Days of Our Lives Spoilers Recap: Friday, May 22 – Orpheus Brutalizes John – Abigail Heads To Florida – Zoey Betrays Rafe

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Recap: Friday, May 22 - Orpheus Brutalizes John - Abigail Heads To Florida - Zoey Betrays Rafe

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Friday, May 22, reveal that Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) talked with Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) and Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) at her penthouse. Marlena was frustrated that Orpheus (George DelHoyo) hadn’t called. Marlena got a call from the doctor who will be treating Abigail DiMera (Kate Mansi) in Florida, and she needed to get to the hospital to give Abigail and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) some news. Steve went with Marlena, and Hope left for Rafe Hernandez’s (Galen Gering) house.

At some warehouse, John Black (Drake Hogestyn) asked Orpheus to call Marlena, and the two men sparred about their past conflicts, which included a lengthy flashback of Orpheus trying to get revenge on John at an earlier time.

Orpheus then left through a door, and David Ridgeway (Kyler Ends) approached John. John talked to David nicely and got him to try to loosen the rope binding his hands.

Orpheus returned and blasted John for trying to use David to get free. Orpheus tightened the knots and whipped out a gun to threaten John. John observed that Orpheus didn’t want to shoot him yet, and Orpheus replied that he didn’t plan on shooting John.

Orpheus then hit John over the head with the gun and knocked him out. “Don’t ever try to trick me again,” Orpheus said menacingly.

Over at the Hernandez house, Rafe talked with Zoey Burge (Alyshia Ochse). Zoey was busy trying to call everyone who knows her father to track him down. Zoey then got a call from Evan Frears aka Christian Maddox (Brock Kelly) saying that he signed a confession for his part in the Mother’s Day accident.

That upset Zoey but made Rafe happy. After some back and forth about whether David would get caught in the crossfire, Zoey got emotional and Rafe hugged her.

At that moment, Hope walked in wondering if Rafe had heard anything new about Orpheus or David, and Hope shared that Marlena hadn’t, either. Hope then asked Rafe whether he was sure whose side Zoey was on and whether he trusted her.

Rafe said that he didn’t know if he could trust Zoey, and Zoey looked horrified. Zoey insisted that she was there to help.

Soon, Zoey’s phone rang. She answered, and it was Orpheus. “Don’t speak,” Orpheus instructed Zoey. “Listen very, very carefully.” Orpheus told her something off-screen, then told her to do as he says if she ever wants to see David again.

Zoey hung up and told Rafe and Hope that it was Evan who called and that she had to leave to go see him. Zoey left, but neither Rafe nor Hope bought it and they surmised that she was going to see Orpheus.

At the hospital, Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) said he was surprised to hear Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) tell Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) that Steve was the love of her life.

Kayla said that Steve was the love of her life, just like Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans) was the love of Justin’s life. Justin said that Kayla had said that no one could replace Steve. Kayla admitted saving it, but she said that she didn’t want Justin to take anyone’s place.

Justin apologized for getting upset, and Kayla said that she understood that it had been an emotional day for him. Kayla and Justin kissed just as Marlena and Steve approached. Steve unhappily witnessed Kayla and Justin kissing.

Marlena went to check on Abigail, while Steve remained with Justin and Kayla. Justin then dropped the bomb on Steve about Orpheus causing the accident that killed Adrienne.

Steve was horrified, and declared that he was going to kill Orpheus, and he mentioned that “we” would find him. Kayla wondered who “we” was, and Steve confided in Kayla and Justin that Orpheus had kidnapped John and that he and Hope were helping with the rescue. Steve vowed to bring John home and make Orpheus pay for what he did to Adrienne.

In Abigail’s room, she woke up from a nap with Chad at her side. Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer Deveraux (Melissa Reeves) walked in with a board game, but Abigail wasn’t in the mood to act like everything was normal.

Jack and Jennifer shared that Gabi DiMera (Camila Banus) had been arrested, which was a relief to Abigail and Chad. Chad then said they should tell Jack and Jennifer their news about Abigail’s treatment.

Abigail protested, but Chad blurted out that Abigail is going for treatment in Florida and that he’s going with her. Abigail said that they didn’t decide that, and that she wanted to go alone.

Marlena walked in and said that the clinic in Florida had a bed open, but that Abigail needed to get there tomorrow. Abigail agreed, and Chad again said that he was going with her. Marlena thought that sounded wise.

Marlena left, and an argument ensued about whether Chad should go with Abigail, but ultimately Abigail was convinced that Chad would accompany her, but only if he promised to return to Salem for the kids if her treatment took longer than anticipated. Abigail felt lucky to have her family’s support, and Jack and Jennifer hugged her as Chad smiled at them.

Back at the nurses’ station, Kayla said that Steve shouldn’t get involved with the Orpheus capture since he was recovering from brain surgery. Steve said that Marlena needed him, and Justin agreed, saying he wanted Orpheus caught.

Steve remarked that it won’t be easy, because Orpheus won’t want John to get away alive. Marlena walked up and heard that comment and worried about John.

As Marlena was standing there, her phone rang, and it was Orpheus. “Hello Marlena. It’s showtime,” Orpheus said. He told Marlena to come to the park outside of town square in 30 minutes and to come alone.

Marlena hung up and told Steve, “Let’s go.” Justin insisted on going, but Steve refused. “He killed my wife! I’m going with you!” Justin wailed.

Back at the warehouse, Orpheus woke up John, telling him it was time to go. “I know how you operate. What do you have in store for me?” John asked. “That will become clear very soon,” Orpheus promised.

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