Blue Bloods Recap 10/08/21: Season 12 Episode 2 “Times Like These”

Blue Bloods Recap 10/08/21: Season 12 Episode 2 "Times Like These"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, October 8, 2021, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 2 “Times Like These,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Tension escalates between Frank and Mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh) after Frank makes a public arrest that goes viral.

Also, Danny and Baez investigate a gang attack that takes an unexpected turn; Jamie worries when Eddie lies to him about where she’s going in the evenings, and Anthony secretly recruits the Reagans for help with a surprise for Erin.”

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Anthony Abetemarco (Steven R Schirripa) frustrated that Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) informing him that they are dropping the case because the DA told her they had to; calling them “by the book boneheads.” He feels they shouldn’t have to listen to Kimberly Crawford (Roslyn Ruff), even though Erin is in the doghouse with her. Erin says her gut tells her they cannot touch this one this time and Tony thinks she is just being a coward. He is sick of always pulling punches and heads back to his office saying he has no more fight left in him.

Meanwhile, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) asks partner Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) if she is certain about something, but before they can finish the conversation she orders him to stop as they find someone lying on the road and rush them to the hospital. Sgt Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) comes to the ER where his wife, Eddie Reagan (Vanessa Ray) has been rushed in. He is stopped by one of his officers, finding out that she only sprained her ankle taking down a perp. Jaime is confused as she was off duty and learns she was downtown when it happened.

Danny and Maria are thanked by Ricky (Andrew D Manning) for saving his little brother Matthew, saying he usually has nothing good to say about the police. Danny wants Matthew to just tell them what happened to him, but Ricky says that the doctors think he just blocked this out. Danny and Maria know that he is hiding information, telling him that the same crew has been doing this to people 3 or 4 times a week. Ricky promises to talk to his brother.

There is a huge traffic jam downtown as a man is washing windshields without permission and then stealing change out of people’s vehicles. He is stopped as Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) stands in the middle of the chaos and has him arrested, making sure the woman is okay.

Back in his office, Garret Moore (Gregory Jbara) and Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) discuss the event with Frank, some of the public happy some not, including Mayor Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh). Garrett informing him that the Mayor may feel this is a personal insult and thinks Frank should reach out to the Mayor before he reaches out to him. Frank doesn’t think he should apologize for something the Mayor imagined. Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) walks into the officer, announcing that Frank has been summoned. Frank tells Garrett that he needs to remember that the mayor wasn’t the heroin JAWS.

Jaime finds Eddie doing paperwork, questioning her why she was downtown when she said she was on the upper east side with her friend; but she lies to him and he walks away.

Tony comes to see Danny and Maria who taunts him about being fat. He asks Danny to speak to him in private. He says he has something serious to say about Erin and shows him a photo that he says he is going to pretend he never saw and walks away. Meanwhile, Ricky walks into the precinct and tells them Matthew is too uncomfortable and won’t reconsider; leaving Baez and Danny resorting to undercover work. Danny is able to arrest a man when 3 of them attempt to rob and beat him while he is pretending to be very drunk.

Frank sits in Chase’s office, frustrated that he kept him waiting again. He feels he keeps him waiting as a psych tactic as the mayor feels he arrested the squeegee guy to show him up. The two bicker as one demands an apology for grandstanding as any place anywhere in the world if you embarrass your boss you make an apology and you fix it. He dismisses Frank.

Danny shows Ozzie all the pictures of the victims they have but he denies everything. Danny tells him that him catching him first gives him the first crack at a deal, which Ozzie rejects immediately and has nothing to say. Danny wants names and Ozzie tells him to do what he needs to do, but Ozzie will be home by dinner. Danny tells him he will be and offers to give him a ride home. Ozzie says he is good as Danny is persistent now. Ozzie pleads with him, saying if his crew sees him getting out of a cop car they will think he snitched; Danny says this is why crime doesn’t pay so it’s either he drops him off or he gives him names. Ozzie says he can’t so Danny literally escorts him out of the car, opening his door for him for everyone to see and hear.

Jamie comes to see Anthony, who says he needs his assistance, revealing that Danny was less than useful. Jamie sees the photo and seconds Danny’s motion to “take a hike.” Jamie tells Anthony he was never there and tries to leave but Erin catches him. He lies but she knows all his tells. She knows that Anthony is up to something but she can’t quite put her finger on it, he escapes into the elevator before he divulges any more.

Eddie is getting ready to leave the house, disappointing Jamie who just came home with takeout. She is wearing the same shoes that she sprained her ankle in. She says she is going to her friend’s place and Jamie wishes her a good night. Eddie tries explaining why she went downtown and tells him not to wait up for her, something he doesn’t buy but she is gone.

Danny comes to the hospital to see Ozzie only to be confronted by Erin. He reminds her of the 14-year-old, Matthew who is crippled in a hospital bed because of him. He hopes that Ozzie will learn not to be so loyal to people who aren’t loyal to him. Erin thinks Danny should go home, literally ordering him to leave the hospital.

Erin is in Anthony’s office when he finds her. She tells him that he is in trouble with her as she can’t find a file, but he tells her that it is in the file cabinet. He says he has personal time and went to the doctor’s office for his colonoscopy but can he cancel since she is doing it? She mocks him and he thinks the joke wasn’t so bad. She tells him she knows he is up to something.

Danny complains to Baez about Erin and how hard it is for them to make a case but she is on Erin’s side. He thinks his sister is being ridiculous but she feels he should know what he did wrong and storms off from her desk too.

Abigail and Garrett both feel that Frank should issue the statement but Sid feels he should bite the bullet and talk the talk, but pauses saying it isn’t him. Frank feels no matter what he says it isn’t going to come from the heart but also feels the mayor is bluffing. Garrett thinks that he needs to think really hard and read this statement because if he doesn’t, everyone in the public is going to see this as Frank escalating the feud with the mayor.

Frank walks out to the press conference, welcoming them and telling everyone he has a statement about his part of the arrest from the other day. He begins the speech but then stops tucking it away and says his statement is in the form of a question. Who wants to live in a city where the police commissioner comes upon a crime in progress and just keeps driving; what is the message there? He then quietly walks off the podium without any further answers or comments.

Anthony goes to see Henry “Pops” Reagan (Len Cariou) at the house; but Henry closes the door on him, saying he doesn’t seem familiar. He learns quickly this is about Erin and it is obviously something he wants to approach her about but doesn’t know-how. He admits that it is bigger than her and him and he shows Henry the envelope, admitting that he already showed Danny and Jamie. Henry says he will make the call, but not to Erin but to the one he came to before.

Danny tells Baez she is right, she mocks him asking him to say it again on record. He says he “wasn’t right” and she was right to be pissed off that he went out as a decoy without backup. She says it is frustrating to be in this new world but they cannot go it alone. Danny feels these sons of bitches cannot get away with things because they have everyone scared and going by the book doesn’t get things done sometimes. She says a friend in the gang unit gave her some photos of the gang they are after. Ozzie sees the photos and together with Erin, he reveals that Ricky is part of their gang. Ozzie wants to make a deal since Erin is there.

Eddie tells Jamie she is going to spin class, he reminds her to grab her cycling shoes and she drops her bag in front of him to get them. He grabs her phone and sees that she was just messaging a guy named Barry who asked if they were meeting and she told him she was leaving now. He asks her to stay home and watch a movie with him and she suggests he pick something good and they’ll watch it when she gets home.

Frank has an answer for everything; he says this isn’t pride and ego but if their cops had to second guess every move like the mayor is asking him to, they would be having a funeral every week. Garrett feels he needs to lead by example as Frank reminds him that woman was genuinely afraid and they de-escalated the situation. Sid says they are 100% with him but they’d rather be with him up there than every couple of months sharing war stories. Frank is conflicted on how to deal with this.

Danny and Baez go to see Ricky and Matthew, who are happy to be home and feel like he is 90% better. They both get arrested for reporting a false incident, Baez revealing that they know the beatdown was an initiation into the gang; orchestrated by his own brother.

Jamie follows Eddie to find out where she is going. She pulls her gun and orders him to stop, then she realizes it’s him and confronts him on following her. He admits she has been acting strange and was trying to figure out what she was up to; she wonders why he didn’t just ask her. She confesses that she lied but she isn’t doing anything. When he asks who Barry is she touches her forehead and brings him into a class where she apologizes to Barry (Chris D’Amato) for being late; Jamie realizes she has been studying for the Sargeant’s exam. She was afraid to tell him, worried he would be mad. He thinks it’s a great idea, but just doesn’t like how they got there.

Frank is back waiting in the Mayor’s office when Chase returns. Frank says he doesn’t like the spotlight as the mayor berates him but Frank tells him he did what a cop does and he is a cop. Mayor Chase wants to respect him and what he has done all these years for the city and the admiration the city has for him so he will accept his resignation on his terms instead of him firing him. Frank appreciates that he will let him and Garrett take the wheel but he is respectfully declining.

He wants the mayor to think through the next step as to who is he going to replace the PC who arrested a guy who was threatening a woman on their streets. Frank reminds him the top 20 he chooses will sing his praises and will respectfully be busy that night; they will not take on this role. This thing they have is out there for the world to see and everyone has been watching; a married couple with kids, they love their kids; good people but can’t stand each other. They separate, they don’t bad-mouth each other to their kids, and don’t slash the other’s tires when they have their kids. Mayor Chase tells him to leave as he questions him comparing the city and their citizens to a divorced couple and their children.

Family dinner at the Reagan house commences as Erin and Jamie say Frank was playing chicken with the mayor; even Henry pipes up. Everyone jokes about it and the verdict is in as everyone thinks it was a dangerous game of chicken as Frank was confident in his convictions as Erin is surprised the mayor didn’t fire him. Everyone takes the fifth on the conversation as Erin demands to know what everyone knows and she doesn’t so Frank tells her to look under her placemat. She finds an envelope with an election sign saying Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney; everyone chimes up about it. Erin looks at it as Henry asks who is all in favor and they all vote positive, giving Erin pause as she stares at it.