Queen Elizabeth Says Prince Harry Will Always Be Welcome Back – But What About Meghan Markle?

Queen Elizabeth Says Prince Harry Will Always Be Welcome Back - But What About Meghan Markle?

Even though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle no longer represent the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth has reportedly said her grandson will always be welcomed back. However, what about his wife? Does that invitation include her as well?

Queen Elizabeth’s Pow-Wow

According to Cosmopolitan, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry had a four-hour chat before Meghan Markle arrived in the United Kingdom. The couple was there to begin their “farewell tour” before they return to their new lives in North America.

Prince Harry Clears the Air

During the four-hour conversation, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry were both able to talk about their issues. They always had a close relationship, but things became tense after the “Megxit” announcement and negotiations. Things really exploded when the Queen ruled that the couple had to stop using the term “royal” in their brand. However, it seems that they have smoothed things out and the meeting ended on a positive note.

Royals News: Prince Harry Always Welcome Back

Prince Harry was reportedly told by Queen Elizabeth that he is always welcome to come back if he chooses to do so. However, people are wondering if that invitation includes Meghan. It seems that it does. Despite what everyone thinks of Meghan, she is married to Harry and the two are a couple.

“When Harry and Meghan announced they wanted to quit, it all happened very quickly and it was very stressful for all concerned. Sunday was the first time the queen has had the chance to talk to Harry on his own and really find out what his plans are. It was a much more relaxed environment and they were both able to speak their mind.”

No Bad Feelings Toward Meghan Markle

According to a royal source, there are no negative feelings toward Meghan Markle, despite what some media outlets have reported. Apparently, Harry thanked his grandmother for welcoming Meghan into the Royal Family and is grateful for her continued support. It seems that things were tense for a little while, but the four-hour chat gave them both an opportunity to really discuss things and open their hearts to each other.

What do you think will happen with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after their farewell tour? Do you believe they will ever come back to the Royal Family? Are you pleased that Harry and his grandmother were able to clear the air and mend their strained relationship? Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Prince Harry right now. Come back here often for Royals news, and rumors!