Blue Bloods Recap 12/18/20: Season 11 Episode 3 “Atonement”

Blue Bloods Recap 12/18/20: Season 11 Episode 3 "Atonement"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, December 18, 2020, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 3 “Atonement,” as per the CBS synopsis,“After Joe Hill’s lineage as a Reagan is revealed, Frank struggles from a distance when his grandson wants to fight his own battles. Meanwhile, Erin and Anthony receive gift-wrapped evidence, and must carefully weigh their options.

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We continue at the Sunday dinner, Frank’s grandson, Joe just found out that it was leaked that he is one of the family. Joe’s mother says he is still a Hill. Eddie says when she married Jamie it didn’t hurt and it didn’t help when she took his name. Henry lets him know he is part of the family, as much as he wants. Joe says thank you to everyone.

Erin receives a gift, Anthony says even though it went through an x-ray downstairs, he should probably open it. Anthony slowly opens the box to reveal a photograph of Dominic Rena and it is written on it, “to our mutual benefit.” Looks like ledgers of his gambling ring, overseas wire transfer receipts. Erin looks doubtful that everything is real. She says they have been trying to close this case for a long time and now everything just appears on her desk.

She suspects Donny Hasset, she calls him in for questioning. She tells him that she told him if he does anything wrong she would through him back in jail. Anthony asks him why he sent them Dominic Rena on a silver platter. Donny says he didn’t do it. Erin says she doesn’t know how he did it, but she knows he did.

Liz Dias shows up at the precinct, her aunt’s friend is Molly Travis. Danny sees her and says he knows Molly, she is a good friend of his. Liz goes on to say that her grandfather was murdered. She gives him his phone and shows the video of her grandfather being pushed down the stairs five days ago. She says she reported it, but the sergeant at the precinct wouldn’t help her. She said the sergeant had the same last name as him, Reagan.

Danny confronts Jamie and asks about a young Latina coming in, he says he remembers her. Danny tells him that the grandfather died and she has a video. Jamie feels bad, he didn’t even write up a report. Danny tells him to relax, it happens, he will find out who did it.

Frank is in his office, Garrett makes a joke about hoping there are no more Reagans out there that they don’t know about. Frank assures him there is just one. Garrett says it is what it is, Joe Hill was already a hero cop before it was revealed that he is a Reagan.

Garrett goes to see Danny and tells him that he is off the Dias case for a conflict of interest, his brother.

Erin and Anthony have Rena in the precinct, she tells him they have enough to get him on money laundering and racketeering. His lawyer is there, he says his client is innocent. Erin tells Rena that he is an informant for the FBI and that is why the office could never touch him. Rena tells the two that they are smarter than they look. Erin asks him who he is grooming to run the family. Rena says, Johnny DeAngelo. Erin says they need more than that.

Danny goes over to Jamie’s place and tells him off for reporting himself and now he has been pulled off the case. Burn and Kelly are on the case and they are average at best. Danny says all they have to do is solve this case. Danny says this conversation never happened.

Maria and Danny stop by to see Liz, they both want to make this right for Jamie. Her brother is there, he looks upset, she tells them that he is taking it very hard. Jamie talks to her about what she said to Jamie, that God spoke to her and told her that her grandfather was murdered. She says she is telling the truth. She has a tattoo on her wrist, MG, Maria asks her who that is, Liz doesn’t want to tell. But after a little pressure, she tells them it is Marcus.

The night her grandfather was jumped was his initiation night into a gang. The bigger the score the bigger the crime. She says she knows that Marcus had nothing to do with it. Danny wants to know where he can find Marcus.

Donny is back in the precinct and tells Erin he has more for her. He says he knows Jonny DeAngelo. Erin doesn’t say anything, neither does Anthony, but the look on their faces, Donny says he got what he came for and gets and leaves.

Marcus is in the precinct, Danny asks him questions about his relationship with Liz. Danny tells him that Liz told him about the gang initiations. Marcus says he did nothing to him, he loved her grandfather. Danny doesn’t buy it. Dias had an expensive watch and he thinks Marcus had something to do with it, or knows who did it. Marcus asks for a lawyer.

Erin is at lunch with Frank, she asks him if everything is ok, she knows something is bothering him. It’s about Joe, it bothers him that he really doesn’t know him. He says Joe loved the attention he got when he jumped in front of that van. Erin asks if he thinks he is going to look for other ways to be a hero. Frank says yes, and it is a dangerous game.

Johnny DeAngelo was out walking his dog and got a bullet to the back of his dad. Doesn’t look good, there are no witnesses. Anthony says it is an act of community service if you look at it right.

Danny stops by to see Jamie again, he asks him if he heard anything on his case, Jamie says no. Danny says they believe their guy is in a gang called the dead twins. Jamie tells him that he doesn’t need his charity and he doesn’t want to be involved. Danny reminds him that he and Maria have their butts on the line for this.

Danny is playing cards with Jamie, Henry and Frank when Joe walks in. Joe shows up, Frank asks what happened. Joe says he got in a fight. Some of the guys were upset that he was hiding that he was a Reagan and he lost it. Frank says he is sorry it happened. Joe says he never had a beef before with these guys. Henry says they fight one of them, they fight all of them. Jamie says he will have to deal with more crap, this is not the last.

Danny tells him to ignore the b.s. Henry tells him to keep his head down and work hard. Joe says he always keeps his head down, but now he feels that all eyes are on him when it is already tough being a cop these days. Danny says they can wallow in self pity, or they can play.

Erin and Anthony meet with Rena who asks them how Hassett found out that DeAngelo was the new boss. He tells them to check a certain dumpster, they will find what they are looking for.

Jamie finds out that Marcus pulled in Liz’s brother into the gang, he has a hunch that maybe the brother is the one who killed the grandfather and maybe that is why he was so upset. Danny returns to see Liz with Jamie, they tell her that they want to speak to her brother, he is not there. They find him on the roof, he tells them that it was an accident. He says he didn’t want to join the gang.

Jamie gets closer, he brother, Andy tells him to stop or he is going to jump. He admits that he stole his grandfather’s Rolex, he thought it would be easy, he didn’t kill him on purpose. Jamie tells him that this is the last thing his grandfather wanted, he can still live a life that he would be proud of. Andy gives in, Jamie tells him it is ok.

Anthony goes to see Erin, the old man came through, there was a gun in the dumpster and it matches Hassett’s prints. Rena had a tail on Hassett, Anthony says he is good at what he does. Anthony asks her if she is going to put Rena on protection, she says not the way he thinks.

Rena is dropped off at his home, Hassett shows up with a gun, Rena turns around. Rena calls him Donny Douchebag, all of a sudden, police are everywhere, including Anthony and Rena tells him he took his time. Erin is there, she tells Hassett that he is being charged with mirder one. Rena looks at Erin and gives her a silent thank you.

Frank gets a knock at the door, it is Joe. He brought a lot of food to contribute to family dinner. Frank reminds him that it is Saturday, dinner is on Sunday, why the extra trip. Joe says he is not sure if he can make it for Sunday. Frank asks him what about work on Monday, Joe says it doesn’t look good, he just needs some time to think some things through.

On Sunday, Jamie and Eddie say the food looks amazing. Joe is not there, Frank tells the family is not sure if Joe is going to make it, he has to go out of town; he might have a conflict. He files for a leave, Henry says they screwed up giving him the pep talk. Jamie thinks he just needed to get away for awhile. Frank says if that is what he needs, so be it. Frank thinks he will be in touch, it is almost Christmas, and they are family.