Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sarah Pregnant After Both Xander and Philip Passion, Who’s the Daddy – Kiriakis Baby Battle?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sarah Pregnant After Both Xander and Philip Passion, Who’s the Daddy - Kiriakis Baby Battle?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) is currently caught in the middle of a major Kiriakis war. When Xander Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) put on his nice act at Philip Kiriakis’ (Jay Kenneth Johnson) welcome home dinner, Philip predictably lashed out.

Xander was obviously laying it on thick in hopes of getting a reaction out of Philip, which worked like a charm.

That left Sarah to jump to Xander’s defense since it looked like he was making an effort. However, Sarah turned on Xander when she realized he had a hand in Philip’s arrest. Days spoilers say Sarah will warn Xander that they’re going to split if he can’t stop scheming.

Of course, that’s like asking a fish to stop swimming! Xander is a schemer at his core, so he’s bound to screw up again. Despite how much Xander loves Sarah, it’s just tough for him to avoid making a mess of things.

Meanwhile, we’ve got Philip, who’s going to retaliate after Xander’s latest stunt conspiring with Jan Spears (Heather Lindell). Once Philip gets off the hook, he’ll rat out Xander to Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston). That’ll result in Xander’s firing and rev up this battle in a big way.

Although Xander may try to settle down and focus on his life with Sarah, it probably won’t be long until he’s going after Philip again. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Sarah will remain stuck in all this drama, so we have to consider what this might be building to.

Just having Xander fired may not be enough for Philip, who’ll want to destroy Xander and everything that matters to him. It’s clear that Philip’s hatred for Xander is intense! There’s nothing that would hurt Xander more than for Philip to sleep with Sarah.

Sarah’s hopped her way through several beds despite her misgivings at times, so it’s reasonable to think she might land in bed with Philip next. Even if Sarah’s technically single when it happens, this is certainly still something that would break Xander’s heart.

The idea of Sarah sleeping with Philip would be crushing whether it was a betrayal or something that went down post-breakup.

Regardless, the real point of a storyline like this might be to offer a new paternity mystery. Could Sarah wind up pregnant and wondering who the daddy is? Days has offered hints along the way about another child for Sarah, so maybe it’s time for a baby bomb.

In the end, DOOL would hopefully reveal the kid as Xander’s and give “Xarah” the family they deserve!

Since Sarah’s caught between Xander and Philip’s war, will it escalate into a baby battle? Will Sarah sleep with both Kiriakis men and end up with a pregnancy predicament? We’ll provide updates as other DOOL news rolls in.

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