Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Ciara Brady Weston Being Recast? – The Truth About Victoria Konefal’s DOOL Status and What’s Next

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Ciara Brady Weston Being Recast? – The Truth About Victoria Konefal’s DOOL Status and What’s Next

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that there’s been some confusion on social media due to a leaked audition video that was later deleted. Some people have made false assumptions, so we’ve got the real scoop for you.

Let’s talk about what that leaked audition actually meant and how it’ll affect Ben Weston’s (Robert Scott Wilson) storyline with Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal).

There are some fans out there who have mistakenly assumed this audition was for a Ciara recast, which simply isn’t true. It was for the captor who’s holding a living Ciara on Vincent Belman’s (Michael Teh) orders.

This captor’s name is currently “Rhodes,” though that could change by the time this hits the air.

The actor ran his lines with someone who was playing a woman who was held hostage – and the clues in the script made it obvious that Ciara was the one being held. However, this was about casting the part of the captor, NOT recasting Ciara.

Some fans – mostly Victoria Konefal haters to be honest – are pushing the idea that casting the captor somehow means Days wants to recast Ciara, too. The truth is there’s no indication that DOOL wants a new Ciara.

They just need someone to play the captor here. You can’t tell the rest of the story unless you cast the captor to explain what’s going on.

In an interview about what was coming up this fall, Days Executive Producer Ken Corday told SOD that Victoria Konefal would return and then leave again – that she’d be coming and going.

DOOL Head Writer also focused on Konefal in his own fall teasers, so let’s look at what he had to say as well.

“Obviously, Victoria’s [Konefal] decision to go was a blow for the show and for the writers and for the fans,” Carlivati said.

He gushed about all the enthusiasm for this couple online and talked about the aftermath of Ciara’s departure leaving questions open. “Will she come back? Is Victoria open to coming back? So Ciara will be part of his story, always,” Carlivati added about Ben.

As you can see, the focus is still on Victoria Konefal and her recurring status. There’s no reason for Days to be looking for a recast so soon, especially when Konefal has indicated that she’d be willing to make return appearances.

Konefal just doesn’t want a contract and doesn’t plan to come back on a full-time basis.

That could hinder the kind of stories Days wants to tell, but we have to remember that Camila Banus is returning as Gabi Hernandez DiMera, Alison Sweeney is returning as Sami Brady DiMera, etc.

The show’s going to have a lot of star power and other things to concentrate on, so Ciara’s absence won’t be felt all that much.

As for this whole captor situation, we may see Ciara stuck as a hostage for a while. Days of Our Lives might fill us in on where Ciara is and then just let her stay put for the time being. It’d be good for viewers to know more than Ben to build the suspense in the months that follow.

In Hope Brady’s (Kristian Alfonso) final scenes, she was clutching a picture of Konefal’s Ciara – a telltale sign that the show has no intention of changing what Ciara looks like anytime soon.

We should also note that a Ciara sighting is possible on October 20, which is when Days of Our Lives spoilers say Ben will get a visit from Ciara in vision form.

Unfortunately, this may not pan out since we’re still seeing a mix of what was filmed in March and what was filmed in September. It looks like the March shutdown happened before Konefal could film this scene – and the timing may not have worked out for her to film it after that shutdown either.

Of course, Days could always just have Ben hear Ciara calling out to him. The show could even use old footage to make this vision happen, but it’s also possible the scene was simply cut and still wound up in spoilers. That’s happened a bit lately due to those scheduling problems we mentioned.

Regardless, Konefal’s Ciara is still the focus based on all the interviews and behind-the-scenes info right now. There’s no reason to think Ciara is being recast – and there’s no reason why the show would consider it just yet.

That’s not to say a Ciara recast won’t ever happen, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be in the works at this point.

We’ll offer updates as other DOOL news emerges. Days of Our Lives spoilers state that some shockers are still to come, so don’t miss all the action. CDL’s your one-stop source for fantastic Days of Our Lives spoilers, news and updates, so check back often.

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