Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wednesday, November 24 Recap – Paulina Calls Cops on Marlena – Doug’s Devil Declaration

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wednesday, November 24 Recap – Paulina Calls Cops on Marlena – Doug’s Devil Declaration

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Wednesday, November 24, reveals that Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) called the cops on Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) while Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) made a devil declaration. Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk) also made a bloody mess, so let’s talk about all Wednesday’s DOOL action.

In the DiMera crypt, Marlena waltzed in and announced it was Thanksgiving. She told Susan and John Black (Drake Hogestyn) that today was the day she got to see the blood of innocents spilled.

Unless Susan wanted to see EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey, Marlena insisted Susan was going to kill John.

Susan protested, but Marlena put the dagger in Susan’s hand and told her it was time. She urged Susan to plunge that dagger into John’s heart and watch the life flow out of him.

Marlena said there’d better be another body to bury when she came back or else EJ would be joining his dead father in the crypt!

At Paulina’s place, she shocked Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) by telling her she was so sorry. Paulina asked for forgiveness and was mad at herself for all the problems she created.

Paulina assured Chanel that although she might’ve idealized Lani, Chanel was the one she had real moments with growing up.

Paulina wanted Chanel to know she’d always be her baby. Chanel was apologetic about how things went down at the wedding and admitted that Marlena spilled the beans.

Marlena warned Chanel not to say anything, but then Chanel felt compelled to blab at the church – like Marlena wanted her to.

Chanel admitted she couldn’t resist, but Paulina thought they should focus on preparing a Thanksgiving feast.

However, Chanel needed some time to process everything and revealed she was going on a trip to Italy with Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman).

Afterward, Paulina found Marlena in the hallway outside her townhouse. She had a bone to pick with Marlena and ranted about how the doc had messed with her life and family.

Marlena defended her actions, but Paulina said she was filing a complaint with the state medical board.

Paulina warned that Marlena would lose her license and job before wondering if that would cut through Marlena’s “devil may care attitude.”

Marlena burst out laughing and thought it was sad to see Paulina projecting like this.

Marlena felt like Paulina wanted to destroy her career the same way Chanel destroyed Paulina’s wedding. Marlena argued that Paulina was never getting her family back and tried to end the conversation.

“I’m not finished with you, you coldhearted bitch,” Paulina snarled as she grabbed Marlena’s arm. Marlena glared with yellow eyes and let her voice deepen as she replied, “Who you callin’ a bitch, bitch?”

After Marlena warned Paulina to let go of her arm and get out of there, a terrified Paulina went running off into the town square. Paulina called the cops to report something, but she honestly didn’t know “what the hell” she just saw.

Outside the pub, Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) got updates on Johnny’s encounter with Marlena at the DiMera crypt on Halloween.

Johnny mentioned Marlena’s devil costume and how she claimed she was there to pay her respects to Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo), but she wouldn’t let Johnny in because of a big rat.

Steve thought all that sounded odd and dashed off to the crypt to investigate. He started trying to break the lock with a shovel, so Susan panicked over the devil coming back for his due.

When Steve finally broke in, Susan was standing there covered in blood. Days fans were left in the dark on what really happened, but Friday’s show will eventually reveal that Susan tried to take her own life to protect John.

Back at Paulina’s apartment on Wednesday’s Days episode, Johnny assured Chanel that Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) was OK with their trip.

Chanel admitted things went better than expected with her mom and was eager to head off on the DiMera jet to Italy.

At the Horton house, Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) confessed he was unable to stop Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) from checking Doug out of Bayview.

Julie was appalled over the strong tranquilizers Marlena prescribed and declared that Doug was staying there for good!

While Shawn was setting the table with Belle, he mentioned the fear he saw in Doug’s eyes.

Belle pointed out that Doug said Marlena tried to kill him as well as Julie, but Shawn seemed shocked that Belle was even considering the possibility.

Next, Belle called Marlena to reveal that she petitioned the court on Julie’s behalf. Marlena got the news that she was no longer in charge of Doug’s medical decisions.

Marlena also learned Doug was home with Julie and everyone else, so Marlena decided to rush right over.

As for Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans), she told Julie it could take 24 hours for Doug’s medication to wear off.

Julie sang to Doug and begged him to come back to her before they all sat around the Thanksgiving table.

Julie made a speech about her gratitude and how Doug was the center of her universe. She said she’d move heaven and earth to get Doug well and wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Marlena arrived and wished the same, but Julie hissed that Marlena was no longer welcome in that house.

Although Marlena insisted Doug was still a danger to himself and others, Julie threatened to show Marlena what a danger to others really looked like!

As Marlena and Julie bickered, Doug finally slammed his hand down on the table and slowly got up.

Doug pointed at Marlena and declared she was the devil as everyone looked on in horror.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say possessed Marlena has much more drama ahead of her, so stay tuned!

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