General Hospital Spoilers: Liz & Franco’s Sneaky Plan – Staged Kisses With Nik & Ava To Destroy ‘Nava’ Marriage?

General Hospital Spoilers: Liz & Franco’s Sneaky Plan - Staged Kisses With Nik & Ava To Destroy 'Nava' Marriage?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that something awfully sneaky seems to be going on where Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) are concerned.

As GH viewers know, Elizabeth recently met in the park with Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), during which they shared a kiss, while at the same time Franco met with Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) at the gallery, and they shared a kiss as well.

That right there is enough to make viewers wonder what’s going on. It seems completely out of character for either Elizabeth or Franco to kiss someone else right now. Sure, Elizabeth and Franco haven’t exactly been on the same page lately.

They’ve gone through a rough patch, but surely Elizabeth hasn’t forgotten everything that she did to reclaim Franco when he had Drew Cain’s (Billy Miller) memories. It’s just not like Elizabeth to go making out with someone else and risking her marriage.

And Franco is head-over-heels in love with Elizabeth as well. He loves being a father-figure to the boys, and it just seem totally bizarre for him to kiss Ava right mow. So, what’s going on here? Well, we suspect that there might be more to the story, especially since someone snapped pictures of both kisses as they were occurring.

We wonder if perhaps Elizabeth and Franco have enacted a sneaky plan against Nikolas and Ava. At this point, both Elizabeth and Franco know about the ridiculous post-nuptial agreement that Nikolas and Ava signed – the agreement saying that if either of them cheats, the other gets the bulk of the Cassadine fortune.

It’s a crazy arrangement, and both Elizabeth and Franco have reasons to want to see it come to a quick end.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to see her friend Nikolas mixed up with Ava, and Franco feels like Ava would be a whole lot better off without Nikolas. And on a larger level, it seems that Elizabeth and Franco realized that Ava was trying to set up Nikolas with Elizabeth, while Nikolas was trying to set up Franco with Ava.

Perhaps Elizabeth and Franco decided that they were sick of Nikolas and Ava’s games, and they decided to do something to put a stop to all of the scheming by enacting a scheme of their own!

It would be pretty wild, but Franco and Elizabeth could have lured Ava and Nikolas into “kiss traps” where they egged on kisses and then hired someone to snap pictures and document the evidence – so that Nikolas and Ava would each have cheated simultaneously.

It did kind of seem like Elizabeth was a little too forgiving of Nikolas in the park, and she seemed to say all the right things to seem vulnerable and broken up over her rift with Franco.

And for Franco’s part, he seemed to play Ava, too, as they stood in the gallery in the moments before their kiss. Perhaps their end game here is to ruin the competition between Nikolas and Ava by exposing them both as cheaters at the same time, so that neither would win and neither would lose.

This could all be a scheme to teach Nikolas and Ava a lesson, and possibly to get them to call off the “who’s going to cheat first” competition and just deal with the fact that they have a ridiculous marriage and move on with their lives independently of each other.

Franco and Elizabeth would gain something out of this, too – they’d quit being manipulated by Nikolas and Ava.

We’ll see if our theory is spot-on as the action continues on GH over the next couple of weeks. Do you think that Franco and Elizabeth staged their kisses with Ava and Nikolas? Stay tuned to General Hospital so you don’t miss any of the action! We’ll keep you current here at CDL with all the latest updates, news, and spoilers.