Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Steve & Kayla Score Secret Tripp DNA Samples – Paternity Test Behind Son’s Back

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Steve & Kayla Score Secret Tripp DNA Samples – Paternity Test Behind Son's Back

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) will offer a logical strategy to get to the truth. DOOL fans know Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) blames Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) for raping her that night in London, but Tripp claims there was no hookup – consensual or otherwise.

This story would be different if Tripp was trying to argue that Allie was into it or that he was wasted, too. That’d bring another set of issues entirely. However, Tripp insists he wasn’t drunk and only wanted to help Allie home that night.

For some reason, Days is still playing this like a “he said, she said” when there’s a baby right there waiting for a paternity test. Henry Horton’s (Jayna and Kinsley Fox) DNA will prove whether Tripp’s telling the truth or not.

That’s what Kayla will ultimately suggest, but she’ll probably do it in a private conversation with Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols). Days of Our Lives spoilers say Steve will battle concerns after Tripp adjusts a detail in his London story.

It’ll leave Steve worried that maybe his son lied to him, so Kayla might think they could go behind Tripp’s back to get this paternity test.

Tripp’s proven that he can be a pretty crafty character when he wants to be – like when he framed Kayla for mistakes at the hospital and later framed Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) for starting that fire.

Kayla might contend that to be on the safe side, they should carry out this paternity test without Tripp’s knowledge – just to be sure they get the right results.

After Kayla makes the suggestion she has in mind on October 16, she’ll keep a secret along with Steve on Monday, October 19. In other words, Friday’s show will set up whatever Kayla and Steve keep under wraps – and Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm Tripp will specifically be left out of the loop on Monday.

Perhaps Kayla will get sneaky by swiping something of Tripp’s for a DNA sample – like a used drinking glass. Either Steve or Kayla could secure a DNA sample from Henry, too. It wouldn’t be that hard to make this paternity test happen, but Kayla might argue that it’d be better to keep Tripp in the dark.

That way, Steve could have peace of mind about whether Tripp’s being honest with him. If Kayla and Steve don’t tell Tripp, then they may assume there’s no way he can affect the results one way or the other.

Of course, there’s still no guarantee the results would be legit. That’s especially true since this apparent paternity test will happen right before a chaotic blackout.

Someone – meaning Tripp or another rapist candidate like Charlie Dale (Mike C. Manning) – might find out anyway and have an opportunity to sneak in the lab undetected. It could easily lead to a big change and another mess.

We’ll pass along updates as other DOOL news rolls in. Days spoilers say Allie and Tripp’s storyline will remain complicated, so don’t miss the bombshells ahead. CDL’s where you want to be for sizzling Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news, so be sure to check back frequently.