General Hospital Spoilers: Thursday, June 25 – Jason & Maxie’s Engagement Ring Search – Brenda Leaves Town with Jax, Sonny Fumes

General Hospital Spoilers: Thursday, June 25 – Jason & Maxie’s Engagement Ring Search – Brenda Leaves Town with Jax, Sonny Fumes

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Thursday, June 25, tease that we’ll see one couple preparing to get hitched while another couple falls apart. There’s a lot to cover in this GH encore, which originally aired on July 21, 2011. General Hospital fans won’t want to miss what’s in store, so we’ve got a preview of this classic.

First, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) works to help Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) find the engagement ring that’s flown off the penthouse balcony. Jason and Maxie look all around the sidewalk as well as in the bushes, but they won’t have any luck.

After Jason suggests he can just pop the question without it, Maxie feels like every woman expects an engagement ring to go with the proposal.

While Maxie urges Jason to hold off on asking Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) to marry him, Sam makes an admission to Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). When Sam hints that she thinks Jason might propose, Alexis is curious about her daughter’s answer.

Sam admits she’d say yes and seeks Alexis’ blessing. Alexis just wants happiness and love for Sam, so Sam points out that Jason can give her both.

After Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Lexi Ainsworth) comes home and gets updates on the looming engagement, she squeals with delight and embraces Sam. Next, Sam makes her way up to Jason’s romantic rooftop setup. Jason reflects on how he never really got the big deal about things like rings symbolizing promises.

However, Jason can see now how certain markers serve as reminders and help people not to take things for granted. Although Jason’s been guilty of taking things for granted in the past, he doesn’t want to do that anymore. After Jason finishes his sweet speech, he asks Sam to marry him.

Sam reflects how she’s changed as a person and insists she’s content with the way things are. All Sam needs is Jason, so she doesn’t want him to think she needs marriage. Jason understands all that, but he still wants to make Sam his wife. They eventually get around to Sam’s answer, which is yes – just like she told Alexis and Kristina.

After Jason kisses Sam, he gives her the bad news about the lost engagement ring. Since Maxie insisted, Jason offers a chrome nut as a placeholder until he can get a real one. Sam’s all choked up and feels like she’s got everything she wants. Jason and Sam are overjoyed as they share another kiss.

Across town, Jasper “Jax” Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) let Morgan Corinthos (Aaron Sanders) know that he’s leaving Port Charles. Jax is sorry about the failed marriage and hates that he couldn’t keep the promises he made. After Jax assures Morgan that he’ll miss him, it’s time to say goodbye to Josslyn Jacks (McKenna and Karleigh Larson).

Jax bids Josslyn farewell for now, but he assures Joss he’ll return to see her. Michael is asked to look after Josslyn and Morgan while Jax is gone. Over with Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil), Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) assumes she’s only there to say goodbye. Brenda thinks Carly has destroyed Sonny and thinks he owes Jax an apology.

Sonny wonders if Brenda would be willing to stay if he apologized to Jax. He also brings up the idea of transferring the business to Jason and moving to California with Brenda.

After Brenda tearfully asks if Sonny means that, he ends up reflecting on how much he craves power. Sonny doesn’t think love lasts the way power does and is unwilling to give up his power for anyone.

Brenda realizes Sonny won’t even let go of that power for her. Sonny gets that Brenda wants him to fight for their relationship, but he feels like he was playing a role and isn’t the man Brenda’s had in her heart. Brenda’s just glad Sonny finally showed her who he really is.

After Brenda gives her rings back to Sonny, he wishes her happiness with a man who can offer it. Sonny promises he’ll love Brenda no matter where she is. Once Brenda takes off, Sonny cries alone.

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) ultimately appears and hears what happened with Brenda. Although Carly never liked Brenda and won’t pretend she did, she feels like Sonny deserves to be happy.

Carly’s upset about the pain Sonny’s in, but Sonny points out that he still loves Brenda. Even so, Sonny doesn’t regret helping Carly and setting all this in motion. Sonny feels like this split from Brenda was inevitable anyway.

Afterward, Michael explains to Carly that Jax left town. Carly’s floored and struggles over how Josslyn will be affected, but Michael’s concerned for his mom. Carly thinks having her children with her is what’s most important.

Brenda plans to leave for Rome with Alec Barrett (Quinn Friedman), so she gives Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) the scoop and passes along an envelope for Robin to give to Sonny.

Since Brenda hasn’t worked out her travel details yet, Jax thinks he can be Brenda’s white knight once more. Brenda, Alec and Jax all wind up on Jax’s private jet, which is headed for Rome like Brenda wanted.

Sonny gets a call about Brenda and Alec leaving with Jax, which infuriates him. That leads Sonny to demand that his own jet be prepared for a flight.

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