Grey’s Anatomy Recap 02/06/20: Season 16 Episode 12 “The Last Supper”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 02/06/20: Season 16 Episode 12 "The Last Supper"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, February 6, 2020, season 16 episode 12 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 12 called “The Last Supper,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Jackson creates an uncomfortable situation when he invites new girlfriend, Vic, to what he thinks is Richard and Catherine’s anniversary celebration, only to discover the dinner was called for different reasons. Elsewhere, Levi brings Nico on a trip to visit an ailing family member.

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Grey’s anatomy begins tonight with Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) bumping into Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) who wants to know if she is back to work; she tells him she met with Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) and he isn’t sure if she can come back. He thought maybe she would skip the family dinner since she can’t stand the sight of him, but she says it is Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr) and Catherine Fox’s (Debbie Allen) anniversary and of course she would be there. Meanwhile, Catherine and Richard are bickering about the dinner, she feels they should have a family dinner as they have big news to tell them but he feels they should just tell their children. She says they are still going to be a family, even if they are separating. They run into Jackson and Maggie, acting like everything is completely normal.

Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) is being served water from his boyfriend Nico Kim (Alex Landi), but he says he needs to be on bed rest for a few more weeks and is capable of taking care of himself. They are kissing when his mother comes down, revealing their uncle Saul is “circling the drain” and if he wants to see him, he should go see him. Levi drops on his bed as Nico wonders if he was okay. He reveals his Uncle was a good man to him but an ass to everyone else.

Maggie arrives at Richard and Catherine’s believing they are there to celebrate their anniversary, so senses something is wrong but they are interrupted when Jackson arrives with a beautiful painting as a gift for them. Maggie is disappointed that she only brought chocolate and he bought an expensive gift, she leaves with Catherine to eat the chocolate as Richard holds the painting, contemplating what to tell Jackson. They gather together and Catherine stops him, asking who wants wine. Richard comments on how Catherine is able to open all these hospital wings because she is never home, something that doesn’t slip by Jackson. Richard wants to talk to them but Catherine feels they should wait until they have all eaten and both Jackson and Maggie want to know what is wrong.

The doorbell rings and it is Jackson’s girlfriend, Victoria Hughes (Barrett Doss) and Dean Miller (Okieriete Onaodowan). Catherine asks Richard to give her a hand in the kitchen as Vic feels they are crashing the party; Jackson and Maggie continue to exchange barbs.

Levi and Nico arrive at the hospital to see Saul (Richard Portnow), who is at end-stage heart failure. Saul tells Levi about sneaking some hard-boiled eggs in his pocket for him, but a nurse caught him. Levi introduces him to Nico, but he is disappointed that Levi is living in his mother, Myrna’s (Michelle Gardner) basement. Just as he introduces Nico as his boyfriend, Saul’s alarms sound and Dr. Marks (Jonni Bovill) rushes in. Levi feels he killed him with his “gayness.”

In the kitchen, Catherine confronts Richard about them bringing dates and feels they cannot tell them now and they should just try to get through tonight. Richard says he has gotten good at that. Vic and Dean talk about their events as firefighters, Maggie and Jackson getting up to set the table. Dean sarcastically calls it a “cool party.”

Levi reveals to Nico that as Jewish tradition states a family member cannot leave the body from the moment they die until they are buried in the ground or their spirit gets all confused. He admits he is culturally Jewish. He knows that he has to follow this tradition and will stay there until anyone else will arrive. His Aunt Gerdi arrives and she moves back the sheet to see Saul’s face. She tells Levi that he looks good and he introduces her to Nico as his friend. Gerdi says that she made a pact with Saul that when the end happened it was the end. She leans in and kisses his forehead, says, “I love you buddy.” tells Levi she loves him and leaves him there with the body.

Maggie feels Jackson was trying to set her up with Dean and most people take time to grieve after a relationship ends. She demands to know why he can never be alone as he mocks her about thinking the world revolves around her. She admits that Dean tried to ask her out when he was on his nature walk with another woman. Dean feels Vic should only worry about Jackson and Maggie killing each other, as Vic feels this is his second chance with her. Dean wishes Vic would have told Maggie about him coming but she worries that Maggie would have left. They are called to the dinner table, Catherine encouraging everyone to sit. Dean jokes that Vic isn’t allergic to anything and would put anything in her mouth, something that startles everyone there. He corrects himself saying anything that is food.

Dean talks to Richard and Catherine, figuring out who everyone is and how they are related. He wants to know if Maggie and Jackson were dating before they became brothers and sisters. Maggie says they never grew up together and grew up in very different ways. Maggie and Jackson continue to be very snide with each other, her and Dean laughing. It causes Jackson to tell stories about Vic, hoping to distract everyone from Dean. Vic questions Richard about his job as Catherine reveals how there was a burial ground in the backyard of the hospital he is now working at. Richard is shocked, saying the bodies were removed respectfully and the story wasn’t revealed to the public. Catherine is shocked that the emergency responders want to go to Richard’s hospital more than Grey Sloan; something that irritates her. They change the subject to Catherine and Richard, asking about their anniversary and how the two of them met.

Nico wants to get something to eat, but Levi says he cannot eat anything as with the Jewish tradition. A man walks into the room towards Saul. He begins to cry, saying they said Saul was sick but didn’t say he was that sick. He walks over to Levi saying they used to call him “glasses” but now he made a real name for himself and points at Nico, knowing he is Levi’s boyfriend. He reveals to Levi that Saul had a great gaydar, as it took one to know one. He introduces himself as Daniel Schwartz. He knows that Gerdi was his wife but she never asked any questions and they never told a soul. He confesses that Saul was the love of his life and he was his. Levi looks at Nico in complete shock.

They all listen as they relive how Richard proposed to Catherine. It is Maggie and Jackson who tell the entire story as Catherine and Richard smile at the memories. It ends up being how Catherine proposing to Richard. He looks at Catherine and repeats the words he said to her when she asked. Jackson toasts them, thanking Richard for being a father to him more than his birth father has ever been. They cheer each other in awkwardness.

Levi shares stories with Daniel and Nico stories about his Uncle Saul. He feels they shouldn’t be laughing but Daniel says the only people Saul wants to make miserable is his mother and a few ex-boyfriends. Daniel shares how Levi’s mother treated him horribly for being gay, causing Levi to feel terrible. Daniel offers to do the ceremony so Levi doesn’t have to do it, saying it would be his honor.

Catherine finds Richard in the kitchen, saying maybe they are being too rash with the4 separating. They have been through tough times and they are angry with each other and hard-headed but she thinks they shouldn’t give up. He feels the wine is making her misty. She confesses her love as he takes her hand and tells her to apologize, even though it doesn’t come easy for her but if she wants it to work she needs to be sorry for not showing loyalty and standing by him. He is upset that he had to leave behind the hospital he built and the people he loved. She says sorry, but uses the word “but” and he feels that is too little and too late for him. He leaves her in the kitchen alone.

Daniel and Levi together do the Jewish death ceremony, cleansing Saul’s body. Levi wants to know why Saul would pretend his life with Gerdi and not build a life with the man he loves. Daniel explains that his generation takes things for granted, but he shouldn’t be sad as this gives him hope. He talks about how Saul loved him for decades but there was something in Saul that wouldn’t let him. Daniel didn’t want to build a life with someone who was ashamed of himself every day. Gerdi knew and simply pretended they were married because they cared for each other. Levi promises to never take this freedom for granted. Daniel doesn’t think it was an accident that Levi was there at the end. He wanted Levi to see him and it would be okay to have the freedom that he never gave himself. Levi breaks down crying as Daniel and he continues with the ceremony.

Catherine is opening another bottle of wine when Jackson comes in demanding to know what is going on. Catherine is upset that there were two extra people at dinner as Jackson wants to know what is going on with her and Richard as he thought they cleared everything up.

Maggie learns that Dean has a boat, making fun that Jackson bought a yacht as an impulse buy. Richard starts laughing at his phone while they continue to argue; trying to be civil. Catherine and Richard start arguing, her admitting she doesn’t believe him, feeling he has a girlfriend. He hands her his phone to show that he has been speaking to Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) thinking of giving Maggie an offer to run their cardio department. He approved the offer as Catherine feels this is ridiculous and blurts out that they are separating. She doesn’t reveal anything else, standing up, saying it is over now and walks away as Maggie tells her father she had no idea. He apologizes that they had to hear it this way and excuses himself. Maggie and Jackson excuse themselves as they chase after their parents. Dean tells Vic that she definitely owes him and they continue to eat.

Jackson apologizes to his mother, who is crying. She hates that Jackson is losing Richard but he says he is not losing anything and sometimes relationships just don’t work out. She hugs him calling him a good man. Vic drops off dishes as Catherine says she hasn’t had any of her blackberry cobblers and encourages her to dig in with her. They all dig in. Meanwhile, Maggie sits with Richard outside having no idea. He admits they tend to keep their problems to themselves as he does truly believe it is over between them. He feels they can all stop pretending as she is glad she doesn’t have to get along with Jackson anymore.

Maggie wants to know about the offer he was talking about. Richard feels she doesn’t have to humor him but she is a free agent and if the price is right… She sees the amount and is shocked at how much Alex and Richard think she is worth. She announces that it looks like she has a new job. He says he will be fine after he goes to a meeting and he will see her on Monday.

Maggie bumps into Dean who is leaving. He says this is not a place he should have been. They hug and he exits. Vic is sorry for bringing Dean as Maggie feels it is not her fault as none of them should have been there tonight. She admits she has some differences with Jackson and took them out on her. They agree they are even after Vic says she tried to set her up without her knowing. Vic leaves.

Levi is back in the basement when his mother comes down. He reveals that Uncle Saul is gone and he is brave, standing up to his mother, saying he is “super gay” and his mother saying she is accepting of him but won’t tell a single member of the family; that is not accepting him. That is not being proud of him, he cannot do this. He says Uncle Saul is finally free. He is not going to wait until he is in an old age home, surrounded by people who never got to love him the way he deserved. She accuses Nico of putting him up to this, which he denies but he stands behind Levi. Levi tells his mother he loves her and thanks to her for everything but he is moving out. He kisses her and takes his belongings and leaves with Nico.

Richard finds Catherine, saying he will stay at a hotel, but she tells him not to worry as her driver is already on the way. She hopes that Maggie turned down his offer, which she didn’t. He wonders if she hoped he was going to fail after he got fired. She had hoped he would come to his senses. She is embarrassed for him for flushing his own career down the toilet and now he is dragging his daughter down with him. Richard responds with Maggie will put them on the map and Catherine can’t stand that as she controls everything.

He will move on and hire whomever he wants and there is nothing she can do to stop him. Catherine calls Harry, saying she wants to buy the hospital, as she is sure they have a price. Richard is flabbergasted, saying it will not work as she tells him he will see. Catherine mocks him, saying it could be a good investment or she could shut the whole thing down. She walks towards the door, only turning to tell him she isn’t sorry about a damn thing!