but he has no idea how to do that. Sevvy suggests he wake up every day and start again.

Maya and Cj are clearing up the boards from the war room as Ezra sits at the local bar, playing the piano. Wiest sees what the women are doing and doesn’t say a word but CJ confirms to Maya that she did the right thing. Matthew is at home, packing his stuff as he is leaving Effy. Jules walks into Sevvy’s house, now that she owns everything, puts her hands on her hips and overlooks the city. Sevvy is brought to his cell, hearing the heavy doors slam behind him.

Maya walks down the stalls, finding Riv brushing one of the horses. She looks him in the eyes and says, “Yes!”