Chicago PD Recap 10/27/21: Season 9 Episode 6 “End of Watch”

Chicago PD Recap 10/27/21: Season 9 Episode 6 "End of Watch"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 27, 2021, season 9 episode 6 called, “End of Watch” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season 9 episode 6 as per the NBC synopsis, “Ruzek reunites with an old colleague to take down a crime ring, but when things don’t add up, Voight and Burgess do some investigating of their own.”

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In tonight’s Chicago PD episode, Makayla lost a stuffed animal. She couldn’t go to sleep without it and so Burgess called Ruzek. She asked him to pick up a replacement. He was doing so when he heard gunfire in the mall and he pursued it. He followed it to two men wearing masks. One had taken a hostage and had thrown her aside the moment Ruzek identified himself as a cop.

The two bad guys took off. Ruzek pursued and he was too late to stop them from hitting a pedestrian as they sped away in their getaway car. The on-scene Sergeant took Ruzek to task for his actions. He had apparently broken the new chase guidelines. He had signed it last week and he completely forget about it. He also never read it when he signed and so he was pretty surprised to get written up. He was facing repercussions.

Ruzek had a meeting with Internal Affairs. He was warned by Platt that he needed to show up with his union rep and so he had it in the back of his mind as he and his team pursued the crew. They found an abandoned car. The car had prints in it, still.

The prints belonged to Paul Lambert and they kept close eyes on him. They saw him as he entered a seemingly abandoned warehouse. They followed him. Intelligence was joined by Detective Ortiz. He was a legend in the field and yet he hadn’t been able to stop what unfolded. Lambert pulled a gun once he spotted the police. Ruzek had his weapon pulled and he told Lambert to drop the gun and he wouldn’t. And so Ruzek was forced to take the shot.

He shot and killed Lambert. He killed their only lead on the crew that hit the mall. The same crew that had carried out four armed robberies in total. Ortiz was supposed to be watching Ruzek’s back in that warehouse and he said they got all turned around. But they know Lambert was involved in the crew.

He had a watch stolen from the recent heist and he had a cell phone that was in frequent contact with a known fence. They tried to get the fence to roll on the crew. He wouldn’t talk. He said people that talk in Chicago end up in the lake and so he didn’t want to risk his own life to help the police. The police later got a great tip when local patrol noticed a suspicious car in front of a jewelry store.

Ruzek went with the team that responded to the call. They heard gunshots while they were on the scene and one of the victims of the latest robbery reported it was just two guys involved. Ruzek tried to pursue them again. He pursued them into a crowd and Ortiz called him off because of the new chase guidelines. Ruzek was forced to do nothing as the crew shot an unarmed man and stole his car.

The two police officers had been close enough to see the make and model of the car. They also spotted the license plate. They reported it while they waited for an ambulance for the unarmed man. Ruzek had come close to once again breaking the new guidelines. And he felt he should have broken them because someone got hurt.

The guy the crew shot had later died on the table. Ruzek blames himself for the man’s death because he had been right there and so he doesn’t know why things have to change. He spoke to Ortiz about it. Ortiz said the more you do, the more the lights are on you. The face of policing has had to change in the past few years and those changes aren’t going away and so its time Ruzek make his peace with them.

They got the lead on the stolen car. They tracked its gps before it was dumped. They found out that the vehicle stopped for five minutes in one neighborhood and a pizzeria’s surveillance cameras came in handy. The cameras showed that the crew stopped at one house in particular. It belonged to Ariana Pappas. She was Lambert’s sister.

Ortiz suspected her house was a stash house. Its where the crew left their valuable goods before they fenced them and the surveillance footage seemed to prove it. The footage showed the crew went into the house with one large brown bag. They came out five minutes later without the bag. Intelligence got a warrant and they went into the house to look for the bag, but they found it and it had been emptied. The team didn’t know that was possible because they’ve been keeping watch for hours while they waited to get a warrant. They saw that no one came in or out in all that time. There had also been a detective stationed at each and every entry point. Voight went over it with them to find out how anyone couldn’t have gotten in without being seen. And they all said where they were.

Everyone but Ortiz. Ortiz claimed he was in the kitchen when Burgess saw him coming out of basement and so she checked the surveillance cameras outside. They showed that Ortiz went back to his car. He seemingly did it to get a flashlight but Burgess suspected he dropped off the stolen watches while he was there. She had looked into Ortiz. He had lost a major lawsuit. He was only receiving part of his paycheck because of that lawsuit and now his wife is sick. She was going through expensive cancer treatments. Ortiz was in need of money and so he could have stolen the watches. Burgess tried to tell Ruzek this and he didn’t believe her. It wasn’t until he went to IA for Lambert’s shooting that he realized Ortiz slow walked coming to Ruzek’s defense in the warehouse.

Ruzek and Burgess brought this to Voight. Voight brough in the rest of the team. They hunted down Ortiz and he did have the watches. He was about to bring them to his fence. They managed to talk Ortiz down by pretending like they were going to let him get away and once he handed himself over – they arrested him. He risked their case and he even risked Ruzek’s life for his own gains. Ortiz was no longer a cop. He was now just another bad guy.