Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Vivian Fakes Heart Attack – Kristen & Susan Switch During Statesville Prison Chaos

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Vivian Fakes Heart Attack – Kristen & Susan Switch During Statesville Prison Chaos

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) will talk to Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk) again to make sure they’re all set on trading places. Susan finally agreed to switch with Kristen and become an inmate at Statesville for a while, but they’ll have to be careful if they hope to pull this off.

Kristen may want to discuss their disguises and set up an overall plan for how they’ll make this swap happen. Unfortunately, Kristen won’t realize Vivian Alamain (Linda Dano) is within earshot – and that means the scheme will be in jeopardy.

Days spoilers say Vivian will threaten to blab about Kristen and Susan’s switch unless Kristen does her a favor while she’s on the outside.

Since Kristen’s goal is getting Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) away from Brady Black (Eric Martsolf), Vivian will think Kristen is more than capable of keeping Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) away from Jake DiMera (Brandon Barash), too.

Vivian hates the fact that Jake is dating Kate, so she’ll count on Kristen to sabotage her son’s romance while she’s pretending to be Susan.

Kristen won’t like that Vivian now has knowledge of the plot – and she won’t be thrilled about having another side mission to complete either. That’ll just be time wasted as far as Kristen’s concerned, but what else can she do?

DOOL spoilers say Vivian will have the upper hand, so Kristen will agree to come between Jake and Kate.

Nevertheless, Kristen will want more than just Vivian’s silence. Since Vivian will know about the switch anyway, Kristen might as well use that to her advantage.

Days spoilers state that Kristen will push Vivian to watch over Susan and ensure she doesn’t make any major blunders.

Kristen will trust Vivian to make certain Susan adequately pulls off the role of Kristen and stays out of trouble. Vivian will make that deal, though Susan won’t love the thought of being locked up with someone as dangerous and unpredictable as Vivian.

Even so, the plan will move forward – and Vivian will become an integral part by serving as a distraction.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Vivian will fake a heart attack, which will cause prison chaos and give Kristen the opportunity she needs to trade places with Susan.

DOOL fans can expect Kristen to head straight for Brady, who’ll naturally be with Chloe. Some exciting drama will erupt before long, so stay tuned! As other updates come in, we’ll pass along the latest news.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Kristen and Susan’s scheme will come with some complications, especially now that Vivian’s going to be involved. CDL’s your one-stop source for sizzling Days of Our Lives spoilers, news and updates, so stop by regularly.

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