The Fix Recap 05/06/2019: Season 1 Episode 8 “Queen for a Day”

The Fix Recap 05/06/2019: Season 1 Episode 8 "Queen for a Day"

Tonight on ABC their new legal drama The Fix airs with an all-new Monday, May 6, 2019, episode and we have your The Fix recap below.  On tonight’s The Fix season 1 episode 8, “Queen for a Day,”  as per the FOX synopsis, “The District Attorney’s office is determined to get to the bottom of newfound evidence that appears to be planted; the police give Maya a security detail after the case takes a dangerous turn; Loni comes clean with Maya about her dealings with Ezra.”

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The Fix begins with Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) watching the police seal off the crime scene that happened, as all her neighbors look on. Maya walks towards Riv (Marc Blucas), CJ (Merrin Dungey) where they are informed they only thing they found was Buck Neal’s (Robert Wisdom) body. Riv insists he didn’t see anyone else when he found Buck’s body; everyone feeling that Maya isn’t safe decides to put a uniformed officer on her at all times.

Riv assures Maya he is fine as Ezra Wolf (Scott Cohen) rushes to the scene. Maya demands to know why his private investigator was inside her house. He fends off the questioning saying this is about a dead body. Wolf says he had nothing to do with this as Buck was acting irrationally. Ezra sees the coroner removing Buck’s body, he opens the body bag in shock but is ordered not to touch him!

The following morning, Maya has Officer Langston (George Tsai) escort her to her floor, saying she can take it from there. She walks through the office, trying to steady her nerves in the kitchen when Matthew Collier (Adam Rayner) hugs her tightly and wishes she told him about being stalked; as for right now he is glad she is okay. She doesn’t want to go home as work will get her through this; the entire exchange is witnessed by security officer Leo Foster (Erik Palladino), who his her actual stalker.

Ezra arrives at work, immediately telling Charlie (Kj Smith) that he is in dire need of a new PI and she needs to look for a good funeral home, spare no expense. Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) said he would cover all the expenses and Ezra agrees. Charlie informs Ezra there is someone in his office waiting for him. Ezra enters his office and greets Nemo (Rich Ting), reminding Wolf he is 2 days late on the $50K he owes just turned into $75K by tonight or Buck’s funeral will become a funeral for two.

Loni Kampoor (Mouzam Makkar) makes her way quietly to Alan Wiest’s (Breckin Meyer) office where he welcomes her back. She is concerned they found Buck Neal’s body inside Maya’s house and feels they are to blame because Wolf sent him there because of their lies about being investigated. She is shocked that Wiest is justifying this and tells her to forget about “Project Wolf” for now.

Loni joins Maya, CJ, and Matthew for the DNA results on the conveniently found jacket with blood on it that belonged to Sevvy. The blood on the jacket is Jessica’s and the DNA on the cuffs was Sevvy’s. They really question on whether Detective Vincent North (Robbie Jones) really planted this. Maya believes she has a way of obtaining more information on the jacket, wondering if Sevvy wants to play Queen for the day. Sevvy is told by his attorneys to not do it, but it basically is him talking freely for the day, and anything he says cannot be held against him. Angela Ashley (Skye P. Marshall) feels that there is clearly something they can’t figure out about the jacket and both attorneys say he shouldn’t do it; but Sevvy ignores them, telling them to inform Maya that he will play.

All 3 arrived at the DA’s office, taking seats across from Maya who simply smiles at Sevvy. He tells Ms. Travis to ask away! Angela tells Maya they are there for only the jacket and if she starts fishing, they will walk. Sevvy swears he doesn’t know the last time he wore the jacket, so Sevvy shows him the dates and where it was found. Sevvy insists that someone else put it there to frame him because he wouldn’t be so stupid as to place it there. Maya reminds him about a similar mistake 8 years prior; when Ezra and Angela object and say this is over; Sevvy kicks out his attorneys to speak to Maya alone.

James Meloy (Craston Johnson) confronts CJ on what she and Maya did to North the night before; insisting this doesn’t make sense and reminds her that she is going to burn 15 years of goodwill with the LAPD. He is concerned she will go down in flames and she will because she is wrong!

Maya continues her questioning about the blood on the jacket, but Sevvy feels it is impossible that the blood on the jacket is not from him hitting her. Him abusing Jessica Meyer (Taylor Kalupa) had stopped because he changed. He went into intensive therapy to look at himself and his faults and flaws; it was Jessica who helped him get it under control. He questions if Maya has ever been in love, something she won’t answer.

Angela stresses about the private conversation as Ezra says this is the way Sevvy acts; he calls Charlie to make sure there is some camera time as he promises something juicy. He spots Loni walking by and excuses himself, finding her in the stairwell. He tells Loni that he needs information but she swears she doesn’t know anything. She advises him to not dig himself any deeper.

Maya tells Sevvy if she wants therapy, she will take her own trip, but thanks. Sevvy recalls that day he was wearing the jacket and he put it back in the closet without a spot on it, which means someone else put her blood on it. He admits that the only person who can help him here is her. Maya dismisses him.
Maya tells Matthew and CJ they need to get Detective North there, she still thinks he killed her; as for the jacket, she actually believes Sevvy.

Ezra holds a press conference, revealing the LAPD believes one of their own is framing his client, even bringing in the FBI to investigate a key piece of evidence that was planted. Angela says everything the LAPD has brought in is tainted and unreliable. Sevvy wants to address the press, saying they love the drama of lawyers vs. lawyers but he doesn’t care about that; a woman he loved was murdered and he seems to be the only person who is trying to find the one who actually killed her; that is why he is willing to sell his Malibu home, to put up a reward for information leading to Jessica’s real killer. He is willing to offer $18M to bring the person to justice.

Julianne “Jules” Johnson (Robin Givens) watches the news conference, revealing that Sevvy Johnson’s offer has everyone seeing green. Suddenly there is a knock at her door and it is Gabriel “Gabe” Johnson (Alex Saxon) who says he can’t take staying in the hotel room anymore. She quickly brings him inside as he is furious that Sevvy has spent years abusing her and now he wants to pin the death on Jules. She orders him to pull it together as the time will come Sevvy will pay. Gabe grabs a bottle of alcohol as Jules reminds him that he has all the power, not Sevvy. She tells him not to let Sevvy take any more from him than he already has. She offers him to stay with her, rather than the hotel.

Angela feels this stunt Sevvy pulled was foolish, saying this is going to bury them in dead-end leads. Charlie hands Ezra the keys as Angela attempts to stop him, saying they need to shut this down, but he suggests she learn how to roll with the punches. Sevvy is also upset that Ezra is leaving, but he smirks, saying if one of those crazies come through; they are to give him a call.

North wants to know why Maya and CJ brought him in. They question him about the morning he found that jacket alone. North says he hasn’t worked the streets since he was a uni. He does admit that he was there 9 years ago for the other murders Sevvy committed and got away with. He feels they are trying to trap him, telling them to screw off and if they want to talk to him again, they can call his union rep.

Ezra goes inside Buck’s place, sitting with his cane; but once he lays on the bed, he notices something taped to the ceiling. When he opens it, it is filled with thousands of dollars in cash, something he thanks his old friend for. He calls Charlie to get himself a bookie.

Riv and Maya meet with the Detective who says they have widened the scope of the investigation and cannot give them a clear date because it seems Maya Travis has a long list of enemies. He wants to talk to Riv more in depth, but Maya feels this is payback for the blowback on Detective North, also removing all her protective detail, saying she is all on her own now.

Matthew meets Riv in the parking garage where Riv reveals LAPD is stalling the investigation into Maya’s stalker because of their investigation of North. Matthew learns just now that the intruder also bugged the house; Riv wants him to call in a favor or do whatever he has to do to get the security detail back on Maya. Matthew says the political part is very touchy right now, but Riv reminds him that he is the only reason Maya came back and Matthew owes her at least that much.

Maya asks Loni if she has heard from their blood splatter guy, but Loni is preoccupied with Buck’s history, even going back to being a foster child; growing up in Alabama. The analyst is not available until tomorrow making Maya wonder where the Loni who busted her chops when Maya first arrives, go? Loni has something to tell Maya.

Ezra returns home with a box and somethings when he hears the TV really loud upstairs. He finds Nemo and his crew, eating and drinking while watching sports. Nemo makes him sit beside him, saying their payment plan was made in good faith, based on mutual respect. Nemo also found out that Ezra bet huge on the game and now feels disrespected. Ezra is sure the game will go his way and he will have more than enough to cover his debt to Nemo. Nemo tells Ezra to kick back and watch it together and he better hope they win.

Gabe gets the keys from Jules’ purse, saying he needs to speak to Maya immediately but Jules attempts to stall him until morning. He feels he needs to tell Maya that he is the one who planted the jacket; admitting he didn’t do it but is willing to say anything to end this. Jules plays on his feelings, but tells him he cannot do this – he cannot like, not about this. She pushes him to stay with her and the two is to kiss.

Maya is staring out the window when Matthew walks into the office. She reveals it took everything she had to get on that plane and return there; the only thing making it bearable was knowing Matthew was on her side. She calls him a liar, explaining everything Loni confessed to her. She doesn’t want him to make this worse by patronizing her. She berates him, saying she trusted him but clearly she shouldn’t have. He tries to make amendments but she doesn’t believe a word he says, anymore.

James brings Cj to Vincent North’s house, saying she isn’t the enemy here. Meanwhile, Jules wakes up with a naked Gabe in her bed. CJ finds Maya in the evidence room, having a hard time believing its true that Matthew lied to her. Maya says it was Loni, not this supposed janitor Ron. She questions why she came there, giving up her good life as everything there is falling apart. CJ reveals North didn’t plant the jacket, explaining North didn’t even have access to Jessica’s blood. Maya feels horrible for pissing off the LAPD, accusing one of their own of no reason. Maya is positive the jacket was planted, and if it wasn’t North, then who?

Angela is meditating on her chair when Sevvy gives her a stack of papers of 50 tips to follow up. Angela says she likes to win but this case is not a winner; it could have been but there is just one problem – Sevvy! Winning the bail hearing was the worst thing she could have done because if he was in jail, he couldn’t have screwed things up so badly. Angela doesn’t think he needs two controlling lawyers, so she is leaving. She could have won this for him but his ego will destroy him. She advises him to remember that innocent people go to jail all the time.

Charlie walks in, saying she is worried about Ezra, who always answered when she calls. Meanwhile back at Ezra’s place, Nemo and his crew are shoving Ezra’s head under water until he almost drowns. Nemo tells him to relax as he isn’t going to kill him since dead men cannot pay. His men hold him down as Nemo removes his sock and shoe, saying he has to go back with something for his boss. Ezra promises to pay and to get Charlie to wire him the money. Nemo gets one of Ezra’s toes cut off before Sevvy rushes in, saying he will pay off his debt but they are to never show their faces around there again.

Julianne arrives at the office, wanting to talk to Maya. She wants to know if a person came forward, saying they put the jacket by the road; doing it because they saw the case falling apart and didn’t want Sevvy to go free. Maya wants to know how this hypothetical person got their hands on a jacket with Jessica’s blood on it? Jules only wants this person to have community service and no jail as her condition. Jules says Jessica gave her the jacket a few weeks before she died with the blood on it, in case something happened; she didn’t want to turn the evidence over because Sevvy is the father of her children and with Jessica being dead there was no reason to protect her anymore.

Maya wants to know if she will say all of this on the witness stand, and Jules says she will put her hand on the bible and swear before God, to every word!

Sevvy brings over a drink for Ezra, revealing Dr. Carys Daly (Lynn Collins) is on her way for a favor to Sevvy; something she wanted very clear to Ezra. He jokes that it is only one toe and he will be fine. Ezra says Buck was his only friend; making Sevvy calling him a son of a bitch but at least he is a survivor. Both of them, one way or another they will get through this; the two toastings before Carys arrives.

Maya asks Leo if he has seen CJ, offering to walk her down after he heard what happened this morning. He gets on the elevator with Maya to bring her to her car. Wiest finds Loni in his office where she had dropped off her letter of resignation, saying he is done telling her how to be. Him, Matthew, Wolf, they all treat her like a pawn and “Screw you all!” Before she leaves the room, she informs him that Maya knows everything.

Matthew shows CJ the bug he found in the War Room, oddly it is the same kind and if it was in the war room, it means the stalker has security clearance. CJ rushes off to find Maya but she is walking with Leo in the parking garage. He is able to pry out of her that she is staying in a hotel, but he seems to press his luck when he offers to follow her there for her own safety. She declines his offer saying Riv is waiting for her. She spots cuts on his wrist and tries to get into her car, but he slams the door saying he believes he said too much.