The Voice Recap 11/11/19: Season 17 Episode 15 “Live Playoffs Top 20”

The Voice Recap 11/11/19: Season 17 Episode 15 "Live Playoffs Top 20"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 11, 2019, season 17 episode 15 “Live Playoffs Top 20,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 17 episode 15, “The Top 20 artists perform in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani for their chance at a spot in the Top 13. All 20 artists will perform live. Carson Daly hosts.

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Tonight was the start of the Live Playoffs! The contestants have battled it out against their own team and now they were just trying to find a place for themselves with the viewers. The viewers were the ones with the power. They now get to vote on who stays and who goes with the results being shown tomorrow. The contestants had until then to impress the audience. The first to be given such a chance Ricky Duran from Team Blake.

Ricky was the judges’ favorite. They adored him and its easy to see why. He was charismatic on stage. He made everyone feel special and he connected to the audience like no one else. Ricky also knew how to pick a song. He tended to select the best one for him to play on the guitar and that’s what he started out tonight doing. He played along with the band. He also stopped mid-song to strap the guitar to his back and so that was probably the only downside to his performance because it felt inconsistent.

Cali Wilson went next. She has a unique voice and for some reason, she decided to change up her working formula. Cali performed her song in jazz. It sounded offbeat and it took away from her usual cool vibe. This was possibly the biggest mistake she’s ever done on this stage. The judges later tried to be nice by saying she took them by surprise and so it was up to her to realize that she took them by surprise in a bad way. Like why this version of an incredible song. She could have done jazz with anything else and maybe then it wouldn’t have sounded as bad.

Next up was Gracee Shriver. The country musician suffered a setback on stage when she had some technical difficulties with her guitar and so she had rearranged her performance mid-break. She luckily was quick on her feet because she just went ahead like nothing was wrong. She gave a great performance and she also showed some resilience onstage so that’s bonus points right there. The judges all congratulated her on her keeping her cool. They said they would have been thrown and none of them would have reacted as she did.

Kat Hammock went next. She was a rare artist because she had a voice like no one else and she played to that very well. She chose a great song tonight. Her voice sounded amazing and the judges all gave her a standing ovation. Which they hadn’t given Ricky Duran! He was their past favorite and she was their new favorite. Kat’s voice was so unique that she had no true competition. There was no one else that sounded her like this year and so she could create a niche for herself if she keeps playing it smart as she did.

And rounding out the last of Team Blake, Ricky Braddy was given his shot. He came to the stage with that great energy he always has and he gave a good performance. There just weren’t any chills like say there was with Kat. Ricky was good and so his good needed to be raised to great because this was a competition after all. He needed to convince America why he should stay and he wasn’t doing it with his latest performance.

Next was Team Gwen. The first from her team to perform was Rose Short and Rose killed. Rose was a great onstage personality. She also covered Janet Jackson of all people and still managed to kill it. Rose was sexy, she was on point vocally, and she gave a great performance. Rose was so good that Kelly was cheering her on from the start. So, Rose definitely came to inspire tonight. Again, she was great and she kicked off Team Gwen just right.

Kyndal Inskeep went next. She started as good and then her voice broke towards the end of the song and not in a good way. There’s a controlled break to emphasize emotion. Then there’s what she did and while that break was minor it still was there. This took away from an otherwise great performance. Kyndal’s voice was still unique because there was no one that sounded like her and that might be enough to carry her forward to the next performance. And so she needed her fans to vote for her.

Then there was Joanna Martinez. She decided to cover a new song and it was very challenging for her. Only she did have the range for it. She just needed it to stretch it some and admittedly there was a slight stumble while she did so. She was able to hit all the right notes in the end, so that’s what matters and she gave a great performance. Joanna didn’t sound like she fifteen. Her voice sounds much older than she is and tonight she also changed up her appearance. She looked more like a performer than a kid this time.

Myracle Holloway went next. She was one of the most seasoned artists this year and it could hear it in her voice. She gave a stellar performance tonight. It felt more like a concert than anything else and so she was a clear shoo-in for the finals. She was right up there with the greats and there’s really nothing he voice couldn’t do. The judges had given her one of their rare standing ovations and it had been well earned. Myracle was the second to last performer from Team Gwen and the final performance went to Jake Haldenvang.

Jake was ambitious. He chose a song that didn’t seem like it would be difficult and it instead of it really was, but Jake still tried to get it. He gave this song his all and he fell a tad short. The song was just too hard for him. He couldn’t keep up with it and it showed. The judges later tried to be nice to him. They said that they heard all the tones in his voice and that’s because he was doing everything possible to hide how he could not take on this song.

Anyways, back to the program. Team Kelly went next and the first up for her team was Shane Q. He started out his song with a mistake and that’s the first impression he gave. He was good with the rest of the song so there was a silver lining. It just wasn’t enough. Shane’s voice sounded weaker than it usually does and so tonight just wasn’t as great for him. He even seemed tired. It felt like he gave up in the middle of the song and it didn’t matter what the judges said. They were all being nice because it might be Shane’s last night.

Next up was the youngest duo ever. Hello, Sunday decided to pay their respects to the great Adele and so they performed “Hello”. The girls ended up working in tandem to give a great performance. Even if they were some mistakes along the way. Their voices wobbled because they were fourteen and nervous. They were great in all other sense of the word and so there was the exception to the heavy critiquing for the older people. Hello, Sunday were still babies. They pulled off an amazing performance and should get double points for doing it as a duo.

Damli went next. The best thing that could be said about her is that she’s a wonderful actress. She really gave her performance a storyline to go along with the song and she showcased that beautifully. Other than that, there were still improvements needed. She started the song off too quiet and her voice for lost for a moment. There was also the tones of her voice that she didn’t highlight and so it wasn’t looking good for Team Kelly. Kelly’s team seemed to be starting the slowest.

It didn’t exactly take off until Max Boyle. He was truly Team Kelly’s best chance at perfection. She stole him from John’s team and he brought his many octaves with him. Max chose a song from a Broadway play. Something many people haven’t seen or heard and yet Max was able to connect with the audience with this song. They soon got into the rhythm and they were swaying like everyone else. Max is a talented musician. His practice sessions were the only ones that Kelly recorded and so he was the one she believed in most.

And the last singer rounding out Team Kelly was Jake Hoot. The country musician could give Blake a run for his money and he even got through to the judge because he chose a great song. He chose a Reba McEntire song. Everyone loves Reba and so they came to enjoy Jake’s version of her song. And so Team Kelly ended on a high note.

Team John went next. They were the last team tonight and so that’s it after him. However, the first from his team to perform was Khalea Lynee. She was a great musician and she didn’t really show that off tonight. She performed a song that was more or less her stating a few words without actually singing. It left a lasting impression if not a good one. Khalea was so much better than this. She could have chosen any song by one of the greats and it would have been better. At least then she would have showcased her voice instead of her style.

Alex Guthrie went next. Now, he gave a genuine performance. Alex sang with his lower baritone and it had been a great fit for the song. He also just sang his heart out. Alex gave a great performance without sounding it forced or what have you and so everyone felt he was another winner for Top 13! He was going to make it. He had his fans from before and the fans he made from his performance tonight.

The same could also be said of Marybeth Byrd. Her mic wasn’t turned on at first and yet she persevered. She put through till all the audience could remember is her voice and so Marybeth gave a wonderful performance. It was great for her stylistically and it made her memorable. Marybeth was another one that was going into the finales. And she was going to join the guy that followed her.

Will Breman went next. He always gives a worthwhile performance and somehow he tops that tonight. Will’s unique take on whatever he sings is amazing to hear. The way he sees music and sings it is a gift. And the judges all feel like maybe he was going to be the one to win this whole thing.

And rounding out Team John was Katie Kadin. She was usually very brash and, in your face, but tonight she gave a much softer performance. She showed this whole other side to her personality. It was just as beautiful as the rest of her and it showed her incredible range. Katie was another strong contender for this season of the Voice and John is going to have a hard time picking who to save tomorrow.