Chicago PD Recap 10/06/21: Season 9 Episode 3 “The One Next To Me”

Chicago PD Recap 10/06/21: Season 9 Episode 3 "The One Next To Me"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 6, 2021, season 9 episode 3 called, “The One Next To Me” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season 9 episode 3 as per the NBC synopsis, “Halstead’s past resurfaces when a former Army colleague is implicated in a deadly blast. As the FBI launches an investigation into Roy’s disappearance, Upton feels the pressure of the secret she and Voight are sharing.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), try to act nonchalant as Jay gives her keys to his place. Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) told them they can stop being sneaking, we all know they are sleeping together. Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) asks what’s up, as Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) stands behind her, and Adam says Jay and Hailey are moving in together. Jay learns how this is a thing since before they were just doing it, now it’s a thing and Adam says that women actually use the medicine cabinet to store the medicine. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) calls Hailey into his office as Jay mocks them all as relationship experts.

Hank acknowledges all the changes in their lives lately and informs her that the FBI got a tip that Roy Walton was seen at a hardware store in Dallas. He wanted her to know because now more than ever they need to stick to their stories; she agrees.

Jay and Hailey hear of several calls coming in and respond to one, saying plain-clothed officers on it. A young girl named Sydney Rose has a projectile wound from a bomb that went off in an armored truck. Jay comforts the girl as he calls in for medical and backup. Hank learns it is the MO and they know it’s the same robbery crew for the last 3 robberies. Kevin, Kim, and Adam join in with their information; Hank demanding them to get answers as there is blood in the streets now and they need answers from forensics.

Operation Greenback. The girl is still touched and go, Adam is debriefing the team of what they know so far of the robberies. Professional crew. No evidence. Middle of the daytime and clearer on video than watching the baseball game. Kim says they are able to ID the material as military-grade and stolen from the army reserve; used to bust into tanks in WWII. Jay knows how they are building the bombs, which shocks everyone. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) thanks Staff Sgt Baxter for coming in but he has a massive list of people who have been on base before the C4 was stolen, over 4000 people as they were doing a huge training exercise. Jay finds the name, Elliott Know and immediately knows him from Afghanistan. Hailey is shocked.

Jay divulges what he knows to Voight, saying the only two people who would know to make sticky bombs were him and Elliott Knox, who he initially thought was a good guy. Jay is fairly certain that Knox has no idea he is a cop so Voight wants them to find him and check it out. Jay goes to a group for wounded veterans and Knox is there. Knox introduces Jay to the group as Ricky Halstead to the group and says there is no one more solid to have at your back.

Outside, Knox confronts Jay who says he is in the process of moving and says the photos brought some things up and says maybe they can meet up and drink over their screwed-up lives. Knox agrees and they plan to meet at his place later; they had dogs sniff the property and it tested positive for c4. Voight says they will nab Knox and flip him to split this case wide open. Hailey wants to know what the deal is with Knox and she can tell that he hates him. He gets very edgy when she calls him Ricky and he tells her not to apologize but never call him that.

Jay and Knock look at photos in his back yard when Jay excuses himself to use the bathroom; leaving Knox in the backyard. Jay is able to break into the basement door and sneaks down the stairs, where he spots several of the bombs but before he can do anything Knox runs down the stairs and confronts him. Jay is able to use the code word as Knox tells him it is none of his business. Jay shouts out as he is able to unarm Knox. He tells the team he is in the basement and informs Knox that he is a cop.

At the precinct, Knox says this is a good use of his past and no one could live up to his standards. Jay says he might want to change his views on things as there was a little girl at the bank and when Knox asked if she got hurt, Jay informs him that she just died. In interrogation, Knox finds out she was 9 and it was the projectile that killed her as he swears no one was supposed to die. Voight says the only reason he is sitting there is that he wants to hear the story but one lie or omission and it is game over. Knox agrees.

They show him pictures and he admits he makes the devices but they do everything else but he doesn’t know who they are. He meets one guy as Voight learns his name is Matthew Davis and he is the only contact. Trudy interrupts them saying the FEDS have called 3 times and orders Voight to call them back about Walton because this is not going away.

Hailey sits with Knox, instructing him on how to use the recording device. Knox says he knows they are partners and to this day he still loves Halstead. Hailey learns Knox made a mistake and it was the war that happened. It was the job and it puts you in places that the wrong thing is right and vice versa. His phone gets a message from Matthew Davis saying the game is canceled and when Hailey asks until when it says forever. Jay and Hailey drive Knox home, telling him to go home and wait but he knows that he is expendable. Jay tells him to get out, shut up and answer the phone on the first ring and if he doesn’t listen he will slap the cuffs on him himself. Hailey says that Jay is being harsh but he says she doesn’t know him as he does. They get a call of an armed robbery and they rush off.

Several shots are fired when Hailey and Jay arrive on the scene, with a number of people shot. One of the robbers is able to pull a woman out of her vehicle but when he attempts to jump in, he is hit by an oncoming truck and lying on the sidewalk.

Voight arrives, where he learns from Hailey that their MO has completely changed and she explains how; not knowing how the companies had added a third guy to the security teams. The dead offender is Paul McBride, only 23 but his brother Cooper McBride is a heavy hitter. Voight is frustrated as they have zero hard evidence. Jay feels Knox was a fail but Hailey thinks they should double down on him. Hailey feels they need a sniper and Voight agrees with her unless Jay has another way.

Jay meets with Knox in the interrogation room saying he is going to introduce him as a sniper for hire. Knox says he can get this done if the alternative is life in prison and says look at them, they are “brothers in arms” again. Jay says they both made the wrong call in the war and Knox promises he has his back but Jay doesn’t respond and simply leaves the room.

Knox goes to the bar to meet Matthew, saying he is not alone. Matthew orders him to shut up and puts his hand on his gun. Knox tells Matthew to listen to Jay who explains he can take people out 3 to 400 yards away; Matthew mocking him as a professional sniper. Jay says to cut him and Knox in for a piece and everyone wins.

Jay and Knox drive out to some sort of abandoned property where Matthew has a man holding a rifle. He demands Jay to prove he will take the shot. He tells him to find the smiley face in the truck which is a quarter-mile away. Jay gets comfortable and asks where he wants it. Cooper informs Jay what their jobs are and if he screws up they will put him down like a dog; Jay acts very uninterested and walks away.

Jay is looking through his scope as the team watches. Hailey keeps asking Voight for information about Roy and says she has the right to know. He says the less she knows the better and one more secret is not good for her. Jay informs them that they have a problem as the vehicle is on time but there is no sign of the robbery crew. Knox is at the crews’ place, he knows because he put a tracker on him, so either he is playing them or he got made. Voight and Hailey take off after him with Jay as Kevin and Kim stay behind.

Hailey finds Cooper who was executed close range, all his fingernails removed and that is from Knox. Shots are fired and they learn they got a live one here. Matthew says thank God they are not Knox and begs for their help as he falls to the ground full of blood. Voight and Jay help Matthew, informing him an ambulance is on the way.

Matthew tells them Knox came when they were preparing for the job. He was told where the money was from previous jobs. He took Cooper who was screaming, but then Knox disappeared in one of the jumper cars. Jay and Hailey leave to where they are told they keep the money in a storage unit, Jay drops Hailey off and he drives around. She spots the bag of money and hears Knox, demanding him to get on the ground and hands in the air. He throws a bag into the van and grabs a gun. He says he has been on his knees too long and he had a chance and needed to take it. He says they need to face it, he is just meat; being ordered what to do and not being able to decide what was right and wrong. Hailey orders him one more time, saying she will kill him if she has to. Jay puts his gun to his neck as Hailey tells him to do it again. Jay disarms him as Knox says he wanted to help him but this just felt right.

Hailey calls it in that they got the offender in custody.

Later at home, Jay tells Hailey he doesn’t want to keep anything from her. He admits that Ricky is short for ricochet and he shot a guy 400 ft outside the wire and he bounced around. He liked the nickname and it stuck. He confesses that there was a guy named Lopez who would hold up candy to the local kids, and a local man would come out and kill them so Knox one day took matters into his own hands and killed everyone in the house. Knox was in charge and covered it up and the truth is he should have spoken up and didn’t. Jay is angry that he called it a mistake as Knox probably believed it as it was straight-up murder and lies. Hailey looks very guiltily at Jay who says confession can definitely make you hungry and asks if there is anything she wants to share. She says she is an open book and he knows that!