Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jake & Gabi Team Up After Stefan’s Surprise Confession – Secret ‘Stabi’ Romance Returns?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jake & Gabi Team Up After Stefan's Surprise Confession – Secret ‘Stabi’ Romance Returns?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Gabi DiMera (Camila Banus) isn’t giving up on her “dead” husband. DOOL viewers watched as Gabi had her first real faceoff with Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash). Although Jake insisted he isn’t Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash), Gabi just isn’t buying it – and there’s probably something to that intuition of hers.

After all, Gabi didn’t start seeing and sensing Stefan again until Jake appeared. Plus, Jake seems unsettled after his interactions with Gabi – first in the square and their second one in the park. Jake couldn’t help but let his mind wander back to those moments with Gabi. The look in Jake’s eyes seemed to be one of guilt and uneasiness.

Jake pointed out that if he were Gabi’s husband, why wouldn’t he just come back to her? That’s what Gabi’s trying to figure out, but she’s not having much luck so far. Gabi pushed Stefan to let her in on the plan so they could tackle this challenge together. She wondered if this was about DiMera Enterprises, but the stakes are likely much higher.

Stefan may be protecting Gabi by keeping her in the dark, but there are plenty of questions left to answer. For example, Stefan surely would’ve known he’d get this reaction around Salem.

Why return to Salem at all? The real answer is DOOL was bringing Brandon Barash back, but they surely wrote a good reason for Stefan’s actions – if this is indeed Stefan.

Why not just whisk Gabi away to some private island where they’d be happy together? That’s not what Days wanted to do either since we need all this hot “Stabi” love on the show.

However, Stefan will need a reason for why he didn’t want to fill Gabi in or run away together. There must be another side to this story – one that could put Gabi in grave danger.

Nevertheless, Days of Our Lives fans know Gabi is one fierce woman! There’s no way Gabi’s going to back off, so she may wear “Jake” down eventually. Will “Jake” confess to Gabi and explain why he’s been lying? Will they join forces on this new plan of Stefan’s just like Gabi wanted?

That’d be a fun new chapter for Gabi and Stefan since they could enjoy a secret romance on the side. It’d bring back that steamy forbidden element that made “Stabi” work in the first place. Stefan might remain “Jake” to the rest of Salem and let Gabi know his true identity. They could deal with whatever Stefan’s up against as a team.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say some great twists and turns are brewing no matter what! As other Days news emerges, we’ll keep you posted on any updates. Do you think Jake is actually Stefan? Will Stefan spill all and let Gabi help him? CDL’s your go-to source for Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news, so be sure to pop back regularly.