General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle’s NOT Dead, See The Evidence – 4 Reasons Nina’s Daughter Shows Back Up Alive

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle’s NOT Dead, See The Evidence – 4 Reasons Nina’s Daughter Shows Back Up Alive

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that the ABC soap recently delivered an explosive cliffhanger – a literal one this time! Nelle Benson Jerome (Chloe Lanier) was hanging from the cliff’s edge when Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) found her.

In an oh-so-soapy moment, Nelle had to beg her worst enemy to save her life. Carly lost her grip on Nelle’s hand, which sent Nelle plummeting into the void.

So that’s it? Goodbye, Nelle? Not so fast! Don’t be so quick to write this little schemer off as a corpse. There’s definitely evidence to suggest that Nelle’s NOT dead, so let’s examine it.

Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) was on the verge of a mother-daughter reunion before this deadly incident went down – and we’re betting she’ll still get one. Here are four reasons why Nelle will show back up alive.

1) There’s a goldmine of Nelle drama left

For starters, GH still has plenty of places to go with the “Nelle is Nina’s daughter” storyline. If General Hospital writers killed Nelle off for good, they’d be bypassing a goldmine of drama. It seems far more likely a mother-daughter reunion is waiting at the end of all this. It’d be cruel not to! Nelle’s “death” appears to be a chapter of the story, not the end of the book.

2) No body means no proof

If General Hospital writers truly wanted a deadly sendoff for Nelle, her outcome probably would’ve been far more gruesome. After all the horrible things Nelle’s done, GH could’ve pulled out all the stops with a bloody mess and tons of suspects.

There’s a chance Nelle’s body will be found in the coming episodes, but we doubt it. This presumed death was intentional – because presumed deaths often aren’t deaths at all on soaps. No body means no proof and sets up the strong possibility of a comeback.

3) Carly revealed what Nelle needs

During that epic confrontation between Nelle and Carly, GH once again worked the sister angle. Nelle blamed Carly for all her problems, but Carly argued that Nelle’s real problem was that she refused to let herself be happy – that she refused to accept love.

That seemed like a huge hint that Nelle will eventually find happiness by accepting Nina’s love – and she has to be alive for that.

4) Michael’s attitude adjustment

When Michael had his own faceoff with Nelle, she argued that he always let his manipulative mother control his life. Nelle felt like Michael never stood up for her. That’s not true since gullible Michael stood up for Nelle time and time again, but this is Nelle’s perspective. Nelle’s had a lifetime of feeling like no one’s in her corner.

Although Michael tricked Nelle into running and then rushed to Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos’ (Erik and Theo Olson) side, he did seem emotionally affected by that showdown. We saw an almost sympathetic Michael open up to Wiley soon after.

Michael reflected on how sometimes things happen that you don’t understand; people make bad choices and do wrong things. Even so, Michael suggested that very few people in this world are actually evil. “Your mom’s not evil, buddy,” Michael said to sleeping Wiley.

That seems like another major hint about Nelle’s outcome. It sounds like “not evil” Nelle survived and will return to receive the love she’s never accepted before. Carly and Michael laid the groundwork for that with their comments.

Of course, Nelle’s not going to just come back on the scene as a changed woman. Nelle needs Nina’s love before she can do any real changing. Instead, General Hospital has the perfect way to keep Nelle and Carly’s feud going.

Nelle can give Carly the shock of her life by showing back up and calling her an attempted murderer – which brings us back to that goldmine of drama we mentioned. Nelle can act like Carly let her fall on purpose, and we can see how Nina handles that.

This story seems far from over, so don’t be surprised if Nelle shows up alive down the road! We’ll keep you posted on all the latest GH news and updates. General Hospital spoilers say some great stuff’s coming up, so stay tuned.

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