The Voice Recap 11/25/19: Season 17 Episode 19 “Live Top 11 Performances”

The Voice Recap 11/25/19: Season 17 Episode 19 "Live Top 11 Performances"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Monday, November 25, 2019, season 17 episode 19 “Live Top 11 Performances,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 17 episode 19, “The Top 11 artists perform live in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani for America’s vote. This week’s theme is “Fan Week.”

The artists will perform songs selected by fans who have submitted via the “Suggest-A-Song” feature in The Voice Official App. Carson Daly (“TODAY Show”) hosts.

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The Top 11 performed! This week’s theme was “Fan Week”. The fans got to pick the songs for the contestants and first up was Katie Kadan. She performed the song “Without You”. There were several ways she could have played this song, but her coach didn’t want her hiding behind a piano for this one. John told her he wanted her front and center and that’s where they put her. Katie sang from the front. She also let her voice do all the heavy-lifting and so this week there wasn’t necessarily a showstopping performance like last week.

Last week had everyone up and dancing. This week Katie gave a classic ballad performance and it was just as great as her other work. The judges had all loved it. They even threw in a standing ovation just for her and so this song had been a really great choice for her. Up next was Kat Hammock. She was still surprised that she has fans. She never thought she would get to that stage and so finding out those fans chose a song for her was still a lot. Kat had been eager to take on whatever song they gave her. And luckily for her, they chose a good one.

The fans chose “I’ll Fly Away” for Kat. It was a bluegrass sorta song and Kat added a level pop to it although her voice did break in the middle of the song and not in a good way. She was able to recover from her mistake and hopefully, that will not her cost her a place in next week’s round. Up next was Shane Q. He received a special rehearsal because he and the rest of Kelly’s team go to visit the studio where she hosts her show and so Shane rehearsed the song “Mercy” on “the Kelly Clarkson show”.

It was a fun venue for him. It was also a nice treat because it helped boost his confidence. Shane never thought he’d make it this far into the competition and so he was an overly excited kid. He was happy to be there. He later gave a great performance and the one thing the judges all stated was that they could see his newfound confidence. It added to the performance. So, he just needs to hold onto that for now. Up next Joana Martnez. It seems Gwen’s team also went on a field trip to a famous club and so that was a first Joana.

She was sixteen. She had never been to a club before and yet being there wasn’t even the highlight of her young life. That real highlight was talking to Gloria Esteban. Joana had covered the singer’s song and apparently the legend had loved her performance. The next artist Joana covered was unfortunately no longer with us, but the song “Dreaming of You” was a great tribute to the late Selena and it was another great performance from Joana. She’s been slowly improving with every week and now Blake says he regretted ever letting her go.

Too late for that, Blake. He should have fought for Joana when he had the chance because now she’s gone and there was no getting her back. Up next was Will Breman. He brought his dog with him into rehearsal because he said his dog is his biggest fan and so this one is for Oscar the dog. Will performed the song “Light My Fire”. He chose to sing the song in a different rendition than usual because that was his style and so gave the song a jazz feel. And he pushed out another great hit for the stage.

Up next was Rose Short. The former Correction’s Officer received a great song from the fans. It was “Maybe I’m Amazed” and it also was perfect for Rose because she herself was amazed. This entire competition has been like a dream for Rose. She was another one that didn’t think she’d make it this far, but she has and she earned her place there with each performance. She was great tonight and the judges were feeling it. Up next was Hello Sunday. The teenagers performed “The Middle” and they too rearranged the song. They didn’t want to sing it straightforward because their coach recommended that they give it a soulful vibe.

The girls added that and then some. The song was a great fit for their voices because they were each allowed to shine in their own way. It was also another great performance from them. They were gaining confidence the longer they stay on and so who knows what next week will bring. Up next was Myracle Holloway. Her story has touched so many who grew up in unstable households or dealt with domestic violence and so her fans wanted her to embrace the pain that lies in her voice.
They chose the song “Everybody Hurts” for her.

Myracle had wanted to go off and do her own thing, but in her case, her coach asked her to go back to the basics because she thought Myracle would shine better with the original and it turns out she was right. The song had been perfect for Myracle. Her voice was great and she maintained a strong stage presence. Myracle was on fire tonight and may that mean great things for her. Up next was Marybeth Byrd. Her friends now had found the perfect song for her because the original singer on “Stars” had sounded just like Marybeth.

Again, it was a great song selection. Marybeth just needed to sing the song like she always does and that alone gave it life. She was a very talented singer. Her coach saw something in her and he later told everyone how amazing she is. So, if nothing else, she has her coach. Up next was Jake Hoot. His “Hooters” loves him and they chose the song “Every Light In The House” because they knew his voice would sound great singing it. Jake was already a star. There was no material he couldn’t handle and so everyone loved him.

He was a phenomenal country musician. There was also no one else like his this season and so Jake is safe. People should still vote for him, but he’s safe. His position is all but guaranteed. Up last was Ricky Duran. He was another fan favorite because he appealed to everyone and so the fans gave him a Rod Stewart song they knew he could add his rasp too. They gave him “Downtown Train”. This song was a little hard for Ricky during practice and so his coach to give him tips. And even then there were times when the background music would sometimes overpower his vocals.

It was like his voice was getting lost in the song. You had to push to hear him and that might not be enough for him. Overall, his song tonight wasn’t as great as it used to be. No matter what the judges said out of niceness.