Royal Family Will Never Be Desperate Enough to Ask Prince Harry To Return

Royal Family Will Never Be Desperate Enough to Ask Prince Harry To Return

British royal family news shows the queen’s recent health scare lays bare the fact that the family has fewer royals than ever who can step in to represent Her Majesty. According to one royal expert, they have a very real problem by not having a plethora of royals waiting in the wings, ready to disperse on a moment’s notice.

Are there enough senior royals to make up for the Queen’s missed duties if she cannot resume her day-to-day schedule after a two week rest period? Not really says one royal expert, historian Ed Owens. But lest one think they have Harry on speed dial, you can dispense with that notion without a second thought.

Daily Mail Diary Editor Richard Eden says that Prince Charles and William, “will not be phoning Harry to ask him to step in and help any time soon.”

Prince Harry Will Not Be Called Upon

The quote comes after a recent health scare for the 95-year old monarch. She was recently hospitalized overnight and the reason why has not been divulged. Prior to that doctors advised her to cut out drinking and horse riding. Next came a two week moratorium on official events.

Last week she was taken by helicopter to Sandringham from Windsor Castle. Additionally she has cancelled appearances at two major events including this weeks COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

The Mail on Sunday’s Assistant Editor Kate Mansey told Palace Confidential that the rest of The Firm are scrambling to make sure there are enough senior royals to go around if they queen cannot return to public duties.

Will The Queen Return to Public Duties?

She noted, “We know the Queen has been unwell, that she spent a night in hospital, but the Palace aides are really keen to make clear she is attending to her duties of state.”

She added, “She can still do these core duties of state. The Queen was out driving recently, she recorded the video message for COP26.”

Royal Family News: How is the Queen Really?

Owens said, “It is a major issue for the Royal Family not having enough senior royals to step in for the Queen if she is too ill to be involved in the day to day business of running the monarchy.”

“This is a problem. There has been a gradual downsizing of the Royal Family, and it raises questions about the future.”
Host Jo Elvin then asked, “Is there an argument for getting on the phone to Harry?” to which Eden responded, “I think he would love it if the Royal Family come back begging. Or demanding. But, I think he is the last person who will be getting the call. There are others who would step into the roles if needed, obviously the Cambridges, the Duchess of Cornwall. Princess Anne will always do her duty.”

“I don’t think there will be any desperate call to California.”

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