The Good Doctor Recap 01/28/19: Season 2 Episode 13 “Xin”

The Good Doctor Recap 01/28/19: Season 2 Episode 13 "Xin"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, January 28, 2019, episode and we have your The Good Doctor recap below.  On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 2 episode 13 called, “Xin,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Dr. Shaun Murphy, Dr. Morgan Reznick and Dr. Audrey Lim treat a woman with autism and a delicate brain condition while navigating the complicated relationship she has with her roommate, who is also on the spectrum. Meanwhile, Lea and Shaun are still figuring out their friendship and roommate status.

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The Good Doctor begins with Shaun (Freddie Highmore) running into Jake (Andres Joseph) in the apartment kitchen. He learns that Jake is just a cook as Shaun says Lea (Paige Spara) only dates drummers. Lea sends Jake back to her room and apologizes for not telling him, but Shaun likes Jake. Shaun tells her that he has to take Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) to his chemo appointment and is “cool” with Jake spending more nights at the apartment.

Aaron is vomiting in a bucket when Shaun lets himself in. Aaron tells Shaun he is feeling better than yesterday, but when he takes a drink of his electrolytes; he insists he spat it out because he doesn’t like the grape flavor. Shaun pushes him to go or they are going to be late.

Alex (Will Yun Lee) gets a call from Mia but says he will call her back later. Claire (Antonia Thomas) hears him tell the person he loves them and asks if he has a new girlfriend. He reveals that he and Mia are going to give their relationship is another shot as he is trying to be more open with Mia. Claire says she will be a supportive colleague no matter what happens.

Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez), Claire and Alex rush to the ED, where they have an elderly patient Sunny Lee (Emily Kuroda). They seem to have a weird case as she is completely flat lined, but blood is still flowing to her extremities. Melendez figures out she doesn’t have rhythm because she has a mechanical heart.

Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) walks with Morgan (Fiona Gubelmann) and Shaun, informing them of their new case and the patient has autism; Morgan looks at Shaun so Lim wonders out loud why she would look at him because it’s not like they all know each other. Shaun says they should go with the ABM, but it is a minor procedure. Lana Moore (Vered Blonstein) doesn’t seem to be paying attention to what the doctors are saying as her friend, Javier (Alex Plank) keeps distracting her. Shaun dims the lights to calm Javi down.

Javier says suddenly he has to go, so Morgan chases after him. He says he has to leave exactly now so he can be home to watch Judge Judy and then go to work; Morgan feels he needs to stay at the hospital with his girlfriend for as long as possible. Javi says they are only roommates.

Alex reveals that he cannot find Sunny as a patient who was given a mechanical heart, her daughter Teresa Moon (Sheena Chou) arrives and informs them her mother got the heart in Beijing 9 months earlier. She had a follow up last month and everything was fine, Melendez promises to find out if he can fix it. He finds Audrey in the elevator, but as he gets closer to her, she reminds him not to be stupid; the doors open and Marcus (Hill Harper) gets on reminding them that neither one of them can be Chief of Surgery because of the case against them and he prefers that they are getting along better.

Morgan and Shaun are doing imaging, where she questions if Shaun is jealous that Lea has a new boyfriend. He says he shouldn’t be as he likes Jake and it will be the three of them; Morgan tells him if Lea likes this guy she is going to want to spend time alone with Jake. He knows its for the sex. Imaging comes up for Lana and it doesn’t look good.

Melendez and Lim speak to someone in China, but can’t speak to the actual surgeon for at least another hour. Grace Lee (Vedette Lim) arrives as Melendez reveals her mother is being taken care of and they are trying to get a hold of her mother’s doctor in China and she can get up to speed from her sister; Grace is confused, saying she doesn’t have a sister!

Teresa explains that they met 10 years earlier while volunteering at a seniors’ center and they hit it off; people assumed they were mother and daughter so she and Sunny just went along with it. Teresa is glad that Grace is there and has overcome her drug problem; which baffles Grace since her mother only caught her smoking pot once when she was a teenager. Teresa says then Grace has no excuse for not calling the last 15 years. Alex interrupts them, saying Beijing wants her and they will fly her out on a specialized airplane; both Grace and Teresa agree.

Morgan and Shaun talk to Lana, saying they need to open her up and cut it out; but when she doesn’t respond, Morgan asks Shaun to talk to her. He sharply tells her that just because he has autism doesn’t mean he can get through to her. Shaun crouches down and talks about insects like Lana likes, but gets no response. Javi returns with Lana’s food, saying she needs to eat but Morgan says she cannot. Lana tells Javi that she could die, but she needs the surgery so she will do it.

Shaun rapidly reads to Aaron but Aaron stops him, saying he doesn’t have to read the whole book in one night. Shaun questions him about how he is feeling but Aaron suggests he take out the garbage instead. He gets angry with Shaun who is frustrated over the recycling. He tells Shaun he doesn’t care about sorting it, he just asked him to take it out.

Morgan asked Lana if she is sore or uncomfortable. She fidgets her hand on the blanket, asking if they can lock the door and close the blinds as she wants Javi to come and have sex with her as an orgasm could calm her down.

Teresa is feeding Sunny when Grace walks in. Grace tells her mom she was so worried but Sunny said there was no need to because Teresa takes good care of her. Sunny feels Teresa through her whole life away, even her dad wanted her to be happy. Sunny says she was supposed to have a career as singing wasn’t one. Sunny continues to talk about Teresa and how she is a teacher as Alex wants Sunny to calm down, but she wishes Grace stayed away since she forgot about her. Sunny codes as the two young women look on horrified.

Lea and Jake are busy having sex when Shaun knocks at the door, saying he has picked out a movie they can all watch together. She says it is not the time, but he tells her that he made some popcorn and some orange juice for Jake. Lea tells Shaun he is not respecting boundaries. She says that they can all be friends, but she will need alone time with Jake. Lea asks Shaun to give them a minute and they can watch the movie together in the living room.

Lim and Morgan talk to Lana and Javi about the list of things they cannot do before her surgery, and she needs to abstain from sex until she is fully recovered. Javi shares that Lana doesn’t like to be touched when she sleeps and Lim tells them they don’t need to define their relationship to Morgan, but Lana needs some sleep as her procedure is at 10 am.

Alex says Sunny is on full life support and Dr. Melendez is talking the next steps with the surgeon in China. Teresa confronts Grace about her poor treatment of wonderful Sunny but Grace isn’t taking it, asking if a wonderful woman would miss all her daughter’s recitals and then when she is accepted to Julliard, she tells her she won’t make it and wind up broke and on the streets.

Shaun, Lim, and Morgan perform surgery on Lana as Lim feels it would be wonderful to have what Lana and Javi have, all the benefits without the emotional baggage. Morgan thinks the emotional baggage IS the relationship. Lim is unable to get to the ABM and any damage could destroy her ability to speak. Morgan’s idea is shot down as Shaun thinks if they have Lana speaking during surgery, they will know when they are close to her vocal. Lim thinks it is a great idea to have her awake during the surgery, especially if she has Javi there to help.

Alex sits with Grace, who only thought about how her lousy, bitter mother was going to die alone. She needed to be here for her mom to know she was loved despite of everything. Grace was shocked that her mother was capable of caring, warmth, and love; something that was never towards her. Alex is called into the room, as Melendez says they cannot wait for the new heart and have to go in and try to repair this one.

Melendez learns from China that they believe the heart has a broken blade and suggest they weld it back together as Alex thinks they can use glue. Claire comes up with the viable option of using the 3D printer, something that can last long enough for them to get the new heart from China.

Javier learns what they want from him but explains how bright lights are like needles in his eyes. He continues to play with his fingers as Shaun asks if he likes playing insect trivia with Lana. Morgan tells him to do this because he loves her and is a better person because of her. Javi says he doesn’t love her, she is his roommate.

In the OR, they realize there is nothing wrong with Sunny’s heart and it could be her aorta instead; Melendez tells them to bring x-ray down STAT.

Shaun returns to Aaron’s, upset to find out he is hooked up to an IV. Aaron says he called a nurse because Shaun is busy, but Shaun tells him he is trying to help him and if he listened to him, he wouldn’t need the IV. Aaron reveals he has a headache, and is pretty much in pain all the time; he doesn’t tell Shaun all his symptoms because then he would worry. Aaron says he can handle the pain and nausea. Shaun is desperate to help him but Aaron is not a compliant patient. Aaron shouts out to Shaun that he isn’t his doctor and he doesn’t want him there. Shaun says he doesn’t know how to help him as Aaron tells him to stop trying as he cannot help!

Lea sits with a devastated Shaun, explaining that Aaron is in pain and frustrated, taking it out on him. Lea tells him that he needs to accept the fact that he cannot help Aaron. Shaun thanks Lea, saying his life is better with her and she says the same thing back as Shaun’s eyes tear up.

Claire pushes through the aorta and there is a narrowing, which they feel they can replace with a graft. Shaun shows pictures to Lana, and at first, she answers but then Lim walks to her side and tells her that she needs to keep talking or she may never speak again. An OR nurse (Sunita Prasad) walks in, saying Javi insists on being there; which gives Lim and Morgan hope.

Grace and Teresa sit in the waiting room when Alex comes in, saying the surgery was a success and they can see Sunny when she wakes up. Teresa thanks him as he goes to sit with Grace, reminding her that just because she was great with Teresa doesn’t mean she loves Grace any less. Grace tells him the second her mother saw her, she was giving her the same crap. Alex says the first thing Sunny said to her was, “You look pretty!”

Javi is able to keep Lana talking for a few seconds, but then she starts bunching up the blanket in her hands. Javi passes and then starts insect trivia with her; Lim encourages them to keep going.

Sunny wakes up and Alex tells her everything looks great. Teresa tells Sunny that Grace is outside and she should talk to her as Grace is her daughter. Grace asks Teresa to stay as she tells her mother there hasn’t been a day that she hasn’t missed her. She is sorry for everything but when she is about to walk out Sunny says she sat in the back, knowing the song she sang and how beautiful it was; making her cry. Grace takes her mother’s hand and they share a special moment as Teresa squeezes the other one. Alex leaves with a smile.

Lana walks up from her surgery and after a couple seconds, she tells them, of course, she remembers her name and that he is Javi. Javier says that he thinks he loves her, she takes his hand, asking if he wants to stay in bed with her after they have sex; Javi says no.

Shaun listens as Lea has fun with Jake. He puts his book down, grabs his headphones and tries to return to reading but instead goes to Aaron’s house. Shaun says he isn’t there to help but sees an empty bed, finding Aaron passed out on the bathroom floor beside the toilet. Shaun sits beside him and lets Aaron lean on him. Aaron says, “Thank you!”


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