Growing Up Chrisley Recap 9/23/21: Season 3 Episode 7 “The Yeastie Boys”

Growing Up Chrisley Recap 9/23/21: Season 3 Episode 7 "The Yeastie Boys"

Tonight on USA Network Growing Up Chrisley returns with an all-new episode on Thursday, September 23, 2021, season 3 episode 7 called “The Yeastie Boys,” and we have your weekly Growing Up Chrisley recap below. On tonight’s Growing Up Chrisley episode as per the USA Network synopsis, “Savannah struggles to rejoin the dating world. Chase and Elliott start a kombucha brewing business.”

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In tonight’s Growing Up Chrisley episode, Elliot and Chase spend some time at a health cafe. They talk about making their own health drinks and marking them up.

Savannah and Chad hang out. He ropes her into a double date. She isn’t too sure. He thinks she needs to get out there.

Elliot and Chase invite Todd over to talk about making fermented health tea. They want him to invest. He wants a better pitch.

Savannah and Chad go on their double date. Savannah tells Chase and Elliot to stop by as an out if things aren’t going well. They stop by. Chad is annoyed. Savannah isn’t hitting it off with her date too well. They seem to be opposites.

Todd revisits Elliot and Chase about their plan. He has a lot of questions still. Todd then visits with Savannah who tells him about her bad double date. She just isn’t ready to date. Todd tells her she is always with Nic. She needs to sh*t or gets off the pot. The two need to talk.

Todd tests Elliot and Chase’s kombucha. He almost throws up. They cut down on their fermenting time, making it worse.

Nic and Savannah meet up. They discuss getting back together and making it work. She wants to be a priority. Later, Todd shares that he is happy they are working on their relationship.

Elliot and Chase are done with their kombucha. They dump it in the backyard. Todd tells them it smells like dead mango. But he gives them credit for trying. Chase tells him he would be better at being a silent partner.

Chad visits Savannah. She explains that she is sorry. But it all worked out. She is back with Nic.