The Voice Recap 03/08/21: Season 20 Episode 3 “The Blind Auditions, Part 3”

The Voice Recap 03/08/21: Season 20 Episode 3 "The Blind Auditions, Part 3"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 8, 2021, season 20 episode 3 “The Blind Auditions, Part 3,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 20 episode 3 “The Blind Auditions, Part 3” as per the NBC synopsis, “Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend, and Blake Shelton all vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon on the third night of blind auditions.”

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In tonight’s episode of The Voice, Ryleigh Modig is 18 years-old from Spencer, Massachusetts and she has gotten a lot of her inspiration from her father who is a businessman by day and band guitar player by night. Her biggest battle was to love herself for who she is. When she came out, she lost a lot of friends and people turned against her. She is singing, “When The Party’s Over,” by Billie Eilish. Kelly and Nick turn their chairs.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “You got to sing those runs. I don’t coach nerves well, but you don’t come across as nervous, you kind of got lost in your character and it was unbelievable. I think you are really cool. I specialize in winning.” Nick: “Excellent song choice, I love that song. You have the kind of tone and voice that speaks to my tone, let’s make this happen. I think some things were not perfect, and I know how to coach nerves.” John: “The thing that was so captivating about your voice was the power of your vibrato, everything sounded a little more emotional and dramatic, that is your secret weapon. Pick your coach wisely and they will help you with that.” Blake: “The nerves kind of got to you. You know what each coach can specialize in.” Ryleigh chooses to be on Team Kelly.

Pia Renee is 37 years-old from Chicago, IL and even when she was a full-time musician, she had a full-time job besides that. She was a flight attendant for two-weeks, a truck driver, and a mother. She had to grow up fast, she learned a lot of things by trial and error, mostly error. She was in a reggae band. It was very important for her to be a solid mom for her children. Pia is singing, “Master Blaster (Jammin)” John and Blake turn their chairs.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “That was so go, you were singing fast, I couldn’t even figure out what was going on. I am a country singer; I do think we have a similar style. It might seem like it is an odd pairing, but I have a lot of experience.” Nick: “That was phenomenal, when Blake turned his chair around, I got excited because I like the idea of an unexpected coaching duo. I think you are going to be a force.” John: “America needs to hear someone like you, with so much energy and so much so soul, we are all fortunate that you graced us with your presence so it would be a lot of fun to work with you.” Kelly: “You were fabulous but so out of my league. But I will say if one of them screws up, I am going to steal you and you can teach me something. Pai chooses to be on Team John.

Andrew Marshall is 21 years-old from Bedford, Massachusetts and he has been singing since he was in elementary school. He did theatre with one of his sisters. Junior year he was diagnosed with leukemia. Three and a half years of treatment messed him up, music got him through it. Andrew is singing, “Gravity.” Nick turns his chair.

Coaches Comments: John: “We are excited for you, the challenge for me is the song does go far musically. But it will be interesting to hear the next song you pick and where you go musically.” Nick: “You are now a Jonas brother. I saw every face on the screen light up when you came up, you have stage presence. I knew you would be the perfect addition to this team.” Blake: “I thought about hitting my button, but who gives a crap, Nick did.” Kelly: “I think you have a really good voice, your tone is awesome.” Andrew chooses to be on Team Nick.

Emma Caroline is 27 years-old from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and she is very excited that her dad will be there to watch her audition. With him being gone a lot, he hasn’t really heard her sing that much. Emma is singing, “Slow Burn.” Kelly and Blake turn their chairs.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “You obviously love the country. I love female country artists and I would love for you to be on my team.” Blake: “You have more of a mountain voice, a new sound that people are attracted to. County music has been my life since I was fifteen years old and I would be honored if you would pick me.” Nick: “I love that song, I didn’t turn my chair because I felt there were things that were a little timid. But you have an amazing opportunity to work with a coach that is going to help you with that.” John: “I think Nick and I were hesitant to turn our chairs because we knew once Blake turned there was probably no chance that you would do something daring, like not pick Blake. If you want to go the safe route, pick Blake.” Emma chooses to be on Team Blake.

James Tutson is 31 years-old from Iowa City, Iowa and his favorite part of being a dad is seeing his children grow, he has two kids. His daughter already loves music. He has a band, they are just a bunch of dads and they are passionate about music. And, he feels like he is just finding out what his sound is. James is singing, “Beyond.” No chairs turn.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “I think you were nervous and maybe that is why you are pitchy.” John: “You have a lovely voice, a sweet voice, and soulful, but it didn’t come together for me.” Nick: “I think you are super talented, come back and show us everything you’ve got.” Blake: “The singing was a little too laid back, because of that it didn’t feel like you got up to some of the notes.”

Ciana Pelekai is 20 years old from Oahu, Hawaii, and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are not many opportunities in Hawaii, which is why her family moved. She performed at the Staples Center and sang the national anthem. In Las Vegas, you have to be twenty-one to perform. Ciana is singing, “Dance Monkey.” John and Nick turn, but Nick is blocked.

Coaches Comments: John: “I love how long it took Nick to realize that I blocked him. I was thoroughly impressed by your performance, a cool tone, and a good sense of rhythm, charism. This is the moment to get back at Nick.” Nick: “I used a block on John and he is retaliating. I hope he makes a mistake and I can steal you.” Blake: “This is too damn funny, but we all know you probably wanted John anyway.” Kelly: “Congratulations, you are on John’s team.” Ciana is on Team John.

Jose Figeruoa Jr. is 34 years-old from Kissimmee, Florida. His style is unique, he tries to look his best. He started singing in church and that is what made him the artist he is today. He teaches Zumba when he is not singing. Jose is singing, “At This Moment.” John and Nick turn their chairs.

Coaches Comments: John: “I don’t know what just happened because I felt like that was a four-chair turn performance. You have a dynamic, range and hope you will join my team. Nick is using emotional manipulation. Make Nick cry.” Blake: “You are a sharp-dressed man. I feel good about not turning around, I am honest and have integrity. Once we get further in this competition, you will perform with your coach and I envision you singing with Nick.” Kelly: “You have a phenomenal voice, but too many runs for me.” Nick: “Jose, you were unbelievable on that stage. I cannot have you pick John Legend, it will not happen, it will break my heart and I will not sleep tonight. Jose chooses to be on Team Nick.

Halley Greg is 29 years-old from Seattle, Washington and she has been teaching science by day and a singer/songwriter by night. Performing, she fell in love with the thrill of being on stage. It inspired her to write her own music. Halley is singing, “I’m Like A Bird.” Kelly turns her chair.

Coaches comments: Kelly: “This is the most awesome feeling ever because I know I can’t lose you now. I was so excited to turn around because your voice is so pure, beautiful and they missed it. That was such a cool version of that song.” John: “I thought your performance was poetic, beautifully crafted.” Blake: “You are awesome, you made Kelly’s day.” Nick: “You use your voice more like an expression like it is floating. Really beautiful quality.” Halley is on Team Kelly.

Durell Anthony is 34 years old from Kansas and living in San Diego, California. The coaches to him are the embodiment of hard work and dedication and he hopes one of them turns a chair for him. He has two little kids; he is a musician and works at night. He started singing in church. Durell is singing, “What’s Going On.” John and Kelly turn their chairs.

Coaches Comments: John: “That was a beautiful rendition of that song and I thought you did a really special version of it. It sounded like your own and I would love to work with you.” Kelly: “I love your voice, it was the in-between, that is hard to do. You came across as a songwriter the way you were singing it and I would love to have you on my team.” Blake: “I love your voice, you tipped your hand, you are going to pick John.” Nick: “I thought the performance was great, the song choice was amazing and suited your voice so perfectly, congrats to you.” Durell chooses to be on Team John.

Jesse Desiyrcy is 29 years old from Burrillville, Rhode Island and after school, he joined the coast guard. He was diagnosed with a disease that affects his optic nerve; you are left with little central vision. It is classified as legally blind. He started playing guitar more and singing. Jessee is singing “Dust On The Bottle.” There are no chair turns.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “There were just some pitch issues that I didn’t know if it was going to be a regular thing.” Blake: “Your energy level was through the roof probably with this opportunity, but you were singing sharp a lot and it kept me from hitting my button.” Nick: “I do feel like you have a unique tone and thanks for singing for us.” John: “When you have the kind of tone you have it is very powerful, very energizing, a lot of passion and power. Just control them a little bit better and you will be in great shape.”

Avery Roberson is 20 years-old from Rutherfordton, North Carolina. He is a small-town boy and dreamed of being on this show his whole life. His grandpa is in a bluegrass band. His father is his inspiration, he was on the country charts. Avery is singing “If You’re Reading This.” All four chairs turn.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “I thought it was quite remarkable that you didn’t do what people expect to do to get four-chair turns, you kept it you, it was beautiful and intimate. I have won this show with a male country singer, I grew up on country music, you are going to do well.” Blake: “Kelly says you grew up in country music but walked away from it. I grew up in country music and I just celebrated my tenth year in the Grand Ole Opry. I still live in Oklahoma. My point, I am the only person on this panel that knows the song you just sang and it is important to have a concrete understanding of country music because you can’t know where it is going if you don’t know where it has come from.” Nick: “I think it is bizarre that every time we have a country artist come out here, you say the same thing, Blake.” John: “I know I am not an obvious coach for you, I turned because I love music and I loved your voice.” Avery chooses to be on Team Blake.