Outdaughtered Recap 05/04/21: Season 8 Episode 11 “Busby Beach Babes”

Outdaughtered Recap 05/04/21: Season 8 Episode 11 "Busby Beach Babes"

Tonight on TLC Outdaughtered the reality show starring the Busby family returns with an all-new Tuesday, May 4, 2021, episode, and we have your Outdaughtered recap below. On tonight’s Outdaughtered Season 8 episode 11 called “Busby Beach Babes,” as per the TLC synopsis, “The Busbys holiday in Florida as Danielle struggles with her health issues. Blayke’s fear of the ocean impacts the Quints.

Adam and the whole family plan a surprise wedding anniversary for Danielle. The Busbys brace for Hazel’s next eye appointment.

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In tonight’s episode of Outdaughtered, Ava is using the bed as monkey bars. Her sisters try to stop her. She cries. Later, the family plays outside after Texas gets abnormally cold with snow and a brief power outage. The girls make snowmen and play.

Three Weeks Later – The Texas cold snap is behind them. The family has dinner with their friends. They discuss their upcoming trip to Florida. Adam thinks Danielle is in desperate need of a vacation. Adam hopes she will be able to have fun. They get into Hazel’s need to wear an eye patch. Her eyes are crossing and they need to remind her to wear them.

Later, Adam begins packing for their trip while Danielle is out. She comes home to see what he is doing. She would like to finish it, she is the planner of the family. She has a method.

Adam and Danielle sit and drink wine later. He talks to her alone about her health issues and how she stresses herself out too much.

The family has arrived in Florida to have a fun vacation. They have even brought their babysitters Deb and Taylor. The family feels safe about the precautions they took traveling as covid is still an issue. The girls, meanwhile, are worried about their next stop to see swampland. They are afraid of alligators and sharks.

Danielle wants to mark their arrival by taking a photo of her doing a handstand. When she cannot do one she gets upset. She doesn’t feel like herself at all.

After their day trip, the family arrives at their rented house. They all love it, especially since it is on the beach. Their friends are also at the house. They all make dinner on the grill while debating what squid is.

The next day, everyone hangs out by the water and swims. Adam plots a special night for Danielle. Their 15th wedding anniversary is coming up. Dale asks if he wants to renew his vows. Adam doesn’t want to go overboard.

The family and their friends head to kayak together. Blake doesn’t want to go. She is scared. Danielle and Adam try to reason with her about her fears. She cries. They want her to have fun and not miss out. She decides to go. They all head out for an adventure.

Later, Danielle is sore and tired. She feels like her body is betraying her. She just wants to have fun with her girls. The next day they all head to the beach. They are all going snorkeling so they need practice. Adam and Danielle enjoyed snorkeling when they were dating and want to share that with their family.

Adam and Dale talk on the side about what he is going to do for Danielle. He really wants to show her how special she is.